My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 821 - He Wanted to See Her (1)

Chapter 821: He Wanted to See Her (1)

Gu Yu still felt nothing towards Xu Weilai. Although Xu Shuai and Assistant Lin told him for hundreds of times about his past with Xu Weilai, he still felt like he was an outsider listening to the stories of others.

At this very moment, staring at these empty wine bottles on the floor, a tugging feeling rose in his heart. He couldn’t help feeling a pang of sadness within his heart now, even though no one was telling him how much he loved Xu Weilai at this moment.

It was like these bottles represented a longing, a pine for someone. And now, he seemed to know who these bottled longed and pined for.

He was probably the one that placed these bottles on the floor, and he was the one pining for Xu Weilai.

Deep down in his heart, he was certain of this.

He wanted to see her, to talk to her, and to ask her about their past.

He realised he did not have her number yet when he took out his phone, wanting to call her. It was late into the night too, not the timing for a call. She might have fallen asleep by now.

Gu Yu unwillingly put his phone away, but his guts feeling kept nudging him to do something about it.

Like an auto-pilot, he left the apartment and drove away.

By the time his mind came back to reality, he realised that he’d brought himself to the entrance of Xu Residence.

In his memory, Xu Weilai was still living with her parents in Xu residence. His grandfather made him visit once.

He was unsure whether she still lived here.

Despite that, he refused to leave. He parked his car outside of Xu Residence by the roadside. Leaning back in the car seat, he rested his hands on the steering wheel. His eyes directed at the room far left on the second floor of Xu Residence.

Xu Weilai’s room.

Everyone in the Xu Residence seemed to still be asleep since darkness surrounded the residence. The people of the Xu Mansion were probably asleep. The only brightness came from the streetlight, shining faintly on the car.

Gu Yu’s eye never left Xu Weilai’s room, as if it somehow comforted his anxious heart. As his restlessness calmed, his eyelids fell too.

Breaking dawn, a maid who started work early came out with the trash was the first to notice his car parked at the roadside. The maid curiously approached the car to look and immediately recognised Gu Yu’s handsome face. She hurried back into the residence to report her sighting.

Xu Weilai’s parents had just woken. They looked at each other in dismay when they got to know that Gu Yu was outside the house. They went out to greet him after a quick wash up.

A knock on the car window woke Gu Yu. He had not been sleeping well since he regained his consciousness after the surgery. As a person with high vigilance, it surprised him: he actually fell asleep in the car, and slept soundly, too.

He lowered his eyes and quickly recollected his emotions when his eyes meet theirs. His cold, unfathomable eyes returned by the time he faced them again.

He sat up straight, then pushed the car door open.

Xu Weilai’s parents certainly treated him with respect after they got to know that he had regained his power in the Gu Corporation. Besides that, Grandpa Gu had also regained his consciousness. Thus, even though Gu Yu and Xu Weilai were divorced, they still wanted to be on his good side.

“Yu… What brings you here out of a sudden? What’s the matter?” Xu Weilai’s father asked cautiously.

He no longer placed any hope in Xu Weilai to bring any benefits to the Xu Family. He was happy enough if Xu Weilai did not offend Gu Yu and brought Xu Family into any turmoil.

Gu Yu greeted them politely, “Is Xu Weilai home?”

Xu Weilai’s parents looked at each other in confusion, unable to understand the reason Gu Yu came to their residence looking for Xu Weilai.

Confused, but they still answered him truthfully, “Yu, Weilai… she never came back here after the divorce.”

“Yea?” Gu Yu nodded at them. “I have other matters to attend to. I’ll take my leave first.”

“Yu, wait…” Xu Weilai’s mother quickly stopped him.

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