My Mr. Gu is Courting Death Again

Chapter 836 - The End (6)

Chapter 836: The End (6)

“It’s a good encounter, and the future is promising.”

Gu Yu’s eyes were red. His voice was extremely hoarse as he chanted these words, but one could still hear the longing in his voice.

There was no need to say anything else, just eight words were enough.

That was Xu Weilai’s best wishes when she was in her best time, but the male protagonist in her story only knew it at this moment…

Xu Weilai was already in tears. She looked at the man in front of her through her tears.

The two of them stood in the busy airport, watching each other quietly. No one could say a word.

Assistant Lin and the media rushed over in torrential waves. Xiao Chun and Xu Shuai had a call and they rushed over as they felt worried.

Assistant Lin went forward and said carefully, “President Gu, this is what you want.”

As he spoke, he handed over the jewellery box in his hand.

Gu Yu took the jewellery box and slowly opened the lid. There was a ring inside which he had been wearing around his neck for three years. When they got married, his grandfather forced him to give it to Xu Weilai. He even said the hurtful words “You don’t deserve it.”.

It wasn’t that Xu Weilai didn’t deserve it. From the beginning to the end, that was the ring that he had bought for Xu Weilai.

When everyone saw the ring, the media were all excited. Everyone knew that Gu Yu and Xu Weilai divorced in a high-profile manner. After that, Gu Yu and Zuo Si held a wedding, however, they had released a statement yesterday to clarify that he had nothing to do with Zuo Si. The man who married Zuo Si was someone else. No one had yet to digest this. Now, there was this scene. Was he going to propose in public and get back together?

This was too much of turns of the events!

The cameras of the media were raised, and they were aimed at both of them. The cameras flashed non-stop. There were even reporters who carried out live broadcasts, not letting go of any chance to fight for the spotlight!

Sure enough, under the gaze of everyone’s expectation, Gu Yu knelt on one knee in front of Xu Weilai. He raised the ring in his hand and opened his thin lips. “Weilai, I’m sorry. What I should have done and said to you at that time, I don’t do it until now.”

“Weilai, I love you. Will you marry me?”

Xu Weilai lowered her eyes.

Her gaze swept over Gu Yu’s face inch by inch. His appearance gradually blurred, turning into the cold, arrogant, aloof, handsome, and sad, frail youth of the past.

Gu Yu would smile warmly at her, Gu Yu would be indulging her even if he was helpless, Gu Yu would relax his brows whenever he saw her, no matter how tired or busy he was.

Xu Weilai and Gu Yu, it turns out that it was not a ridiculous unrequited love, not a humble one-sided love, but was the most beautiful two-sided love.

The person you loved was also deeply in love with you. This was the happiest thing in the world.

It’s a good encounter, and the future is promising…

Xu Weilai took two steps forward and extended her hand towards him, “Yes I do.”

She didn’t hesitate at all. Her voice was firm and hoarse, but it was loud and clear.

The corners of Gu Yu’s lips curled up. He put the ring on her ring finger carefully. Finally, he lowered his head and printed a deep kiss on the back of her hand.

Xu Weilai looked at the ring and fiddled with it lightly. After Gu Yu stood up, she raised her head and said the rest of her words to Gu Yu amidst everyone’s cheers, “This is for…the twenty-two-year-old Xu Weilai.”

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