My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 19 - Pangu Mall, Astronomical Prices

Chapter 19 - Pangu Mall, Astronomical Prices

Unit A-35, Great Tang Residences.

Ling Xiaotong, Ling Jiu's younger sister, held a glass of orange juice in her hand, and her eyes were filled with admiration. "Congratulations on passing the assessment and getting the top spot. You are my idol from now on!"

"What idol? I'm your elder brother!"

Ling Jiu rolled his eyes as he clinked glasses with his young sister.

"Who says a brother can't be an idol?"

His younger sister rolled her eyes back at him. "Are you going to sign a new contract with the company tomorrow, and we'll have to move house again, Brother?"

Ling Jiu nodded. "My contract with the company is of a C-level now. Tomorrow, we will sign an A-level contract, which comes with a bungalow, a level up from the one we are currently staying in!"

"Ahh, a bungalow!"

His younger sister's eyes brightened up. "I knew we would move to a bungalow someday when you awakened your special ability. But I never expected the day to come so soon. You are awesome, Brother!"

"Now you know!"

Ling Jiu flipped his long hair back, trying to look cool. "I, your brother, will be the most powerful man in the world. The bungalow is just the beginning!"

"The most powerful man in the world? Yeah, talk big!"

His younger sister rolled her eyes. "Emperor Might from your company has been the default most powerful man in the world for thirty consecutive years. He'll be the first one to disagree with you!"

"He might be more powerful than me now, but it will be hard to say in the future!" Ling Jiu chuckled. "Becoming the world's number one is my first small goal!"

"You call that a small goal?"

His younger sister was struck dumb.

"Yeah, that's a small goal!"

Watching his children have a friendly bicker with each other, Ling Tianci felt happy and proud. His marriage and business had ended in a failure, but having a pair of children made him feel more successful than anything else.

The family of three stayed up late that night. After Ling Jiu cleaned himself up, he returned to his spacious room and switched on his computer.

The Direbeasts had invaded this world and affected the development of technology, but technologies such as microch.i.p.s, material technology, and virtual projection were still booming.

Among them was computer technology.

The computers in this world were smart and flexible. They could fit inside the pocket like a mobile phone and were wearable like a watch.

Not only did they possess all the functions of a computer in his past life but also thousands of other uses that previous computers lacked. There was a "real-life mirror" for traveling anywhere, a "simulated piano" that could create staves and perform pieces, as well as the "Maliang Pen" that could turn drawings into real-life objects, to name a few.

Other than these functions, the smart-home system was the most widely used technology, just like the smart-home-system-equipped bungalow where Ling Jiu currently stayed.

In simple words, the computers in this world were terrific. Animation, games, movies, and dramas were very advanced. Recluses would find this place a paradise.

Ling Jiu logged in to the company's website. After he used his ID card as authentication to gain access, a cute ant showed up on the screen.

"Nice to meet you, Ling Jiu. I am your assistant to help you navigate the official website of Pangu Arcana Combine. Let me walk you through the website!"

The ant sounded excited. "Pangu's official website is divided into five sections: the background, news, forum, mall, and Arcanist management!

"The background section mainly introduces the history and organizational structure of the company.

"The news section contains company memos and current news, through which you can learn about Pangu Arcana Combine's decisions and everything that happens around the world without needing to leave your home!

"The forum…

"The mall is the place where you can find and buy any items that you want such as Gene arcana secret techniques, special ability manuals, weaponry, transport, protective equipment, electronic devices, gourmet items, medical supplies, and treasures of Heaven and Earth!

"Of course, you can hire a higher-level Arcanist for one-to-one tutoring if you have the money!"

"Tell me more about the Gene Arcana secret technique!"

"It is the internal-strength cultivation method of our Arcanists. It is divided into four types, namely beginner, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate. Different levels produce different levels of cultivation base!"

"Ultimate Gene Arcana?"

It stunned Ling Jiu to hear that. Instructor Bai Yang had never talked about the ultimate Gene Arcana secret technique.

"It is the pinnacle of the Gene Arcana secret techniques, which makes Gene Arcana absorption 10,000 times more effective!" the little ant said.

"Ten-thousand times! Wow!"

Ling Jiu gaped in awe. While the beginner one only granted an absorption rate that was 10 times more effective, the ultimate Gene Arcana technique made it 10,000 times. The difference was just like day and night.

"If I had this ultimate Gene Arcana secret technique, one day of cultivation would produce a result equivalent to twenty-seven years of normal cultivation? A year of cultivation equated to 10,000 years of normal cultivation?"



Ling Jiu was gasping. "How much does the ultimate Gene Arcana secret technique cost?"

"The ultimate Gene Arcana secret technique is the crown jewel of the company, not measurable in terms of money. It is not for sale unless there is some special contribution."

The little ant still looked excited while Ling Jiu's expression had collapsed. Not for sale? Then why did they put it in the mall? Just to tease people?

"What about the advanced Gene Arcana tecnique?"

Since the ultimate Gene Arcana technique was not for sale, Ling Jiu would settle for second-best: the advanced Gene Arcana technique that increased the effectiveness of the absorption rate by 1,000 times.

"The advanced Gene Arcana secret technique costs ten billion!"

"Ten billion?"

Disappointment was written all over his face. His monthly pay was only 1,000,000, and he would need to save up for 10,000 months or 833 years for it.

I would be long dead in 833 years!

Ling Jiu cursed in his mind, fighting back the urge to smash things up while steering the conversation away. "Tell me about the other Arcana manuals, Little Ant!"

"If the Gene Arcana secret technique is an internal-strength cultivation method, then Arcana manuals would be martial art manuals like The Demonbane Sword, The Solitary Nine Sword, Star Devourer, and the like!

"Arcanists can gain greater strength with these Arcana manuals!"

"The Arcana manuals?"

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