My MCV and Doomsday

Chapter 563 - Humanoid Gas Bomb

Chapter 563: Humanoid Gas Bomb Translator: Liu_Kaixuan Editor: Valvrave

Ling frowned and asked, “Are they fighting amongst themselves?”

Jiang Liushi also felt it was strange. Even the Storm Squad’s members were dazed.

“It’s a good opportunity for us,” Zhang Hai and Sun Kun shouted excitedly.

Jiang Liushi took advantage of the situation, smashing the rest of the tanks with his MCV and totally breaking out of the encirclement. Before the humongous battle fortress, the tanks could do nothing to escape.

“Isn’t that the commander’s car?” asked Wei Feifei in confusion as she was looking out of the war room.

Earlier, several gunmen had been aiming at the MCV’s tires, and thus, they had all become Wei Feifei’s targets. One of the soldiers that Wei Feifei had been aiming at for a long time had abruptly focused his attention elsewhere. The only reasonable explanation was that something had gone wrong.

Amid the blue smoke, Jiang Liushi saw a figure vaguely. After focusing on that figured, Jiang Liushi was thunderstruck.

“Why is she here!?” exclaimed Jiang Liushi.

“Who?” asked Jiang Zhuying.

“Xiang Xuehai!”

Ran Xiyu looked toward Xiang Xuehai’s direction in surprise. ‘Xiang Xuehai?’

It was evident that Xiang Xuehai had helped them as her wind blades had heavily damaged Song Lingchen’s vehicles, amongst the others near it. Unfortunately, Xiang Xuehai was now trapped since she was in the core area of the Storm Squad.

Xiang Xuehai’s raging wind was starting to subside as the destructive strike earlier consumed half of her power and maintaining the wind for a prolonged time took a toll on her body. Soon, Xiang Xuehai’s figure appeared clearly. Without the wind’s support, she fell down from the sky and landed on the ground with a grunt. She looked up, staring at Song Lingchen with her pale face.

“Can’t you see it? You wind many have protected you till now, but it has also spread my poison gas to a greater extent,” gloated Song Lingchen. As soon as he opened his mouth, the blue smoke hovering around him flowed back in his mouth.

“Well? How does the corrosion of my poison gas feel? Do you think that Jiang Liushi is your knight in shining armor? Open your goddamn eyes, he is trash!” Said Song Lingchen with a sneer.

Then, his body and eyes became even bluer, while smoke started coming from where he stood. His poison was corroding the cement road!

Xiang Xuehai not only became paler, but she also felt weaker. Even her hair was faintly stained with some blue smoke. Although she had tried her best to repel the poisonous gas earlier and held her breath as much as she could, the poisonous gas had still touched her skin. If she had do not consumed so much power, Xiang Xuehai would have the upper hand in this battle. Unfortunately, the poisonous gas could enter through her pores, immediately hurting her body. The poisonous gas was highly toxic.

Xiang Xuehai struggled to stand up. She looked really fragile after getting poisoned, but Xiang Xuehai still looked at Song Lingchen coldly. Her pride could not be quenched.

“Don’t compare yourself with Jiang Liushi. You’re far from being his match!” said Xiang Xuehai. She had witnessed the Jiang Liushi eliminating the mutant pufferfish and saving the people in her camp, so how could she not retort Song Lingche’s arrogant and vile words?

Song Lingchen sneered but didn’t say anything. When he was about to give an order, a fierce gust of wind mixed with air blades flew toward him.

Song Lingchen dodged them quickly and said, “You don’t need to be so rush. You will all die-”

“Don’t talk nonsense!” Xiang Xuehai interrupted him

Xiang Xuehai turned her body and summoned raging winds with her remaining power. After that, numerous air blades encircled Song Lingchen. However, Xiang Xuehai’s body started trembling violently. She had not much energy left.

“Xiang Xuehai, do you wanna die that badly!?” roared Song Lingchen.

Xiang Xuehai just glanced to Jiang Liushi’s MCV and whispered, “Jiang Liushi, I can only do this for you. Please flee as soon as possible.”

Then, she turned to look at Song Lingchen and said, “It’s better for you to worry about yourself. You’ve been looking down on me from the very start! Let me prove you wrong!” As the leader of her camp, Xiang Xuehai had never considered herself as a weak woman.

That was the reason she had never trusted Song Lingchen. After all, he was just a frog that wanted to swallow a swine. “I told you that if you want to kill me, you’ll have to pay the price!” screamed Xiang Xuehai.


All the members on the tanks and armored vehicles couldn’t help but cover their ears. Her sharp and wind-enhanced voice could rip their eardrums. At the same time, more wind blades were flying out in all directions, so the members of the Storm Squad that wanted to get out to fight had to hide in their tanks again. As for the fragile vehicles, their exterior was being destroyed by the powerful air blades.

Most of the air blades were gathering like the blades of a blender around Song Lingchen around, grinding his body. Under such attacks, even a thick-skinned mutant beast would be cut into pieces. Suddenly, violent blue smoke burst from the wind blades. And then, with terrible speed, a blue figure jumped out. Song Lingchen’s body was covered with more wounds, but they were healing quickly. He could not withhold his dense killing intent. He looked at Xiang Xuehai and shouted, “I will kill you!”

At the same time, he opened his mouth, releasing a plume of smoke like a sharp arrow shot in the direction of Jiang Liushi’s MCV.

Xiang Xuehai had already been wrapped by his poison gas. But when she saw that scene, she asked nervously. “What do you want to do?” She waved her hands quickly to generate gusts of winds.

“You’d better worry about yourself!” shouted Song Lingchen, while bursting forward and grabbing Xiang Xuehai’s leg. Following that, he threw her, and she fell on the roof of a vehicle heavily. Naturally, the gusts of winds she had sent to block the plum of smoke dissipated as she lost control.

At that moment, the plume of smoke was a few meters away from the MCV. Song Lingchen was looking at the MCV coldly. As one of Luo Jiafeng’s subordinates, how could he die that easily? For him, the game had just begun.

The poisonous gas was his real special ability. Once his poisonous gas was spread, everyone covered by it would die. If Song Lingchen were to use his full power, his poisonous gas was no different than a gas bomb as it could reach a radius of at least 600 meters.

In the past, the usage of gas bombs in wars had been regarded as inhuman and extreme means of war. But Song Lingchen’s poisonous gas was more terrible than the gas bombs of the past. The smaller the radius of his poisonous gas was, the higher the concentration would be. Even metals could be corroded, let alone flesh and blood. When he restored his poisonous gas, there would be no living things in the affected area. In his mind, Jiang Liushi and all his members would disappear from this world.

At the same time, he wanted Xiang Xuehai to suffer knowing that she was unable to prevent her loved one from dying. As she had failed to stop that gas arrow, Xiang Xuehai became desperate. She struggled to stand up. On her pale face, blood was dripping from her mouth. Seeing Song Lingchen walk toward her step by step. Xiang Xuehai turned around quickly with a loud sound of wind.

Song Lingchen sneered and spread some poisonous gas around Xiang Xuehai, polluting the wind. She could only dissipate the wind and ran forward on her feet. She could feel the intensity of the life-or-death crisis as many guns were aimed at her. She could only dodge by relying on her instincts. Every time she dodged, she had to use all her strength. Just running, made Xiang Xuehai’s face paler. Her skin had become almost transparent. And her feet were getting heavier and heavier. She could hardly feel her own existence.

On the contrary, the sound of Song Lingchen’s footsteps, coming from behind, became clearer and clearer, like thunderous drums beating on her eardrums.

‘Am I going to die here…’ thought Xiang Xuehai. She did not know what would happen to her members and Jiang Liushi. Moreover, she didn’t want to die. She wanted to see whether the world had an end or not. But it was too late for her…

“The air cannon has not recharged. Close all doors and windows. Fire the flamethrower!” Inside the MCV, Jiang Liushi ordered urgently.

A hot flame shot out and swallowed the poisonous blue arrow. The terrible heat warped the space.

“What? That vehicle can release fire!?” The Storm Squad’s members were utterly shocked. They had never expected that the strange-looking vehicle would be equipped with so many powerful weapons.

Even Song Lingchen was stunned after seeing this scene. The poisonous arrow he had created had been burned easily. Moreover, that flame was rushing toward his team, especially him, at an extremely fast speed.

“All members, ready…” Song Lingchen just shouted.

Unfortunately, Jiang Liushi had already ordered to accelerate. It was the first time for Jiang Liushi to use the Accelerate function when the car was using solely Black Light.

Song Lingchen’s voice was overshadowed by a loud noise. Then, as if the space in front of them was cut off, Song Lingchen found that the MCV had appeared in front of them. Many cars of the Storm Squad were destroyed by the raging flame. In addition to the flames, a horrifying electrical net had suddenly enveloped the MCV.

The MCV rampaged through the tanks and armored vehicles while the thunderfire’s destructive was delivering the final blow!

By this time, a figure had appeared in the war room. Jiang Liushi carrying a sniper rifle had locked on the blue figure. Originally, it was a hard thing for him to lock on Song Lingchen among so many people. But it turned out to be quite easy now.

“Who told you to turn blue?” said Jiang Liushi happily. He regarded the Storm Squad as a mighty enemy, but that didn’t mean they could defeat him. Song Lingchen had far underestimated the Shi Ying Squad’s real power.

“Xiyu!” shouted Jiang Liushi.

An invisible needle penetrated through space into the soul of Song Lingchen directly. Song Lingchen’s body became stiff before he was ready to dodge.

‘Impossible!’ thought Song Lingchen. He was a level-2 paranormal, so he was frozen for one second. But it was just enough for Jiang Liushi to shoot!

“Ah!” Song Lingchen screamed. Under his skin, his blood vessels convulsed fiercely. Before his death, Song Lingchen decided to release all his poisonous gas and take everyone with him to hell.

He wanted to die with Jiang Liushi and his party together. That terrible poisonous gas swept wildly around as it was released much faster than before.

“Ah!!” The soldiers inside the tanks close to him all covered their mouths and noses while screaming. However, their skin was still exposed. As long as their skins were touched by the blue gas, their flesh would rot and fall off immediately. These people were rolling in pain. Some of them couldn’t bear the pain, so they shot themselves.

The flamethrower continued to spew out flames, but it still could not fully burn the gas. At this point, a gust of wind blew, blowing the flame made of the flamethrower further.

At the same time, the winds also blew away the remaining gas. A few minutes later, only Song Lingchen’s body was left on the ground, still emitting a puff of poisonous smoke.

By this time, the tanks had already been moved to the side, leaving the roads open for the fire-breathing MCV. Jiang Liushi drove his MCV to Song Lingchen’s body. Then, the high-temperature flame immediately wrapped Song Lingchen’s body, incinerating it.

All of a sudden, the game was over. It had ended way too fast.

At this time, Jiang Liushi opened the door and got off. All the members of Storm Squad stared at Jiang Liushi silently. When Jiang Liushi walked toward them, nobody dared to shoot at all. Then, they saw Jiang Liushi walking in front of Xiang Xuehai.

Xiang Xuehai’s skin was transparent. She looked at Jiang Liushi with her eyes silently. She felt as it was a dream!

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