My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 4 - Secret Arcana Technique, Attempts to Win Over Commence

Chapter 4 - Secret Arcana Technique, Attempts to Win Over Commence


The small golden letters transformed into a golden light stream and poured into his brain.

Immediately after, extremely condensed energy exploded in Ling Jiu's head and swept through his entire brain.


Ling Jiu felt like he had been struck by lightning as a heart-piercing pain struck his nerves. He let out a painful scream, hugging his head as he rolled around.

"Ol' Ling, what's wrong?"

The sudden development frightened Li Kai, and his other classmates also surrounded him.

"My... head... hurts!"

Ling Jiu had a splitting headache while beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. It felt like his head was about to explode.

"Ol' Ling, I'll take you to the hospital right away!"

Li Kai took out his cell phone and was about to dial 120. At that moment, the school's top cadre and Dai Changsheng, who had noticed the commotion, also ran over.

"What's happened to this student?" the principal asked nervously.

"Principal, Ling Jiu says his head hurts!" Li Kai anxiously replied.

"You have to hurry and send him to the hospital!"

"Call 120! Call 120 now! We cannot have an incident in school!"

The principal waved his hand, and immediately, one of the school's top cadres was ready to make a phone call. However, Dai Changsheng had a look of delight. "Congratulations, Principal Wang!"

"Mr. Dai, what do you mean?" The principal appeared dumbfounded.

"If I'm not wrong, this student here is awakening his Arcana!" Dai Changsheng said with a smile.

"Awakening his Arcana?"

The principal and the school leadership cadre were taken aback. The class teacher was even more puzzled. "Ling Jiu already went through the trial earlier, but his Arcana wasn't awakened then. It's only happening now?"

"That's normal!"

Dai Changsheng smiled faintly. "Under normal circ.u.mstances, many people with Arcana talents awaken their Arcana during the trial, but there are also a few that awaken their Arcana after the rest, as there is a buffer period in between!"

"Oh, I see!"

Everyone suddenly came to a realization, and the principal said with surprised elation, "Meaning, two third-year students have successfully awakened their Arcana this year?"

"A joy that comes in a pair, Principal!"

"I never thought that our school would awaken two Arcanists at once. This is a great achievement, and the reward will definitely be remarkable!"

"Congratulations, Principal!"

"Hahaha, same to you, same to you!"

Hearing everyone's congratulatory wishes, the principal was so happy that his snot came out of his nose. In the past, it was already nice to have one awakening. But this year, two of them awakened, and good things came in pairs. One needed to know that an Arcanist was much more valuable than a college entrance examination ace.

"What kind of sh*t luck do these guys have?"

"So many students didn't manage to awaken their Arcanas, but these two did? Why?"

Jealousy distorted people. It would have been fine if it had been someone else, but what kind of people were Ling Jiu and Li Kai?

They had average grades.

They came from average families.

They had nothing else aside from their looks, yet these good for nothings actually awakened their Arcanas. The gods must have been blind!

"Ol' Ling, how are you feeling?"

Seeing Ling Jiu gradually stabilize, Li Kai asked with concern.

"I'm... okay!"

"Ol' Ling, you've also awakened your Arcana!"

Li Kai helped Ling Jiu up, his face full of excitement. "Do you realize that you've awakened your Arcana?!"

"I've also awakened my Arcana?"

Ling Jiu pretended to be bewildered as he sensed the principal and the others surround him. "Student Ling Jiu, congratulations on awakening the power of earth!"

"Ling Jiu, congratulations!"

Hearing the school leaders and the class teacher congratulate him, Ling Jiu was thrilled.

The awakening of his Arcana was certainly exciting, but what excited him even more was that the Arcana he awakened... seemed to be a very incredible one. It was the ability to copy other Arcanas?

An Arcana that was meant to replicate other... Arcanas? That sounded awesome!

Ling Jiu knew that there were many Arcanas in this world, but it seemed as though such an ability to copy other people's Arcanas had never appeared!

"I'm able to copy another person's Arcana... My own Arcana is just too overpowered! I need to keep it a secret! Before I get a hold of things, I better not let anyone else know!"

Subsequently, the school leadership cadre, Dai Changsheng, and the others returned to the stage to continue the Arcana Trials while Ling Jiu and Li Kai were invited to join them.

"Li Kai, Ling Jiu, first of all, congratulations on successfully awakening your Arcanas and becoming glorious Arcanists!" Dai Changsheng smiled.

"Thank you!"

"Now, let's talk about your Arcanas!" Dai Changsheng said with a smile.

"Both of you are very lucky to awaken the Earth-element Arcana!

"Both of you should know that Arcanas are mainly divided into four types: Elemental Manipulation, Body Morphing, Mental-type, and uncategorized Special-types!"

"The Earth-element Arcana that both of you have awakened is the Elemental Manipulation type. It is a very powerful combat ability and rather rare!"

Ling Jiu and Li Kai nodded repeatedly. Different Arcanas had different uses.

Some were combat-type Arcanas like the Earth-type, Fire-type, and Gigantization-type Arcanas.

Other Arcanas were even more special like Mind-reading, Invisibility, Precognition, and Telepathy.

"Different Arcanas have different usages, but in this world where Direbeasts are rampaging, combat Arcanas are undoubtedly more popular!"

Dai Changsheng smiled and said, "So I hope that both of you can join our Longwind Arcana Company."

"In the name of the branch's general manager, I assure you that as long as you join us, you will enjoy the following benefits!

"Firstly, you will gain a low-level Gene Arcana secret technique! I assume both of you have heard of the Gene Arcana secret techniques, right?"

Dai Changsheng smiled and said, "It's equivalent to those inner strength techniques that the martial arts masters use. With it, we can absorb the Gene Arcana that's floating in the air and make ourselves stronger!"

The Gene Arcana secret techniques!

Ling Jiu was shocked.

Since the emergence of the dimensional rifts, the Gene Arcana had appeared on Earth. However, ordinary people could not sense them. Only the Arcanists who had awakened their Arcanas could clearly sense and absorb the Gene Arcana.

In theory, even without a Gene Arcana secret technique, one could still absorb the Gene Arcana, but it would be far less efficient than it would be with the technique.

Thus, the Gene Arcana secret techniques were paramount for Arcanists, just like the inner strength techniques were for martial arts masters.

It was also why so many Arcanists joined Arcana organizations; they would only attain Gene Arcana secret techniques by joining an organization.

"Secondly, we will arrange a stand-alone villa for each of you! Of course, the stand-alone villas are company properties, so you only have the right to reside in them, not buy or sell them!" Dai Changsheng continued.

If the Gene Arcana secret technique was a bit foreign to Ling Jiu, as well as Li Kai, and they did not know the value of the technique, the two stand-alone villas moved them greatly.


It was just too extravagant!

Most parts of the world had been occupied by Direbeasts. Oceans, forests, lakes, rivers, mountains, towns, county seats, and county-level cities had almost been turned into Direbeast lairs, while humans could only hide inside base cities to survive.

How big could a base city be?

Not to mention, there were so many mouths to feed!

So, the land in a base city could only be described as prohibitively expensive, and ordinary people could only live in government-built, low-cost housing.

Stand-alone villas?

Do not even bother thinking about it!

If you wanted to live in a villa, you needed to have not only the money but also authority and status to go along with it. Out of the five million people in the entire Lantian Base City, no more than ten thousand could afford to live in villas.

Yet now, as long as the two of them agreed to join Longwind Arcana Company, they would be part of this club of five thousand and live in villas. How could they not be excited? How could they not be fired up?"

Dai Changsheng was very satisfied with their expressions, and he continued, "Thirdly, the employees of Longwind Arcana Company are naturally paid a salary. I will offer you a basic salary of 30,000 a month, not inclusive... of allowances!"

"Thirty thousand a month?"

Li Kai's breathing became erratic, and Ling Jiu was tongue-tied too.

Lantian Base City was located in the North, and material prices were relatively low so wages were naturally not high. The average wage was about 3,000 a month.

Their class teacher had a deadbeat salary of four to five thousand a month, while both of them, mere senior high school students, could get a basic salary of 30,000.

What kind of reasoning was that?

"Fourthly, after joining our Longwind Arcana Company, you can participate in the company's Arcana classes for free and receive free instructions from Arcana trainers. You have free use of the company's training room, free log in into the company's website... and many other benefits!"

Dai Changsheng smiled. "I believe that in the entire Lantian Base City, there is almost no other organization that can provide such generous benefits. Please consider if you would like to join our Longwind Arcana Company!"

"Mr. Dai, there's no need to think!"

Li Kai was already tempted, and all hesitation went out of the window the moment he heard that. He immediately prepared to agree to it.

However, Ling Jiu hurriedly pulled him back. "Ol' Li, this is a major life event. You should at least discuss this with your parents?"

"Is it necessary?"

Li Kai was rather disapproving, but the second he saw Ling Jiu's wink, he nodded obediently. "Ol' Ling, you're right, I should discuss this with my parents!"

Dai Changsheng observed their expressions and looked at Ling Jiu with surprise. "This is indeed a major life event. You should discuss it with your parents. This is my business card. You can give me a call once you've made up your minds!"

"Thank you, Mr. Dai!"

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