My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 7 - Final Choice, Joining Pangu

Chapter 7 - Final Choice, Joining Pangu

The principal's office.

"Ling Jiu, Li Kai, Han Chujun, the main reason I asked all of you to come today is to discuss your enrolment in the Arcana organizations!"

The principal went straight to the point. "Yesterday, a total of 47 Arcana organizations contacted me! Of course, the military also asked me for all of your information. These are the details and relevant remunerations. Have a look!"

The principal handed them three sets of doc.u.ments that had been previously prepared. The three then took the forms and slowly scanned through them!

"Ol' Ling, of the world's top ten Arcana organizations, nine are actually interested in us!"

Li Kai whispered, "Thankfully you reminded me yesterday, otherwise we would have missed out on so many big companies. Thank goodness!"

"The company's ranking is not the most important thing. It all depends on the remuneration packages. While these large organizations may be interested in us, their packages may not be as good as the smaller ones!" Ling Jiu said with a smile.

"Ling Jiu is right. In the past, the most enthusiastic and active ones in headhunting were the smaller organizations and companies. Plus, their remunerations were the best!"

Principal Wang smiled. "But everything has two sides to it. A smaller organization may pay you well, but they are not as good for your future development compared with the larger ones."

"The larger organizations are full of talent, and the competition is very fierce. However, gold always shines once the impurities are removed. Those who can gain a footing in those big organizations will become great individuals!"

The three nodded and continued to look through the doc.u.ments.

"Wow, Immortal Arcana Company is actually offering a salary of 100,000 a month!"

"There's also this one, a villa alongside a salary of 80,000! This is just too tempting!"

"Ol' Ling, all of these companies' terms are sincere. I don't know how to choose!"

As he scanned through the salary and privileges given by each company, Ling Jiu's face might have looked calm, but his heart was beating fast.

The moment he agreed to either one of them, he would instantly transform himself and enter the ranks of the wealthy.

That was the life of the Arcanists, the talents that this world needed the most!

Of course, excitement was still, mere excitement. Ling Jiu knew in his heart that salary and privileges were all secondary. The most important thing was his future development.

How to make the most of his abilities to replicate Arcanas to become powerful was most vital to him.

That alone made him pass on the smaller organizations. The larger organizations were full of talent, and they would have more highly powerful Arcanas for him to replicate.

"So what do the three of you think? Do you have a choice in your heart?" Principal Wang asked with a smile.

Han Chujun nodded slightly.

Li Kai then looked at Ling Jiu.

"Tell me!" the principal asked with interest.

"I have a senior who's working in the headquarters of Vulcan Arcana Combine. He suggested that I join them. Although the salary and privileges may not be as good as those from the smaller companies, it will be good for my future development!" Han Chujun said truthfully.

"A very wise choice!"

The principal's eyes brightened. Things were easier when you had connections; that was an unchanging truth in any world. Han Chujun knew someone who worked in Vulcan Arcana Combine's headquarters, and that was definitely a big connection. If she used it well, she would need to navigate around lesser detours along the way.

Ling Jiu and Li Kai glanced at Han Chujun in surprise. It was rumored that her family had an influential background, but no one knew the details. They did not expect that someone from her family would be working in Vulcan Arcana Combine's headquarters. Her background was unusually influential.

"How about the two of you?"

The principal looked at Ling Jiu and Li Kai again.

"Ol' Ling, which one are you choosing?"

"Pangu!" Ling Jiu declared his choice.

"Pangu Arcana Combine is the world's number one Arcana organization. It is extremely powerful, and generally, most Arcanists would choose Pangu!"

The principal nodded slightly. "But as I've mentioned, a large company means it is full of talent, and the competition fierce. It will be difficult for you to... stand out!"

"If we have to choose, we should choose the best!" Ling Jiu said with confidence.

"It's alright if the privileges we receive are a little lesser. I believe that if we work hard, we will be able to make something out of ourselves!"

"Well said!"

The principal had an approving look. "Young people should have such a spirit. This is good!"

"Li Kai, how about you?"

"I also choose Pangu!"

Ling Jiu and Li Kai took the certification issued by the principal and went to Pangu Arcana Combine's Lantian Base City branch.

The 30-story building was one of the tallest and most magnificent buildings in the entire Lantian Base City.

There was a menacing ant logo hanging at the center of the building, which was eye-catching. It was no ordinary ant, but the Pangu God Ant, the symbol of Pangu Arcana Combine.

"Welcome to Pangu Arcana Combine, how can I help you?"

The moment they walked into the lobby on the first floor, a beautiful receptionist walked over to greet them.

"Hello, we are here to apply to join the company. Here are our certifications!"

Ling Jiu handed over the certificate issued by the principal. As the receptionist took a look, the smile on her face grew more enthusiastic. "Please come with me!"

"Sorry to trouble you!"

As the receptionist led the way, Ling Jiu and Li Kai went up to the 30th floor, to the office of Pangu Arcana Combine's general manager.

After a brief introduction, the beautiful manager named Luo Jia went straight to the main topic and produced two contracts, which she then handed to them.

"These are the contracts we have prepared for you. Please have a look first, and if there's nothing wrong with it, you may sign the contract!"

The two boys took their respective contracts and browsed through them. It was actually just a formality. The contract that Pangu Arcana Combine gave them was a standard contract. Even if they were dissatisfied with the terms, they would not change anything.

Again, large companies like Pangu were full of talent, and what they had was a constant stream of people who were willing to join them. If you were dissatisfied with the terms, you could just choose not to sign it.

Ling Jiu basically scanned through the salary, as well as privileges. Compared with the ones he had seen in the principal's office, the salary and privileges here were indeed much inferior to the ones offered by smaller companies.

A set of townhouses;

A monthly salary of 10,000;

One set of low-level Gene Arcana secret technique;

The rest...

General Manager Luo Jia extended her hand and smiled. "Welcome to Pangu Arcana Combine, you two!"

Ling Jiu quickly shook Luo Jia's hand, and a few lines of tiny characters appeared before him again.

Name: Luo Jia

Race: Human

Ability: Fire Manipulation (Awakened)

"There's no option to replicate?"

Ling Jiu's expression changed slightly. "What's the situation? Is her Arcana's level too high or too powerful? Or is my ability to replicate still on cooldown?"

"Ahem! Ol' Ling!"

Li Kai's voice rang out beside Ling Jiu's ears, and he snapped back to reality. Seeing Li Kai stare at him with a weird look, Ling Jiu realized that he had grasped Luo Jia's hand and had not let go.

"Sorry, I got lost in my thoughts earlier!"

Ling Jiu was ashamed, and he quickly apologized.

"It's okay!"

Luo Jia smiled indifferently. "Since both of you have joined Pangu, I will give you a brief explanation on your next work arrangements!"

"Please go ahead!"

Ling Jiu and Li Kai sat up straight.

"Since both of you have just awakened your Arcanas and cannot even control your Arcanas freely, what the two of you need to do next is to study!

"The company has special training courses for newbies, and for the next six months, both of you will receive training!" Luo Jia said.

"After half a year, there will be a training assessment. You can only officially join Pangu after you pass that assessment!

"Let me remind you, if you fail to pass the assessment, your contract will be terminated, and you will be dismissed!

"Of course, the houses, salary, and the Gene Arcana secret technique given to you will also be taken back!"

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