My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 16

Chapter 16: She’d Beg Anyone but Him

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The Gu Corporation announced a project in collaboration with the state government, expanding their domain yet again. Gu Yu had climbed to the top of the business world.

His gorgeous-looking photograph was displayed on the screen. It carried with it an aura of boundless enthusiasm and noble disposition. Contrasted with the previous picture of Zhang Lei looking pathetic in handcuffs, the difference was worlds apart.

Mrs. Xu’s eyes were unconsciously drawn to the television screen. As she stared at Gu Yu on the screen, her eyes slowly narrowed. The anxiety in them slowly dissipated and was replaced by a small glimmer of hope.

Xu Weilai sensed her mother’s gaze, and an ominous feeling grew within her. She instinctively picked up the remote control to switch the television off.

But before she could do so, her mother spoke up.

“Weilai, are you still in contact with Yu?”

Here it came…

Xu Weilai’s heart skipped a beat, and her hand shivered for a moment before she replied as casually as she could, “Mom, we haven’t been in contact since the engagement was broken. He has forgotten all about me. You witnessed it, previously.”

At Xu Weilai’s reminder, Mrs. Xu recalled the previous instance where she had asked Xu Weilai to greet him, only to have him ignore her completely.

Her eyes dimmed ever so imperceptibly, but they lit up with hope again in the next moment. “Weilai, regardless, you and Yu were once engaged to be married. Furthermore… didn’t you give your virginity to him? Considering you gave it up to him back then, he should at least show some appreciation.”


“Listen to me,” Mrs. Xu interrupted her, and hurriedly spoke her thoughts aloud. “Right now, Yu is the only person who can save our company. You should try begging him. After all, to him, saving our company will be as simple as wagging his finger. Perhaps he’ll be willing to help our company out of consideration for the past love you shared!”

The more Mrs. Xu spoke, the more excited and animated she became. She could almost feel the success within her reach. Xu Weilai frowned deeply, feeling very powerless at that moment.

She was asking her to beg Gu Yu?

She’d beg anyone but him! Besides, there was no past love between her and Gu Yu to speak of! All that they harbored for each other was disdain and indifference. The fact that he wasn’t kicking the company while they were down was already something to be grateful for! He was never going to save it!

“It’s settled, then!”

When Mrs. Xu was done with her monologue, she gave the final word, and said, “Weilai, give Yu a call right now. Call him out for a good talk.”

Without allowing Xu Weilai to object, she took Xu Weilai’s cell phone from the table and scrolled through her contact list. When she found Gu Yu’s number, she pressed the call button.

This number was Gu Yu’s cell phone number from three years ago. Xu Weilai assumed that he had already changed it. Unexpectedly… the call connected.

Mrs. Xu’s eyes lit up and she shoved the phone into her daughter’s hand.

Xu Weilai had no time to react whatsoever, and she heard the low voice of a man coming through the phone. “Hello?”

Her hand trembled, and in the next second, without a second thought, she disconnected the call.

She had previously declared proudly to him that she would keep her distance. Barely a day had passed, and she was already ringing him on the cell phone. Wasn’t that akin to slapping herself in the face?

“Weilai! What did you do?” her mother screeched angrily. “Yu picked up the call! Why did you hang up?”

When Xu Weilai had told her that she and Gu Yu hadn’t kept in contact, her hope had dwindled. But now, the fact that Gu Yu was willing to answer the call meant that he still harbored at least some feelings toward her!


Xu Weilai had no idea how she could explain the relationship between her and Gu Yu to her mother. Besides, even if she did, it was unlikely that her mother would believe her. Her mother was currently like a woman drowning in the deep waters. She would cling on tightly to any lifeline that presented itself. And right now, Gu Yu was that lifeline!

Xu Weilai clenched her fist around her cell phone and closed her eyes.

She knew she couldn’t run away from this situation. She would have to face it sooner or later. In any case, she couldn’t keep running forever. Hence…

Xu Weilai opened her eyes and looked at her mother. This was the first time she ever spoke in such a firm tone. “Mom, I will not beg Gu Yu. I’d beg anyone but him!”

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