My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 24 - Titan Kabutomushi, a Man and a Woman

Chapter 24 - Titan Kabutomushi, a Man and a Woman

"The four claws of a Demonwolf are worth 1,500."

"There are 23 Demonwolves here!"

"So, in other words, in just a short period of time, I've made 34.5K?"

"This is literally picking up money!"

Ling Jiu sighed deeply. In his previous life, he would need to slog hard for a whole month for only a few thousand yuan. Even then, he was at his boss' beck and call, and was liked a whipped mutt, a far cry from now where he could just randomly get rich?

"As the Feng Shui flows, it's finally my year, finally my time to strike big!"

Ling Jiu picked up the bone cleaver, and cut off the giant wolves' four claws one by one, before putting them into his Dimensional Bag, and left the place.


"The Direbeast Radar shows the red dots are Class 3 Direbeasts, the green dots, Class 2 Direbeasts, and the black dots are Class 1 Direbeasts!"

"There aren't many Class 3 Direbeasts in Fengming County, only three of them, and they are quite far away from where I am. There are quite a lot of Class 2 Direbeasts though, as many as 17!"

"Yeah, let's look for the Class 2 Direbeasts first!"

Ling Jiu followed the instructions on the Direbeast Radar and found the nearest Class 2 Direbeast.

This was a bovine-type Direbeast that was five meters tall, and eight meters long. It was all black, and its mane upside down, with three spiral horns all jutting forward.

The Trihorn Bull: Class 2 Direbeast. It evolved from an ordinary buffalo and was extremely powerful. It was ill-tempered and extremely fierce. Its sharp horns were indestructible.

"The Trihorn Bull's most powerful attack is the three sharp horns and its brute force. I just need to be careful, and not get hit by it head-on!"

Ling Jiu carefully moved over and prepared to launch a sudden attack, yet the Trihorn Bull's vigilance exceeded Ling Jiu's expectations, and he was detected soon enough.


The Trihorn Bull glared at Ling Jiu, its right hoof trampling the ground as two air streams spewed out its nostrils as if it was about to charge at Ling Jiu like a tank.


Ling Jiu could feel that the ground within ten square meters of him was trembling, and then looking at the Trihorn Bull's three meter-long horns, if he was hit by it, he will definitely have three new holes punctured through his body.


Ling Jiu stomped on the ground, and the earth was suddenly sundered on both sides. The Trihorn bull was caught off guard, and it immediately fell into the crack.


Immediately afterward, a series of earthen spikes shot out from both sides of the crack and stabbed into the Trihorn Bull's belly. Blood spewed out like arrows, dyeing the entire area red.


The Trihorn Bull did not completely die, it whimpered and struggled, and only after struggling for a good while before it gradually died away.

"A Class 2 Direbeast sure is tough!"

Ling Jiu took out his bone cleaver, and happily cut the Trihorn Bull apart. A Class 2 Direbeast was worth tens of thousands, and a Trihorn Bull like this could sell for about 60 thousand bucks.

Half an hour later, the Trihorn Bull was completely carved out by Ling Jiu. Looking at the remains of the bull, Ling Jiu sighed. "What a shame, there's so much more that cannot be taken away. If only my Dimensional Bag was larger!"

Of course, this was just wild wishes, a High-level Dimensional Bag cost hundreds of millions, and he could not afford it for the time being.

"But, never mind!"

"This one would earn me around 40 thousand or so, plus the 30 thousand earlier, that's 70 thousand a day. Make it 80 to 100 thousand a day, that's about 3 million a month, and I would have enough to get a High-level Dimensional Bag within two to three years' time!"

Just when Ling Jiu was pondering silently, a powerful sound of wing flap suddenly came from a distance. Ling Jiu turned his head and saw a black shadow darting toward him.


The speed of the black shadow was so fast that Ling Jiu had no time to react. He only felt a tremendous force crashing into his c.h.e.s.t as his entire person flew out uncontrollably before crashing hard onto the ground.


Ling Jiu spat out a mouthful of blood, only to feel a sharp pain coming from his c.h.e.s.t as if it was about to be crushed.

"Quadruple Gravity!"

Ling Jiu was shocked, and immediately unleashed the Gravity Arcana, and increased the force to the maximum.

As the terrifying gravitational force swept down, the surrounding air became extremely viscous, and the black shadow's figure shuddered as its movements became sluggish.

It was only a meter in length, and not even 80 centimeters wide, its body was a long oval, and completely pitch black with a sharp horn on its head.

Its whole body was wrapped in a thick black carapace, just like a tough scale armor.

"A Class 3 Direbeasts, a Titan Kabutomushi!"

The Titan Kabutomushi was evolved from an ordinary kabutomushi, and although it was only a meter in size, it had inherited the terrifying strength of a kabutomushi and was extremely powerful.

It was just a small Titan Kabutomushi, yet its power was even more terrifying than a Trihorn Bull and was a typical power-type Direbeast.

"Damn it! Weren't the three Class 3 Direbeasts a few kilometers away? Why did this Titan Kabutomushi appear where I am?"

The hole then merged together as the ground returned to its original state while Ling Jiu disappeared into the ground.

Earthern Escape was another usage of Ling Jiu's Earth Manipulation Arcana, and he could hide in the ground in times of crisis and could avoid danger to the maximum extent. It was one of Ling Jiu's life-saving techniques.


The Titan Kabutomushi hovered around the area Ling Jiu was hiding and refused to leave.

Ling Jiu could not help but curse inwards, "Bloody hell, has this bastard got its eyes on me? Why isn't it letting me go?"

While he was underground, Ling Jiu still paid attention to what was going on outside. With the ability to manipulate earth, he could 'see' movements above through the ground. The Titan Kabutomushi seemed to want him dead, and hovered back and forth, waiting for him to reappear.

"Wait until I become a Level Three Arcanist, I'll make sure you're the first in line to get f*cked!"

Just as Ling Jiu was secretly swearing in his heart, a rip in the air blasted out, and something that shocked Ling Jiu to the core happened.

A cold, gleaming blade shot out from the distance, and slammed straight into the Titan Kabutomushi's head, killing it instantly.

The Titan Kabutomushi fell onto the ground motionless, it was killed in a single blow, and died on the spot.

"It's dead?"

Ling Jiu was shocked, "Who killed it?"


A flash later, a man and a woman abruptly appeared. The man was a middle-aged man with an expressionless face while the woman was a tall beauty.

"Who are they?"

Looking at the sudden appearance of the two, Ling Jiu was confused. Why would this pair suddenly appear in this part of the wilderness? Who are they?

"The Titan Kabutomushi is dead, you can come out now!"

The beauty suddenly opened her mouth, and her voice was like flowing spring water and was melodious.

"She's talking to me?"

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