My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 14 - Class 1 Direbeast, the Sableback Gorilla

Chapter 14 - Class 1 Direbeast, the Sableback Gorilla

"This-This is Gravity Arcana?"

"Damn! As far as I know, this kid is an Earth-element Arcanist. How did he possess the Gravity Arcana?"

"Exactly! Only Level 6 Earth-element Arcanists can acquire Gravity Arcana. This kid is just at Level 2, yet he can already manipulate gravity?"

"There is only one possibility: this kid's Earth-element Arcana contains the Gravity Arcana."

In the monitoring center outside the county city, the eyes of a group of leaders from the Arcana Organizations were glued to the monitor screen. It showed the footage of Ling Jiu subduing Fei Zhe.

"Soil and rock control, as well as gravity manipulation; both seem to be of Earth-element Arcana. In reality, he has awakened two special abilities. What a lucky one!"

A handsome young man could not help but gasp in admiration. "This kid's potential is as good as that of the rare Double-Arcana geniuses!"


Others nodded in agreement. Double-Arcanists had two awakened special abilities. Having one more special ability naturally gave them an advantage over ordinary Arcanists.

"Where is this kid from?"

The handsome young man was thinking about poaching Ling Jiu over to his company. He would receive a handsome reward if he could persuade a genius like that to join them.

"What? Are you thinking of poaching my man?"

Instructor Bai Yang shot him a sideways glance.

"He's from Pangu?"

The handsome young man smiled. "You must be messing with me, Bai Yang. How dare I poach Pangu's men?"

"You better not!"


"So much for a Level 2 Arcanist!"

Ling Jiu walked up to the young man in the sports suit, his voice filled with scorn.

"All right, you got me this time!" Fei Zhe looked dead upset. "What do you want?"

"To give you a taste of your own medicine!"

Ling Jiu took away Fei Zhe's dimensional pocket. "They helped you kill the Ironspike Gator, but instead of fulfilling your promise, you robbed them of their direbeast hearts. You are trash!"

"Stop pretending!"

Fei Zhe hissed. "You would have done the same thing if you had been in my shoes!"

"Ahh, you just reminded me!"

Ling Jiu raised his eyebrows and passed the dimensional pocket to Li Kai. "Take your direbeast hearts, Li!"

"Umm… all right! Thanks, Ling!"

Li Kai was a bit hesitant at first. He took back the direbeast hearts that belonged to him in the end because his test would be affected without them. It was not the time to be pretentious.

"Hey, mate, thanks for beating this bastard and taking back the direbeast hearts for us! We can't thank you enough!" the others said.

"Thank me? That won't be necessary!"

Ling Jiu shot them a sideways look, then pointed at Fei Zhe. "I didn't help you get back the direbeast hearts. They're all mine now!"

The middle-aged man and the others felt frustrated about being robbed by a douchebag only to be followed by a mugger.

It was a freaking bad day.

"Let's go, Li!"

Ling Jiu kept the direbeast hearts and brought Li Kai into the zoo, where many powerful direbeasts roamed.

Sure enough, they bumped into a giant black gorilla, whose muscles looked like a wall of steel.

"It's a Class 2 direbeast, a Sableback Gorilla!"

Li Kai's expression collapsed. "This is a Class 2 direbeast, Ling. Should we go around it?"

"Why should we? A Class 2 direbeast heart is worth ten Class 1 direbeast hearts. Don't waste this opportunity!" Ling Jiu licked his lips.

"But are we its match?"

Li Kai looked at the muscular Sableback Gorilla and was thinking about beating a hasty retreat. They had killed an Ironspike Gator earlier only because of their numerical strength.

More importantly, the Ironspike Gator had left the lake, which meant that it could not fight as well as it would in the water. It was due to this advantage that they managed to surround and kill the gator.

However, fighting this Sableback Gorilla was a different story; the land was its natural habitat, and there were only the two of them. Could they really take on and beat this thing? Li Kai doubted it.

"Don't worry! Watch me!"

Ling Jiu smiled confidently as he moved toward the Sableback Gorilla.

The Sableback Gorilla spotted Ling Jiu at once, its dark-brown eyes flashing with viciousness. It roared, and ear-shattering sound waves hit him like a hammer pounding his eardrums.

The direbeast pounded its c.h.e.s.t while a ferocious energy permeated the air.

"Shut the f*ck up!"

Ling Jiu pressed down on it with a horrible force of gravity. The Sableback Gorilla staggered a bit and took the gravitational force with its powerful body.

My gosh! This thing can still react this fast under the high pressure of gravity. It could have flown into space without the gravity!

It shocked Ling Jiu to see the Sableback Gorilla's might. He quickly summoned an earthen wall to block the attack.

Following after, he slammed his hand onto the ground, and the earth turned into quicksand, s.u.c.k.i.n.g the Sableback Gorilla's legs in.

The Sableback Gorilla struggled to pull itself out of the quicksand.

At that moment, a huge rock came out of nowhere and hit the Sableback Gorilla on the head like a cannon.

The Sableback Gorilla lost its balance and stumbled back into the quicksand.

Li Kai had made his move.

"Good job, bro!" Ling Jiu praised.

He invoked an even more violent gravitational force on the Sableback Gorilla, forcing the creature to sink deeper into the quicksand. Li Kai summoned more rock shots and repeatedly hit the Sableback Gorilla on the head.

In just a moment, the loose quicksand returned to solid ground, trapping the giant Sableback Gorilla in the ground with only its head exposed on the surface.

"We did it, bro!"

Li Kai was overjoyed.

"It's still too early to celebrate!"

Ling Jiu shook his head before he summoned a huge rock and hit the Sableback Gorilla mercilessly.


The rock shot hit the direbeast on the head and smashed its skull, splattering white and red brain matter all over the place. The Sableback Gorilla could not have been more dead now.

"Phew! Done!"

Ling Jiu breathed a sigh of relief.

"Bro, have we just killed the Sableback Gorilla?" Li Kai was in disbelief.

"What do you think?"

Ling Jiu smiled and took out five direbeast hearts from his dimensional pocket. "Here you go, bro. These five direbeast hearts are yours now. I'll take the Sableback Gorilla's heart!"

"No, no, no! That's too much!"

Li Kai declined. "I was just helping while you were the one who killed the Sableback Gorilla. I'll take two of them!"

"Take all of them. You deserve it!"

Ling Jiu shoved the five direbeast hearts into Li Kai's dimensional pocket. Just as he walked toward the Sableback Gorilla, a lackadaisical voice was heard.

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