My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 30

Chapter 30: I’m Here to Propose a Marriage

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Mr. Gu Sr. leaned on his walking stick as he hobbled in. Following behind him was Lin, carrying a basket of fruits and medicinal herbs.

No one had expected him to show up suddenly. Everyone froze in shock, especially Xu Weilai, who, in addition to feeling surprised, also experienced an uncomfortable premonition.

Mrs. Xu was the first to recover her wits. She quickly rearranged her features into a smile, and rushed forward to greet their guest, “Mr. Gu! What are you doing here? Please, have a seat!”

Mr. Xu regained his senses too, and the look in his eyes slowly came back to life. Three years ago, after the Gu family had reneged on the betrothal with the Xu family, the two families hadn’t kept in contact. Following that, the Xu family had experienced one setback after another, until they were no longer of sufficient standing to interact with the Gus. As a result, he hadn’t seen Mr. Gu Sr. in a very long time.

He surely hadn’t expected Mr. Gu Sr. to visit him in a hospital!

If not for the fact that his physical condition didn’t permit him to, he would have gone forward personally to welcome their guest.

When Mr. Gu Sr. saw him struggling to sit up, he quickly said, “Mr. Xu, please do not stand on ceremony. Just lie down. I heard that you were ill, and wanted to pay you a visit. Apologies for not letting you know beforehand.”

Mr. Xu was so overcome with gratitude, and replied, “Mr. Gu, what are you saying? I’m so honored that you could come!”

Mrs. Xu led the elderly man to the couch and offered him a seat before pouring him a cup of hot tea. “Mr. Gu, please, have some tea.”


Xu Weilai suppressed her jumbled emotions. Although she still felt somewhat awkward at seeing Grandpa Gu at that moment, she couldn’t allow herself to give anything away in front of her parents. She pasted a smile on her face and pretending as if nothing had happened, then rushed up to Mr. Gu Sr. and greeted in a gentle tone, “Long time no see, Grandpa Gu.”

Mr. Gu Sr. took one look at Xu Weilai and knew what she was getting at. He didn’t call her bluff and instead nodded at her amiably as he said, “Little Weilai, you left for three years and didn’t even give me a phone call. I missed you so much!”

Hearing that sentiment made Xu Weilai’s nose ache with unshed tears.

Grandpa Gu had always treated her well and had especially doted on her. Even when Gu Yu had been cold and unfriendly toward her, Grandpa Gu had continued to look out for her and help her. In fact, he had admonished Gu Yu many times because of her.

“Come here. Let me take a good look at you!” said Mr. Gu Sr.

Xu Weilai went over and sat by his side. Mr. Gu Sr. held her hand as he looked her up and down.

He had initially only intended to make a match between Gu Yu and her. Unfortunately, she had ended up suffering by Gu Yu’s hands and being humiliated instead, and Mr. Gu Sr. was feeling very guilty for his part in it.

When he saw that her complexion was still passable, he finally heaved a sigh of relief.

With his night-long worry finally put to rest, Mr. Gu Sr. turned to Xu Weilai’s father and asked after his health. He turned to Lin and said, “Get in touch with Professor Wu. Ask him to take some time to give Mr. Xu a diagnosis.”

“Yes, sir.”

Mr. and Mrs. Xu looked at each other. Mr. Gu Sr.’s helping hand was met with gratitude and even more surprise.

Mr. Xu’s eyes grew meaningful as he looked at the elderly Mr. Gu.

It was reasonable for Mr. Gu Sr. to visit him on account of the previous relationship between both families. However, now that the Xus and the Gus had nothing to do with each other, Mr. Gu Sr.’s act of having his personal physician tend to Mr. Xu had additional meaning to it. The purpose of his visit wasn’t simply to check on the patient.

As expected, after he finished instructing Lin, Mr. Gu Sr. straightened his back and looked at Mr. and Mrs. Xu. “Mr. Xu, there’s another reason why I’m here today,” he said somberly.

Mr. Xu sat up as well, and replied, “Please, go ahead, Mr. Gu.”

Grandpa Gu held Xu Weilai’s hand, and patted the back of her hand gently as he said, “I’m here to propose a marriage.”

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