My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 23 - Arriving in the Wilderness, Slaughtering Giant Wolves

Chapter 23 - Arriving in the Wilderness, Slaughtering Giant Wolves

Intermediate tools...

Intermediate cold weapons...

Intermediate Arcana manuals...

The prices of these items were all in the tens of millions, and it was not a matter of which was better but their different functions.

However, Ling Jiu immediately decided on the intermediate dimensional pocket because it was a very important item for a Wild Hunter.

It was not easy to enter the wilderness, and everyone wanted to hunt down as many Direbeasts as possible and take back as many Direbeast carcasses as possible so that they could earn more money.

At that moment, the value of the dimensional pocket was reflected since the bag would allow a Wild Hunter to carry more Direbeast carcasses.

After all, the carcasses of the Direbeasts were all very large. Without a dimensional pocket, one would not be able to carry much at all.

One thousand cubic meters = 10*10*10.

While it might not seem big, it was more than enough for a Level 2 rookie Arcanist.

"Have you decided?"


"Then sign the contract!"

After signing the contract, Ling Jiu breathed a sigh of relief. From now on, he was a person with a salary that was worth millions, and there were not many people like him in Lantian Base City.

"Your salary will automatically be deposited into your card on the 12th of each month!

"As for the intermediate dimensional pocket and intermediate Gene Arcana secret technique, collect them from the Logistics Department later!

"The company's stipulation is that every Wild Hunter must go to the wilderness at least once a month and kill at least ten Class 1 Direbeasts each time!

"Before you enter the wilderness, I would like to remind you again, do only what you can. You only have one life. Don't lose it just because you want to make money!

"By the way, you better get a Direbeast Radar set. It is very important for your journey into the wilderness!"


After work, Ling Jiu did not go straight back home. Instead, he went to the market and bought plenty of Direbeast meat and dishes before he took them back home.

"Why did you buy so many dishes today?"

Ling Tianci was surprised.

"I'll be traveling into the wilderness tomorrow, and I guess I'll be away for a good ten days to half a month. So before I leave, I want to have a good meal!" Ling Jiu explained with a smile.

"The wilderness? You chose to become a Wild Hunter?"

Ling Tianci trembled all over. He had run a Direbeast company before and had often dealt with Arcanists, so he naturally knew about the Wild Hunters.


"You brat, why didn't you discuss such a big matter with me?"

Ling Tianci was angry. "You're still young! How can you be a Wild Hunter with such low strength? What if... No! I don't agree!"

Ling Jiu smiled bitterly. "Dad, I've already signed the contract. It's too late to regret it now! Plus, I'm confident about staying alive in the wilderness!"

"Confident? Not even those Level 5 and Level 6 Arcanists dare to say that they have confidence. How can you be so arrogant, boy?"

Ling Tianci was fuming. "I'll go to your company tomorrow... How can I let a child like you roam the wilderness?"

"Dad, hear me out..."


In any case, after he revealed part of his trump card, he managed to convince his father.

Ling Jiu breathed a sigh of relief and felt helpless at the same time. Being a child had its disadvantages. Every a.d.u.l.t would think that you were imm.a.t.u.r.e, and Ling Jiu hated being treated like a child.

The next morning, Ling Jiu left after he took his clothes, food, sleeping bag, tent, laptop, and Direbeast Radar.

"Son, remember to take care of yourself!"

Standing at the door of the villa, Ling Tianci looked at his son's fading silhouette. Unknowingly, his eyes reddened and his voice seemed to be slightly stuck in his throat.


Fengming County, located in the northwest of Lantian Base City, bordering Linyou to the north, Taibai to the south, Fufeng to the east, and Chencang to the west. It was one of the homelands of the Chinese nation, seeing that it was the birthplace of Emperor Yan, the Zhou Dynasty, and the Zhou culture.

Fengming County had a long history, and it enjoyed such monikers as "The City of Bronzeware", "The City of Oracle Bone Inscriptions", and "The Ancient County of China". However, the Direbeast incursion 30 years ago had turned this historical county into ruins.

A large number of Direbeasts had rushed out of Qin Mountain and Taibai Mountain, completely occupying the county.

Today, 30 years later, Fengming County had become the lair of Direbeasts, and many low-level Direbeasts roamed there. The thousand-year-old county was... completely lost.

It had already been two days since Ling Jiu arrived in Fengming County. Rubbish was piled up high on both sides of the road while a huge bronze tripod lay in the middle of the road. It was filled with all kinds of beast dung, and one could imagine what the Direbeasts did to it.

"Fengming County has come to this!"

Ling Jiu sighed inwardly. He had been to Fengming County in his previous life, and he had not forgotten about the place. He did not expect Fengming County in this world to turn out like this. It was really lamentable!


A loud beastial roar rang out from one of the shops, and a three-meter-tall giant wolf the size of an elephant charged at Ling Jiu.


The giant wolf stomped on the ground, and the earth shook slightly. One could imagine how heavy it was, yet it was surprisingly fast; and like a charging tank, its power was extremely terrifying.

"Good timing!"

All of a sudden, a huge force descended heavily upon the giant wolf, and it was caught off guard. It was sent staggering, and the next moment, a large number of earthern thorns shot out.

Dush dush dush!

The giant wolf was instantly stabbed into a sieve, and after two pitiful howls, it slumped onto the ground gasping. It looked like it was done for.

Ling Jiu took out his bonecleaver, which he had prepared in advance, and lobbed the giant wolf's four claws off.

If he could, he would obviously take this giant wolf back.

However, he had no way to do that. The dimensional pocket had limited space, and it was impossible for him to take everything, hence he could only take the most valuable parts. Half of a giant wolf's value was in its four claws, so he only needed to take the claws.



As soon as Ling Jiu chopped the giant wolf's four claws off, a series of even louder howls rang out in the distance. At the same time, a giant wolf rushed out and closed in on Ling Jiu.

"Damn it, I forgot the Demonwolves are pack animals!"

Ling Jiu cursed inwards as he slammed both hands onto the ground. Following that, the ground before him promptly rolled in violent manner as if the earth was quaking.

The giant wolf shuddered, and at that moment, another terrifying force came crashing down on it.


After losing its stability and being hit by the gravitational force, the giant wolf that had rushed to the front was crushed to the ground, then stabbed into a sieve by the earthern thorns.

Upon seeing this, the giant wolves in the distance shrank back and dared not step forward, halting their charge.

Ling Jiu stepped forward, and another blow of gravitational force came crashing down. The giant wolves were crushed to the point that they could not stand properly, and suddenly, the ground beneath their feet turned into quicksand.

The wolves were trapped long before they could escape, and by the time they reacted, the quicksand had turned into solid ground. They could no longer escape even if they wanted to. What greeted them next was the earthern thorns.

Dush dush dush!

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