My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Have I Ever Offended You?

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Xu Weilai rose to greet him, but the man who entered wasn’t Mr. Xu. Instead, it was his son, Master Xu—Xu Shuai.

Xu Shuai was a very close friend of Gu Yu. In the past, when Gu Yu had brought Xu Weilai along as his date for various functions, he had introduced Xu Shuai to her. In a sense, they could be counted as old acquaintances.

She paused in shock for a few seconds before quickly recovering and pasting a smile on her face. She stuck her hand out, “Hello, Master Xu.”

Xu Shuai ignored her outstretched hand. He arrogantly looked up and down at her respectful posture and mocked disdainfully, “Xu Weilai, you’re really good at waiting.”

Xu Weilai acted as if she hadn’t heard a thing. She didn’t let embarrassment overcome her. Instead, she courteously pulled a chair out and assumed a subservient pose as she said, “Please have a seat, Master Xu.”

Xu Shuai entered with long strides but didn’t sit on the chair that Xu Weilai had offered. Instead, he pulled out another chair and sat down with much aplomb. He snapped his fingers and called out to the waiter, “Bring me some alcohol!”

The servers placed the drinks that he wanted on the table, bottle by bottle; there were ten bottles of hard liquor!

Xu Weilai stood rooted to the spot. She had managed to guess what his intentions were.

As expected, Xu Shuai opened his mouth and spoke, “Xu Weilai, you want me to finance your company? Sure! Once you finish these ten bottles of liquor, I’ll sign the contract immediately!” With that, he slammed the contract down on the table.

Xu Weilai looked at Xu Shuai and didn’t say a word.

This explained why the Xu Corporation had called to arrange for a meeting even after they had rejected their request for financing. It had been Xu Shuai’s plan all along just to humiliate her.

Drinking these ten bottles of hard liquor at one go was going to cost her at least half her life!

“Why? You don’t dare to?” Xu Shuai folded his arms and mocked. “I thought you’d do anything for money!”

Xu Weilai was silent for a few more seconds before finally responding, “Xu Shuai, have I ever offended you?”

Her interactions with Xu Shuai were far and few between. Their only connection was through Gu Yu. However, in her relationship with Gu Yu, she had been the victim. Hence, she couldn’t understand why Xu Shuai would want to pick on her!

“Not at all!” Xu Shuai replied without a second thought.

“I just simply dislike your face!” he added as an afterthought.

Xu Weilai knew that it would be useless to say anything more. In their social circle, it was common behavior to curry favor with those on top, and kick the others at the bottom…

Her gaze fell onto the few pieces of paper on the table. Those few sheets of paper were of so much importance to the Xu Corporation! She moved her gaze on to the ten bottles of hard liquor.

“All right. I’ll drink it. When I’m done, please give me the contract!”

Xu Shuai snorted and looked at her with disdain.

Her secretary at the side quickly interjected, “Miss Xu, that’s too much alcohol. Why don’t you let me drink it on your behalf?”

Xu Weilai shook her head. Xu Shuai had come prepared. There was no way he’d allow someone to take her place. Regardless of the circumstances, she had to get her hands on that contract!

She guzzled one bottle of liquor after another, and her mind began to get hazy. Her face burned red, and the look in her eyes began to lose focus. She felt her limbs going weak, and, toward the end, she could feel the alcohol burning through her gut. The urge to throw up was strong, but she held it back forcefully.

Xu Shuai did not stop ridiculing her all the way. He looked very unhappy and even took his cell phone out to record her embarrassing display.

When Xu Weilai was done with the last bottle, she quickly apologized and dashed out of the room before she could crumble.

She would never allow herself to crumble in front of the enemy and be a laughingstock!

She staggered toward the bathroom. Her steps were crooked and unsteady, and she accidentally bumped into someone.

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