My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Nothing More than a Business Transaction

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Even though she knew she shouldn’t, Xu Weilai couldn’t prevent the ache that appeared in her heart. It felt like a weight pressing against her chest, making it hard for her to breathe.

Ever since she was young, she had been told that she would marry Gu Yu when she was older and become the mistress of the Gu household.

Although Gu Yu had been indifferent to her, she hadn’t been discouraged. Instead, she had done her best to get near to him and worked hard to endear herself to him.

That car accident had become the turning point in their relationship. But, just when her perfect dream had been about to come true, he had dealt her a heavy blow. It was a blow so heavy that she hadn’t been able to recover from it even until now.

She had once wondered if Gu Yu had broken the engagement because she was too frivolous and unrestrained. But, from the looks of things now, it was simply because he didn’t like her.

During breakfast, the next day, Xu Weilai’s father received a call. His face lit up immediately, and with a huge smile on his face, he said to Xu Weilai, who was quietly eating her breakfast, “Weilai, Mr. Zhang says that he is very satisfied with you. If you can set a wedding date as soon as possible, he will allocate the investment capital for our company’s key projects.”

A grin broke out on Mrs. Xu’s face when she heard that. “I knew it! Given how beautiful and well mannered our dear Weilai is, Mr. Zhang would definitely like her. This is great! Our company will be saved!”

“Hurry and pick a date. I’ll call Mr. Zhang out to discuss the marriage details.”

“Right! I’ll pick an auspicious date.”

Xu Weilai was silent as she heard her parents’ exchange. Just like that, they had made her life’s greatest decision for her. No… to put it more accurately–just like that, she had been sold!

Her marriage and her happiness were nothing more than a beneficial business transaction to them. That had been how it had been in the past, and that was how it was now!

It took Mrs. Xu a moment to suddenly remember Xu Weilai’s existence. She looked up at her and asked, “Weilai, what do you think?”

Xu Weilai put her fork and knife down on the table and raised her eyes. Slowly, she met her mother’s gaze and gently bit her bottom lip before she opened her mouth to speak. “Mom, I don’t want to get married.”

Throughout her life, she had never gone against her parents’ wishes. However, this time around, for some reason, she had subconsciously voiced her objections.

Upon hearing her words, her father’s face darkened. “What did you say?” he demanded. “You’re already the joke of our entire social circle. Now that Mr. Zhang is willing to have you, you should be thanking your lucky stars! Do you really think that you have the right to a choice? I’ll tell you this now! You’ll have to marry, regardless of whether you want to or not!”

She had always known that what had happened three years ago had brought shame upon the Xu family. Until now, it was still a topic of ridicule. She hadn’t allowed herself to care about what other people said. However, the one who was spouting such words right now was her own father.

Each word was like a knife that pierced right into her heart. Her face slowly turned white.

Mrs. Xu saw the situation and quickly mediated. “All right, dear. Weilai just got back. She still hasn’t recovered from her fatigue yet. Let’s not rush into things. Let her rest for a few days before we discuss this again.”

Xu Weilai’s father glared at her and was seemingly about to say something when her mother stopped him with a look. He managed to suppress his anger but had lost his appetite. He rose from the table and stalked off.

After he finally disappeared through the door, Mrs. Xu reached out and patted Xu Weilai gently on her arm. She consoled, “Weilai, your dad is especially anxious right now because of the company. He doesn’t mean to be nasty. Be understanding and don’t hold it against him. He still loves you at the end of the day. All right?”

Xu Weilai forced a smile on her face and nodded her head lightly.

That day, Xu Weilai and her mother were in their usual beauty salon for skincare treatments when they received a call from her father, saying that he happened to be in a nearby restaurant. He told them to join him for the meal before going home.

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