My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 5 - Testing Arcana, Pangu Ant Form

Chapter 5 - Testing Arcana, Pangu Ant Form

"Ol' Ling, why did you stop me? Aren't you tempted?"

Ling Jiu and Li Kai left the stage. Their life trajectory had completely changed, and they no longer needed to prepare for the college entrance examination. Now, they could go wherever they want, and the school would not interfere.

"Of course I'm tempted! But I still know the truth about shopping around for anything!"

Ling Jiu smiled and explained, "We have already awakened our Arcanas. I believe that other organizations will catch wind of the news soon and contact us. We can have a look at the offers given by the other organizations before we make our final decision!"

"Ol' Ling, you're still the smarter one!"

Li Kai was not a fool. Naturally, he could understand Ling Jiu's reasoning and could not help but feel ashamed.

"I'm just slightly calmer than you!"

Ling Jiu touched his nose and said with a smile, "Where are you heading now? Wanna go home to tell our parents or find a place to have fun?"

"Let's go home first. I need to tell my parents this good news!" Li Kai touched his head and smiled. "They'll be very happy once they know that I've awakened my Arcana!"

"Then let's part ways here!"

"Keep in touch!"


Both of them went their separate ways after they left school. Ling Jiu did not rush home, instead, he looked for a secluded area and started to test out the Arcana he had obtained.

He had already tried replicating an Arcana earlier.

Now, he wanted to test out the replicated Earth-element Arcana.

Ling Jiu found a rock, and for some reason, rocks had always felt like inert objects in the past, but now... they felt different?

He could seemingly control the rock with just a thought. It was a very strange feeling that he never had before.

Rise! Ling Jiu said in his heart, and a rock the size of a watermelon floated up.

While it trembled and looked like it would fall to the ground at any moment, it soon flew.

Ling Jiu was thrilled. "F*ck! I'm controlling the rock! I can actually control the rock..."







The rock split in half.


The rock turned into dust.

"Hahahaha, cool!"

Looking at the rock, which had been reduced to dust, fall all over the ground, Ling Jiu felt great.

He had absolute control of the rock, and it would strike wherever he pointed it to and do whatever he wanted it to do. It was a feeling that could not be described with words.

Well, there was one word: cool!

"So my Arcana Replication is real! The replicated Earth-element Arcana is also real!"

"It looks like I can finally relax!"

Ling Jiu left the corner feeling satisfied. He then looked for an Internet cafe by the road. He now had a lot of questions in urgent need of answers.

Ling Jiu found a deserted corner in the cafe and began to look up Replication Arcana.

Since Replication Arcana had never appeared in this world before, there was not much information on it. However, an article called The Hypothesis of Possible Future Arcanas caught Ling Jiu's attention.

The article opened with this:

The awakened Arcanists are the best evidence of this, and even Arcanas of the same type have many subtle differences.

Different people have different kinds of Arcanas, and the number of people on Earth equates to the number of Arcanas that may appear.

What kind of Arcana may appear in the future?

Immediately after, the author listed out a large number of Arcanas that had yet to appear, and he made detailed guesses of all these brand new arcanas... Replication was one of them.

"Replication Arcana is an incredible gift that will grant an Arcanist a computer's copy-paste ability to replicate other Arcanists' Arcanas. Its possessor could eventually become an omnipotent god!

"Of course, Replication Arcana can also have many limitations, like time of effect, cooldown, replication restrictions... and the like!

Ling Jiu read each word, and suddenly, he had lots of questions in his mind. "Are the Arcanas I replicate temporary or permanent?

"How long would it take for me to replicate again after I have replicated an Arcana?

"Can I replicate all Arcanas?

"Are there any flaws in my replications?"

The series of questions gave Ling Jiu a headache. He knew that he had no one to help him answer these questions and could only slowly stumble and learn by himself.

Ling Jiu then looked up the information of Arcana organizations, which were the world's largest power. Some powerful Arcana organizations had the right to equal dialogue with governments of countries too.

"It's always better to be under a shade. As a newbie, it's best if I join one of these organizations! The question is, which one?"

Ling Jiu opened the Top 500 Arcana Organization ranking and started to browse it from top to bottom.

The number one organization was obviously Pangu Arcana Combine, an Arcana organization founded by the number one powerhouse, Emperor Might.

Emperor Might!

He was Earth's undisputed number one powerhouse!

From his name, Emperor Might had Arcana associated with his body.

Indeed, Emperor Might's Arcana belonged to a body transformation-type, and he could transform into a very terrifying creature, the Pangu God Ant!

Ants were known as the "Hercules" of the natural world, and they were known for their strength.

Pangu God Ants were the emperors among ants, and they were extremely strong as well as violent.

It was said that a Pangu God Ant could lift something 10,000 times its own weight, and it was a powerful force of nature. Emperor Might had the ability to transform into a Pangu God Ant, so one could imagine how strong he was.

"Pangu Arcana Combine is the world's number one Arcana organization, with branches all over the world. Its founder is also the world's number one powerhouse. I'm of course happy to join such an organization, but... I'm afraid that the treatment I might get would not be comparable to that from weaker Arcana organizations!"

The more powerful an organization, the greater its ability to attract, and naturally, the recruitment threshold would be higher as well. Ling Jiu was not afraid of them looking down on him, but he was afraid of poor treatment.

It was something that could not be helped. Everyone wanted to enter the larger organizations, and with the extremely fierce competition, the treatment received would typically be poorer.

"Vulcan Arcana Combine was founded by the world's second-strongest, Vulcan. Vulcan has the ability to control fire... and rumor has it that his flames are unusual. It's a type of meteoric fire from space. It's temperature is terrifyingly high. There's nothing it cannot burn, and it's extremely lethal!

"This company is also good!


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