My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 13 - Watching the Show, Gravity Arcana

Chapter 13 - Watching the Show, Gravity Arcana

"I knew it! They are Level 2 Arcanists!"

Ling Jiu raised his guard. Although Level 1 and 2 Arcanists were of lower-ranked arcanists, their combat strengths were like night and day.

A Level 2 Arcanist's internal strength and mastery of special abilities were not things that a Level 1 Arcanist could rival.

In simple words, a Level 2 Arcanist could defeat ten Level 1 Arcanists. Their difference was akin to special forces and ordinary folk; they were not in the same league.


Their combined effort finally killed off the Ironspike Gator. The young man in the sports suit went up to the direbeast with a triumphant smile. "Thank you for your help, everyone!"

"You're welcome!"

A middle-aged man approached him. "We had a deal; you promised to give every one of us two Class 1 direbeast hearts as a reward after we help you kill the Ironspike Gator. It's time for you to fulfill your promise!"

"Indeed, I said that before!"

The young man in the sports suit curled his lips in an evil smile. "But I've changed my mind now. Instead of giving you two direbeast hearts each, all of you have to hand over the direbeast hearts in your possession! Otherwise, don't say that I didn't give you a chance!"

"You've duped us into this!"

Everyone became furious and glared at him.

"I managed to dupe all of you only because you were all dumb. I can't believe that you're all still talking about promises!"

The young man in the sports suit sneered, "All of you have almost exhausted your Gene Arcana, haven't you? But I still have half of mine left. How can you beat me?"

"You sc.u.mbag!"

Li Kai and the others gritted their teeth, but the young man in the sports suit was a Level 2 Arcanist. He was much more powerful than them. They had exhausted their Gene Arcana in their fight with the Ironspike Gator and could no longer battle the young man.

"You better hand over the direbeast hearts now before my patience runs out!"

"What are you trying to do?"

Feeling the scorching heat of the fire, their faces collapsed as they became disheartened.

"Give me the direbeast hearts now!" the young man in the sports suit said faintly. "Otherwise, no one can even think of leaving!"

"Killing fellow Arcanists is prohibited during the test. Are you going to break the rules?" Everyone glared at him.

"Killing is prohibited, of course, but there is no rule that says I can't cripple all of you!"

The young man in the sports suit broke into a defiant smile. "Do all of you know what it means by crippling?"

"How could you? Let's fight him!"

They were enraged. However, before they could make their move, several fire spears jutted out and held their legs back.

"Hand over the direbeast hearts if all of you don't want to become cripples!" The young man in the sports suit smiled. "Or else, I will have no choice but to turn you into such!"

The young man in the sports suit could make the fire spears penetrate their t.h.i.g.hs and cause them to become cripples with a mere thought. They could never accept that eventuality no matter what.

They did not want to become cripples on the first day of the test. They were not ready to be disqualified but wanted to continue the assessment for another two days.

"Fine! You got us this time!"

At last, they could only hand over their direbeast hearts despite how angry they were.

They admitted defeat.

"That's more like it!"

The young man in the sports suit was pleased with their decision as he kept all the direbeast hearts to himself. "All of you can get out of my sight now!"


Unbeknownst to the young man in the sports suit, the surveillance cameras on a building had captured his every move and action.

"That guy is awful!"

"He is, but rules are rules! This is nothing compared to what's going to happen on the third day!"

"That guy looks familiar. I think I've seen him before!"

"His name is Fei Zhe. He's one of last year's rejected!"

"You know him, Bai Yang?"

"How could I not know him when I've taught him for six months last year?"

"Oh, he is the rejected one from your company, Pangu!"

"Look, another person!"

They all shifted their attention on the monitor.

Li Kai and the others gritted their teeth as they could not do anything except watch the young man in the sports suit take away their direbeast hearts. Just as they were about to leave, a teasing voice rang out. "I can't believe that I've stumbled on such an exciting moment!"

"Who is it?"

They all looked in the voice's direction and saw a smart-looking teen appear out of the corner. When Li Kai saw the person's face, he was delighted. "Ling!"

"This a humiliating moment for you, Li!" Ling Jiu teased.

"That guy's a Level 2 Arcanist, mind you! We are not his match!" Li Kai scowled at the young man in the sports suit, indignation filling his eyes.

"Don't worry! I will avenge you!"

Ling Jiu gave Li Kai an assuring look, then he turned to the young man in the sports suit. "How about you return the direbeast hearts to them for my sake, friend?"

"You? Who do you think you are?"

Fei Zhe looked at Ling Jiu as if he was a ret*rd. "I thought you were a pragmatic person, but apparently, you're an idiot! Listen, give me your direbeast hearts too, or else, I'd be happy to turn you into an idiot for real!"

"You want my direbeast hearts?"

Ling Jiu wore a faint smile as he took the dimensional pocket off his waist and dropped it to the ground. "Here they are. You can come and get them!"

"That's more like it!"

Fei Zhe smirked and went up to him, ready to pick the dimensional pocket up. Righ then, an overpowering pressure fell on him, causing him to lose his balance.

"Sh*t! It's Gravity Arcana!"

Fei Zhe recognized what it was and quickly bounced back. The Gravity Arcana could do no harm to him as long as he stayed outside its field of influence.

Yet, what happened next told Fei Zhe that he was too naïve. An even more powerful force of gravity fell on him, contorting his body.


It was too late.

With a snap of Ling Jiu's fingers, the ground under Fei Zhe's feet turned into quicksand. Fei Zhe's legs sank into it, stopping only when the quicksand buried his entire legs.

Immediately after, the quicksand solidified into normal ground again, trapping Fei Zhe on the spot.

"So much for a Level 2 Arcanist!"

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