My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 21 - The Wind Hunters, Windfall Business

Chapter 21 - The Wind Hunters, Windfall Business

Early the next morning, Ling Jiu and Li Kai went to the company together.

"Ol' Ling, did you visit the official website last night?"

"Yeah, I did. You?"

"I went on too, but I was mainly on the Pangu Forum, I didn't look at the other pages!"

"You know, I read a post yesterday saying that Pangu has taken in more than ten thousand new recruits, and there are about eight hundred Earth-element Arcanists like us, and those with Dual Arcanas are no lesser than fifty. Bloody hell, that's amazing!"

"That many? Are you for real?" Even Ling Jiu was surprised. "Don't Arcanists make up a very low proportion? Why are there so many new recruits popping up?"

"While the ratio is low, the total population is huge!"

Li Kai sighed. "Even Huaxia has about a hundred base cities, with a total population of seven or eight billion, so there's definitely no shortage of people with Arcana talents! Not to mention, Pangu is recruiting worldwide!"

"You're right!"

Ling Jiu nodded, and even with a small ratio, when multiplied by the massive population numbers, the resulting figures would naturally be terrifying. Plus, after 30 years of development, the world's population was steadily rising year after year.

"I went onto the forums last night and found something amazing!" Li Kai added.

"What was it?"

"I heard that Pangu has recruited a genius this year, someone with the Supreme Dual Arcana of Complete Manipulation and Complete Annihilation!"

Li Kai was in awe. "The ability of Complete Manipulation means that she can control anything, even the natural elements of gold, wood, water, fire, and earth. With that alone, how many Arcanas would she have? And let's not forget the ability of complete annihilation!"

Ling Jiu's jaw dropped in disbelief. "That powerful? For real?"

"The poster in the forum should be an insider, so it should be real!" Li Kai continued, "I heard that the person apparently comes from the Yang Group in Chang'an Base City. Is she the daughter of Yang Group's chairman?"

"The Yang Group?"

Ling Jiu paused for a moment.

"Ol' Ling, don't tell me you've never heard of the Yang Group before?"

Li Kai wondered. "That's the number one consortium in the Northwest Region, and its headquarters is in Chang'an Base City. I've also heard, the Yang Family that controls the Yang Group is also the top family in Chang'an Base City. That place is enormous, you know!"

"The Yang Family!"

Ling Jiu muttered as an imperceptible glint flashed past his eyes. "Let's go, it's almost eight!"


"In this trial assessment that involved fifteen of you, fourteen have passed the assessment while one has been eliminated!"

In a conference room, the company's top echelon, Instructor Bai Yang, and the fifteen new recruits were all present in line as Manager Luo Jia gave a concluding speech.

Today, Luo Jia was wearing a pair of fitted leather pants, showcasing her flawless figure and toned curves.

"It's worth mentioning that Ling Jiu has achieved first place in this assessment and greatly demonstrated the greatness of Pangu, which is worthy of praise!"

Luo Jia's eyes fell on Ling Jiu as she smiled. "Ling Jiu, come with me to the office later. We will re-sign your contract, an A+ contract!"

"An A+ contract?"

All of the newbies were stunned. Was the previously agreed upon reward not an A-level contract? How did it become an A+ one instead?"

Before everyone's confused looks, Luo Jia smiled. "If Vulcan can offer an A+ contract, then we, Pangu will naturally not be stingy!"

So that was it!

All of the newbies suddenly came to a realization. After the trial assessment, they had witnessed Vulcan trying to poach Ling Jiu, and they automatically understood why. Ling Jiu had refused back then, but they did not expect the company to be so generous to match Vulcan's offer of an A+ contract.

How enviable!

All of the new recruits looked at Ling Jiu with eyes full of jealousy. They had been on the same starting line six months ago, but after that period, the gap between him and them had become so big. They were still on C-level contracts while Ling Jiu was about to sign an A+ contract.

Why was there such a big gap between people?

"Thank you, Ms. Lo!"

Ling Jiu thanked her.

"Keep it up and work hard!"

Luo Jia nodded slightly and looked at another newbie. "Yu Xiaochen, you did not pass the assessment, and in accordance with the rules, we can only terminate your contract!"

"Ms. Luo, please give me a chance?"

Yu Xiaochen trembled and whispered.

"This is the rule set by the Arcanist Directorate, and no one can go against it!"

Luo Jia shook her head. "Xiao Wang, take him to the Mind Division and wipe out his memory regarding the Bahamut Absorption Technique. At the same time, take back the house that's been allocated to him and the six-month salary as well!"

"Yes, Ms. Luo!" the secretary responded and looked at Yu Xiaochen.

"Come with me!"

While they knew in advance that failing the assessment would lead to such an outcome, when the scene actually unfolded before them, everyone could not help but be shocked.

Yu Xiaochen was really fired, and the townhouse, as well as half a year's salary, were all taken back. Even the Gene Arcana secret technique, the Bahamut Absorption Technique was erased from his memory. It was terrifying, just too terrifying!

"Award the best and punish the poor; survival of the fittest. That is our infallible maxim, which is why Pangu can stand at the top of the world and become the world's number one Arcana organization!"

Looking at the newbies' expressions, Luo Jia said, "I hope in your upcoming tasks, all of you will work hard and do your best! The same maxim applies. The company will not hesitate to reward the best, while the punishment for those who don't perform won't be easy as well."

"Yes, Ms. Luo!"

"Very good!"

Luo Jia nodded slightly. "Next, I'll talk about your work arrangements. All of you are now qualified Level 1 Arcanists, and the greatest function of an Arcanist is not to stay in the company as technical or clerical staff but to break into the wilderness and hunt the Direbeasts!"

Break into the wilderness and hunt down the Direbeasts!

Ling Jiu perked up as a look of anticipation appeared in his eyes.

"So, there are two paths ahead of all of you!" Luo Jia said indifferently.

"The first is to become a Wild Hunter! After becoming one, you can freely head into the wilderness and kill those Direbeasts. Then, you may sell their corpses to the company or to other organizations!

"The difference is, if you sell to other organizations, the company will take 10% of the profit, while the same rule is not applied when it is sold to the company!"

Ling Jiu nodded slightly.

A Direbeast's entire body was a treasure trove, and the corpse of a high-level Direbeast was invaluable. Why would an Arcana organization hire so many Arcanists for?

It was, of course, to hunt down the Direbeasts!

Direbeast hunting was an extremely profitable business, making more money than any other industry, be it telecommunications, computing, real estate, oil, aviation... None could compete with the industry of Direbeast hunting. It was also the pillar in which many arcana organizations relied on for their survival.

Hunt the Direbeasts.

Dismember them.

Then sell them for profit.

All in all, the people of this world no longer ate poultry such as chickens, ducks, and geese, or domesticated animals like pigs, cows, or goats. Rather, all of them ate Direbeast meat.

It could be said that there was no other industry more profitable than the Direbeast industry.

"The second is to become part of the logistics crew!"

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