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Chapter 20 - Sands of Annihilation, the Treasure of Heaven and Earth

Chapter 20 - Sands of Annihilation, the Treasure of Heaven and Earth

"Martial arts manuals?"

Ling Jiu's eyes lit up.

"Just like the Gene Arcana secret technique, the Arcana manuals are divided into basic, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate Arcana manuals!" the little ant said.

"Different classes of Arcana manuals bear different costs. However, they are still much cheaper than the Gene Arcana secret techniques of the same class. The basic Arcana manuals start from one million, intermediate Arcana manuals start from ten million, advanced manuals start from a hundred million, and the ultimate manuals, a billion!

"Of course, different Arcanas have different manuals and fall into different categories: metal, wood, fire, water, and earth!"

"They are much cheaper compared to the Gene Arcana secret techniques!" Ling Jiu sighed. "May I take a look at the Earth-element Arcana manuals?"

A table popped up on the screen, listing various basic Earth-element Arcana manuals, complete with their titles and brief introductions.

"Let's take a look at the first one, The Spiral Stone Spear!"

The Spiral Stone Spear: Basic Earth-element Arcana manual. Thanks to its rapid rotation, The Spiral Stone Spear has higher penetration ability and speed. It is also two times more lethal than ordinary stone spears!

"The Spiral Stone Spear is two times more lethal than an ordinary stone spear. Not too bad!"

Ling Jiu scrolled down the list. Other than The Spiral Stone Spear, there was The Rapid Mudshot, The Earthen Brambles, and The Colossal Stone Hammer.

Hold on a second!

There were over 10,000 types.

These basic Earth-element Arcana manuals had limitations; their power was two times the strength of ordinary Arcana at most.

Following that, Ling Jiu clicked on the intermediate Earth-element Arcana manuals.

Brutal Stalagmite.

"Intermediate Arcana manual... Four times the lethality of an ordinary Arcana, but bad!"

Ling Jiu continued to scroll and found that the advanced Arcana manuals had skills that were eight times the strength of ordinary Arcana.

Meanwhile, the ultimate Arcana manuals contained skills that were twenty times the strength of ordinary Arcana, but their prices were also appropriately higher—one hundred million and one billion, respectively.

"I can only afford the basic Arcana manuals. The advanced and ultimate Arcana manuals are way beyond my budget!

"It's all about money!"

Ling Jiu let out a sigh of disappointment. He initially thought that after he became an Arcanist and lived in a bungalow with millions in annual pay, he could join the rich men's club. Only now did he realize that he was still no better than he was last time because he could only afford the most basic Arcana manuals.

"Let's see the weaponry!"

Weaponry is categorized into cold and hot weapons. Cold weapons comprise the metal, wood, water, fire, and earth series, while hot weapons are of modern technology.

Earth-element cold weapons were divided into four classes: basic, intermediate, advanced, and ultimate.

"I didn't know that earth and rock were of different classes!"

Ling Jiu clicked on the ultimate Earth-element cold weapons, which only displayed one type: The Sands of Annihilation.

The Sands of Annihilation: a type of magical quicksand. It is not only incredibly heavy but also unbelievably tough. It is fireproof with a high melting point and can withstand extreme cold. It is so far the toughest and densest sand element on Earth.

Price: 10 billion/cubic meter.

"Ten billion for one cubic meter? Holy moly!"

Ling Jiu gasped in shock. A cubic meter of gold weighed 19.32 tons. A ton of gold was worth 270 million, which meant that 19.32 tons of gold were worth 5.2 billion.

While a cubic meter of gold was worth 5.2 billion, a cubic meter of the Sands of Annihilation was 10 billion. Who could afford something more expensive than gold?

That being said, this Sands of Annihilation must be terrifyingly powerful! Ling Jiu thought to himself.

Would attacking your enemy with ordinary sand be the same as using the incredibly heavy Sands of Annihilation? The answer was a definite no.

"If I can get my hands on a few cubic meters of Sands of Annihilation, my combat strength will surely increase by several notches!"

"Stone shots, stone spears, stone hammers, stone guns, earthen spikes, and swamps formed by the Sands of Annihilation are so much more powerful than those formed by ordinary earth and rocks!"

Ling Jiu was almost drooling. "It's a shame that this item is too expensive. There's no way I can afford it!"

Following that, Ling Jiu clicked on the advanced Earth-element cold weapons. Compared with the ultimate Earth-element cold weapon menu, which only contained one item, namely the Sands of Annihilation, the advanced Earth-element cold weapons had over twenty types.

Osmium ore: the rare earth that contains Osmium, the densest metal in this world. This means it is the heaviest metal. The powder ground from the Osmium rare earth is 20 times heavier than ordinary earth.

Price: 10 million/cubic meter.

"This is still very expensive!"

"Next, Black Sand!"

Price: 10 million/cubic meter.

After he read through the entire series of weapons, Ling Jiu's eyes were on fire. The problem was, there was none he could afford.

"I am too broke!"

Ling Jiu wailed to himself. He then clicked on the transport menu. The mall sold all kinds of transportation. Aside from ordinary vehicles, there was another type of vehicle that caught Ling Jiu's attention.

It was a maglev vehicle.

Thanks to the Direbeast's invasion, the material technology of this world had become extremely advanced. Among them, the superconductor materials were more advanced than those on Earth in his past life. Hence, the maglev vehicle technology was far more m.a.t.u.r.e than anything he had seen in his past life.

Ling Jiu could not take his eyes off all of them, from the least expensive maglev motorcycles and more expensive maglev cars to the large maglev airplanes as well as ultra-luxury maglev airsh.i.p.s.

"I can't even afford the least expensive maglev motorcycle!" Ling Jiu w.h.i.n.ed. "It still costs at least ten million!"

Maglev motorcycle: 15 million

Maglev airplane: 300 million

Maglev airship: 5 billion

It was because of the astronomical cost that these maglev vehicles had little relation to the ordinary folk, and they were rare in Lantian Base City.

Next, Ling Jiu went on to study the protective equipment, electronic products, gourmet items, medical supplies, and the treasure of Heaven and Earth.

The treasure of Heaven and Earth was basically the essence of Heaven and Earth. Each type of treasure possessed incredible uses in awakening abilities, increasing Gene Arcana absorption, physical enhancements, and soul elevation.

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