My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 29 - Corpse Inspection, 300 Million in Value

Chapter 29 - Corpse Inspection, 300 Million in Value

It was exactly four in the afternoon, and there was still an hour before he clocked off work, so Ling Jiu went to the company's logistics department, and took out all of the gains he got from this trip.

Of course, except for the Icehollow Weed, the 50 square feet worth of osmium soil, and the high-level Dimensional Bag, these were all not for sale!

Coincidentally, Li Kai happened to be assigned to the Direbeast Appraisal Division and was learning how to appraise Direbeasts and their corpses from an experienced old appraiser. When Ling Jiu came to the office, he ran into him.

"Ol' Ling, you're back!"

Li Kai punched Ling Jiu. "It had been about ten days from the day you first left until today, I've been worried about you!"

"Well, I'm back now right?"

Ling Jiu smiled: "How's your work recently? Doing alright?"

"Don't even mention it, it's so boring!"

Li Kai looked bitter and said. "You're here to sell Direbeast carcasses right? Come with me, and go to me master directly, no need to queue up!"


With Li Kai leading the way, the two directly met Li Kai's master, Wang Yun, a senior Direbeast Appraiser who had been with the company for many years.

"Ol' Ling, this is my master, one of the company's top Appraisers!" Li Kai introduced. "Master, this is the friend I talked to you about, Ling Jiu. He has just come back from the wilderness."

"Greetings, Master Wang!"

"Laddie, don't need to be so formal! Come, take your stuff out!" Wang Yun said with a smile.


Ling Jiu went to the middle of the workshop and took all of his harvests out. Suddenly, the big workshop was completely filled with Direbeast carcasses and organs as an overwhelming stink of blood rushed over, causing Li Kai and Wang Yun to take a few steps back.

"Bloody hell, so many carcasses!"

Looking at the pile of Direbeast carcasses, Li Kai gawked in shock. "Ol' Ling, how many Direbeasts did you kill again?"

"I don't know, didn't keep count!"

Ling Jiu smiled.

Master Wang had already put on his mask, as well as gloves, and was getting into the flow of appraising. Li Kai hurriedly took a microcomputer to record.

He had to focus when it comes to work, or else he would be scolded by Master Wang!

"The sharp claw of a Class 1 Demonwolf... 4!"

"The sharp claw of a Class 1 Demonwolf... 4!"

"The horns of a Class 2 Trihorn Bull...3!"

"The carcass of a Class 3 Titan Kabutomushi!"

"This is... the carcass of a Class 3 Direbeast, a Void Falcon?"

Master Wang was slowly appraising and when he reached the carcass of a Void Falcon, he was shocked.

After going around the Void Falcon carcass a few times only did he said in amazement. "It's really a Void Falcon, but too bad..."

"Master, what's a Void Falcon?"

He had been tagging along with Wang Yun for a while now, and Li Kai rarely ever saw Master Wang that surprised, and was a little confused.

"While the Void Falcons are Class 3 Direbeasts, they are extremely difficult to catch. Normally, even a Level 5 Arcanist would only eat dust against it. Your friend is very, very lucky, but unfortunately, its most important Void Bladder is gone!"

Wang Yun sighed. "If the Void Bladder was still there, this Void Falcon carcass could sell for about 150 million, now it's probably just eight million!"

"A hundred and fifty million?"

Li Kai shuddered and looked at Ling Jiu in disbelief. "Ol' Ling, where did you get this Void Falcon carcass? You caught it yourself?"

"Do you even need to ask? Obviously, I just picked them up!"

Wang Yun glanced at Ling Jiu. "You have no ability to hunt the Void Falcons on your own, plus the most important part, the Void Bladder of the falcon is gone, so it is enough to say that someone else killed this Void Falcon, and then left the corpse behind, am I right?"

"Sure enough, I cannot hide this from Master Wang!"

Ling Jiu gave a thumbs up. He was indeed an experienced veteran appraiser, and he was on the mark.

"Ol' Ling, you're bloody lucky to pick up such an expensive carcass. My master said just now, even without its Void Bladder, this thing is worth a good eight million! You're rich!" Li Kai looked at Ling Jiu with envy.

"Really? Awesome!"

Ling Jiu scratched his head. "If I remember correctly, there's a total of six of them, doesn't that mean it's a good ten plus million there?"

"Six? F*ck me!"


By the time all of the carcass and organs were appraised, Li Kai's eyes were so green with envy that his eyes were about to pop out.

"Ol' Ling, do you know how much money you've made in this trip alone?"

"How would I know?"

Ling Jiu shrugged.

"According to my master's appraisal, you've earned a total of 62.35 million yuan in this trip alone! God knows how long I have to work to earn that much money?"

Li Kai was very envious. "I suddenly felt that your original choice was so wise, and I... What a fool! Argh, that pisses me off!"

"Stop complaining, I'm not done yet!"

Ling Jiu rolled his eyes. Those were the carcasses of Direbeasts he had hunted, and he had not taken out the Direbeast carcasses that were inside the high-level Dimensional Ring.

These were the good stuff!

"Not done yet?"

"This is..."

Upon sensing the ferocity coming from the carcasses, Li Kai's face suddenly turned pale, as his body shook uncontrollably.

Wang Yun, who had been calm all these while, also had a big change in his expression as he stared at the dozen of Direbeast carcasses.

"A Class 4 Direbeast, A Burstfang? And that, a Vajra Alligator! My goodness, a Class 5 Direbeast, a Flamestorm Ape King!"

Listening to his Master's burst of exclamations, Li Kai was completely stunned, and even Ling Jiu was at a loss for words.

Even though he knew that the Direbeast carcasses that Ai Yuhe gave him were all high-level ones, he never expected that all of them were of Class 4 and Class 5 Direbeasts. It was terrifying!

Twenty minutes later, all of the appraisals were completed, and Wang Yun had a difficult look on his face. "There is a total of thirteen Class 4 Direbeast carcasses and four Class 5 Direbeast carcasses; the total value is about 270 million!"

"Two hundred and seventy million! Gasp..."

Li Kai could not help but breathe in hard. "Plus the previous 62.35 million, Ol' Ling, you've earned a total of 332.35 million from this trip to the wilderness alone?"

"Don't be envious. This boy was lucky." Wang Yun looked at Ling Jiu. "All these Class 4 and Class 5 Direbeasts carcasses are all very well-preserved, and they were all killed in a single hit. I'm pretty sure it was not you right?"

"Master Wang, your eyes are sharp, I've picked them up, just like the Void Falcons." Ling Jiu said with a smile.

"I think so too, trying to hunt them with your ability is just too difficult!"

Wang Yun did not doubt him. "Your harvest is pretty big this time, and I'll need to get approval from above. Head home first, the results should be out tomorrow morning, and the money will be transferred into your salary card. Just remember to check your balance!"

"Sorry for the trouble, Master Wang!"

Ling Jiu smiled. "Ol' Li, I'll head back first. I'll treat you for dinner tomorrow!"

"Yes, please do! I'll definitely eat until your wallet cries!" Li Kai snorted, his eyes were all green.

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