My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 30 - Devolution Potion, Tianci Beaten Up

Chapter 30 - Devolution Potion, Tianci Beaten Up

The harvest this time around sure was bountiful.

Of course, the biggest gain was not the Direbeast carcasses that were worth 300 million, but rather, the high-level Dimensional Bag, 50 square feet of osmium soil, and the... Icehollow Weed!

"The value of the first two need not be said!"

"The key is the Icehollow Weed!"

"This sort of treasure that could allow someone to awaken their Arcana is worth a lot, and even if they were to appear occasionally, everyone will rush for it, and it is really a case demand outstripping supply!"

However, Ling Jiu did not plan to see the Icehollow Weed. He had a lovely sister at home and planned to let his sister consume the Icehollow Weed and awaken her Arcana.

"Xiaotong will be very happy when she finds out!"

He had not been home for more than ten days now, and Ling Jiu had somewhat missed his father and little sister and could not wait to go home.

"Dad, Xiaotong, I'm home!"

When Ling Jiu got home, he saw his sister sitting on the sofa crying. Ling Jiu could not help but be shocked. "Xiaotong, what's wrong?"


Upon seeing Ling Jiu, Xiaotong felt like she saw a savior, and immediately rushed into Ling Jiu's arms and cried very hard.

"Okay, okay, don't cry!" Ling Jiu comforted his sister. "Tell me, what happened?"

"Brother, when dad and I went shopping this afternoon, he was taken away by a bunch of debt collectors!"

Xiaotong cried as she retold what happened. After Ling Jiu heard that, a dark aura appeared in his eye. "Those bastards really want to die!"

"Brother, what are we going to do?"

Xiaotong's face was full of anxiety.

"You stay at home, leave the rest to me!"


Ling Tianci had previously opened a small company, and was worth tens of millions, and was considered one of the well-known persons in Lantian Base City. However, six months ago the company declared bankruptcy, and Ling Tianci turned from a millionaire into a pauper overnight.

After his company went bankrupt, and him shouldering huge debts, Ling Tianci had once lost the courage to live, it was only until Ling Jiu awakening his Arcana that he regained hope. He knew that having a son who is an Arcanist, his days would get better and better.

However, what was even sadder was that, before the days got better, his creditors came looking for him first.

Yep, on the same afternoon when Ling Jiu returned, Ling Tianci was taken away by the debt collectors.

Fusheng Debt Collection Company, 3rd floor.

"Mr. Ling, you are doing well heh, your son awakening his Arcana, to being hired by Pangu with a monthly salary worth a million. By your son's grace, you are staying in a villa that I dare not even imagine. Truthfully, I'm really envious of you!"

A big baldy raised his eyebrows as he twiddled two iron balls in his hand. "So, when are you paying back the money you owe to our Mr. Yang?"

"Mr. Zhang, I really have no money now!"

Ling Tianci was tied to a chair. His nose was bruised, his face was swollen, and his hair was disheveled as blood flowed out of his nose. He had obviously been manhandled earlier.

"No money? F*ck you!"

Mr. Zhang suddenly exploded as he grabbed a beer bottle on the table and smashed it onto Ling Tianci's head. As the beer bottle shattered, Ling Tianci screamed and blood mixed with beer foam flowed down his sideburns and onto the ground.

"Repaying debts is a rightful thing to do!"

Mr. Zhang grabbed Ling Tianci's hair and spat, "I'll give you two choices now!"

Ling Tianci was dazed by the smash, and only after shaking his head did he managed to somewhat recover his consciousness.

"Although I'm a broad-minded, magnanimous, accommodating, and tolerant person, I have one shortcoming, that is I hate to see people doing better than me!"

Mr. Zhang growled. "You have a son; I also have a son. Why is my son a hoodlum, taking drugs and c*ke, while yours awakened his Arcana and became a top-society Arcanist?"

"Mr. Zhang... this is all down to luck!"

Ling Tianci said quickly.

"F*ck you and your luck! I hate people with good luck!" Mr. Zhang snorted coldly. "The first option, give this to your son!"

"What is this?"

Ling Tianci's voice trembled.

"A Devolution Potion!"

Mr. Zhang shook the food straw in his hand. "Once he drinks this, even if your son is a dual-Arcana genius, he won't escape the fate of losing his Arcana and becoming an ordinary person!"

"No! No! Absolutely not!"

Ling Tianci shook his head vigorously, and what greeted him was another vicious beer bottle smash by the big baldy.


The beer bottle cracked open, and Mr. Zhang grabbed Ling Tianci's hair and said with a grin. "So, you want the second choice?"

"What... What you want?"

"What I want? Mr. Yang had given me a final order, if I don't get the money back today, he'll feed me to the Direbeasts in the wilderness.

Mr. Zhang sighed. "Our Mr. Yang had always meant what he says, so I don't have much leeway!"

"Looking at you like this, it's impossible for you to repay the money today. Since I'm going to die, you can forget about living as well. So, either have your son drink this, or die today!"

"In any case, if I can't get the money back today, Mr. Yang will not let me go, so I have nothing to worry about!"

"Mr. Zhang, I'll pay the money back!"

Ling Tianci's voice was hoarse. "But I warn you, don't even have any ideas on my son, he's an employee of Pangu now, you can't afford to provoke him!"

"Ptui! You dare to threaten me?"

Mr. Zhang smiled in anger. "And I'm not afraid to tell you, so what if your son is an Arcanist? I cannot do anything to him in the base city sure, but I have plenty of ways to end him in the wilderness. Didn't he become a Wild Hunter? Even easier to deal with!"

"Zhang Haitian, you monster!" Ling Tianci roared and rushed forward. "If you dare hurt my son, I'll never let you go!"

Mr. Zhang was taken aback and took two quick steps back, only to find that Ling Tianci was tied to a chair and was unable to move. He blushed and became angry. "F*ck! How dare you scare me, men, beat him up!"

"Yes, Mr. Zhang!"

All of the goons had been impatient, and immediately pounced when they heard that as they punched and kicked Ling Tianci. Just as Ling Tianci was beaten until the point of puking blood, the office door was knocked open violently.

Everyone turned their heads, and saw a young man outside the door, his eyes cold and teeming with murderous intent!

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