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Chapter 341: Ben“s c*nterattack

Chapter 341: Ben“s c*nterattack

Ben's face was turning purple as Valentina's powerful legs in her pink gi squeezed tightly around his neck, cutting off the blood flow to his brain. She even grabbed onto his protruding arm, pulling it towards her to squeeze the choke even tighter.

*Gurrrg!* Ben's head started to throb as his thoughts were starting to become a mess. He knew he wouldn't last long in this triangle choke, and would have to either tap or be forced unconscious in less than 20 seconds. Moreover, there wasn't any chance of a fluke. Valentina was a seasoned grappler, a veteran! Ben didn't see any easy way out.

In his head, he didn't hold much hope and was already making excuses. 'There wasn't much I could do against such a "well-prepared" opponent.' He believed it was a tough match from the start, being against his fated arch-nemesis—the tits.

Then, as Ben felt his consciousness fading away, a glimmer of life passed through his eyes. 'No…I can't just lose like this. I don't believe I'm weaker than her. She's only managed to grab my weakness with her well-developed tactits…'

He found his courage. Ben struggled. He fought to get out! Yet, somehow, the choke only became tighter!

The cruel reality was approaching, as Ben's vision was starting to dim. 'Damn, is there no way out of this hell? With my damn head stuck in between Valentina's legs?!? …Wait.' 

Even as the darkness of unconsciousness would soon arrive, with only the threats of brain damage and face drawings of marker-d*ck on the menu…a sudden idea flashed through Ben's mind. 'Welp, since I'm already here…'

He didn't think of any way to win, but he still thought of a way to get revenge. Jostling his neck left and right, Ben managed to position his chin slightly down.

*Sneer* Valentina belittled Ben's pointless struggles. She'd choke out 100 opponents in this way before, and knew there would be no way he'd get out once the choke was this tight. She only gripped her legs tighter around his head. Ben was fini—

At that moment…

*Shake* Valentina couldn't help but quake as she felt lightning shoot up her body, starting from a very sensitive area. 'He's not…'

Ben narrowed his eyes as he caught her frightened expression. 'I shall have my revenge, madame. A little clit-for-tat!'

Then, he power-shook his head left and right! Like a dog playing with a chew-toy!

"AH!" Valentina couldn't help but scream as powerful and unexpected sensations surged through her. 'What is this bastard doing?!?' She couldn't help glancing to the side, noticing all the other students in the class were now staring at her after her yell.

Gulping, with her face turning red, she told them off. "I pulled a muscle. Mind your own business!"

Her fierce gaze immediately forced all of them to turn around and get back to what they were doing. It was well-known how vindictive Valentina could be and no one there wanted any part of her revenge. Ben was the best example of that, the poor soul who was stuck in her choke and about to go uncon—

"URURURU!" Ben shook his head left and right as if he was channeling ancestral strength to break out from this death choke.

The students couldn't help but admire his determination and willpower in the face of certain death. 

"He's got no quit in him, huh."

"The kid's got heart."

Ben had 3 hearts...but even so, his consciousness was fading. Yet, he'd entered a state only masters could reach; one where they didn't need consciousness, and could rely on muscle memory that they'd hammered into themselves through endless repetitive training. Ben subconsciously repeated a mantra in his head, showing his grandmaster spirit. 'Eat, eat, all you can eat buffet!'

He visualized a Chipotle… 

With his mind growing numb, it was like the gates of heaven were opening up in front of his eyes, with bright lights fading to show the glory of his kingdom of heaven, a glory that started with a line of obese patrons and ended at a counter with a pimple-faced teenager wearing a black hat and a dead, soulless expression.

Yet, Ben wasn't the only one struggling. Valentina was gritting her teeth as Ben's mouth kept stimulating her nether region. 'This son of a b*tch is violating me!' She felt a bouquet of complicated emotions: hatred, anger, arousal, embarrassment. Her first instinct was to kill him, for which she squeezed her legs even tighter. Yet, that only seemed to expand the intensity of his contact with her private area!

'What should I do?' Valentina choked down the moans that threatened to escape her throat. This was a room full of her students! 'Should I let him go?' The thought of releasing the choke and letting Ben get off without at least partial brain damage was the last thing she wanted to do! Yet, as her body convulsed, her legs couldn't help but give a little bit, creating tiny spaces for Ben to get some breathing room. She knew if she wanted to choke him out cold, it would take a little while. But she also couldn't stand staying in this evil position!

With a look of unwillingness on her face, she made a decision. 'Damn, count yourself lucky!' She was going to let him go. Yet, right at that moment, Ben buried his head into her crotch even further, with more force than ever before!

"Ngg" Valentina quickly put her hand over her mouth, muffling herself before others could hear her. She couldn't take it anymore, and right as she planned to unwrap her legs from Ben, get some distance from him, and stand up so she could get a breather, she noticed an odd and unusual feeling, of great moisture.

As she looked at where Ben's mouth was, she couldn't help noticing a very dark splotch on her pink gi pants. Her eyes widened in shock. It was a massive wet spot! 

She didn't know if most of it came from Ben's saliva or her juices he'd worked out of her but that didn't matter now. What did is that she visualized a nightmare. As soon as she got up, there was no way she'd be able to hide that from so many people in the room! She would die from embarrassment!

'What do I do?' Even though she was the one holding Ben in a deadly submission, somehow, she was the one with no way out! Valentina's breathing became heavy. 'WHAT KIND OF JIU-JITSU IS THIS?!?'

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