My Special Ability Is Perfect Replication

Chapter 8 - Luxury Villa, the Bahamut Absorption Technique

Chapter 8 - Luxury Villa, the Bahamut Absorption Technique

Ling Jiu and Li Kai left the general manager's office and went to the second floor to complete the formalities. Along the way, Li Kai felt very stressed and complained incessantly.

"There's actually a training assessment. If we don't pass, we'll be fired. Damn!"

"Don't worry, I've checked beforehand. The training you undergo when you initially awaken your Arcana is the fastest. As long as we practice earnestly and become Level 1 Arcanists, we are almost sure to pass the assessment!"

Ling Jiu smiled and comforted Li Kai.

There was a difference between the strength of Arcanists, and naturally, there was a level system. An Arcanist who had just awakened his or her Arcana was a Level 0 Arcanist and the weakest of the lot.

As they climb upward, every time their Arcana increased by a level, their strength would also grow by a level.

It was said that a Level 5 Arcanist could fly in the air freely like the birds.

Once they reached Level 9, they would have the ability to bring ruin to the world with just a simple gesture. They would almost be no different from the gods and immortals in the legends.

Beyond Level 9 was the penultimate realm for the Arcana, and those in that realm were called... the Zenith Arcanists.

"I hope I can pass the assessment smoothly. I don't want to be fired. If that happens, others would laugh to death!"

"Oh right, the manager said that even the Gene Arcana secret technique would be taken back. How is that thing taken back?"

"I heard it's through erasing your memories..."

The two of them chatted as they walked, and they soon arrived at the Human Resources Hall on the second floor. After they settled the formalities, both Ling Jiu and Li Kai received an employee card, a set of keys, and an introduction brief.

"Ol' Ling, where are we heading next?"

Looking at the villa keys in his hand, Li Kai's eyes were burning. He was unable to contain his excitement.

"Nonsense! We're going straight to our villas of course!"

"Wahahahaha, let's go!"

The villa that the company had arranged for them was located at the Great Tang Residences area, not too far from Pangu Arcana Combine. It was very convenient to go to work. Without a word, the two of them rushed directly to the Great Tang Residences, and after they showed the relevant identification, they entered the residential area.

Great Tang Residences was a high-end residential area. The distance between villas was surprisingly large, and the greenery in the residential area was also incredibly lush. Plus, all of the villas were four stories tall.

Rockery lawns, small bridges and flowing waters, verdant trees that lined the streets, and a vast man-made lake...

Compared with the low-rent housing community they had lived in previously, this place was simply heaven!

"This is more like a place that a person should live in. What the hell was the place we've been living in before?!"

"You're comparing a low-rent housing community with a high-end residential area like this? What do you think?"

"You're right. Heh!"

"Our unit is A-35!"

The two of them soon arrived at Unit A-35. The villa was surrounded by a meter-tall iron fence, and behind the fence was a townhouse-villa that consisted of three units. The villa was four-stories high; the first floor was the garage while the second to fourth floor comprised the residential area.

In addition, there was a stand-alone villa in front of and behind the villa. The garden was not huge and was about 50 square meters wide. Nevertheless, this garden was bigger than the low-rent house they had lived in earlier, which was about 40 square meters wide.

Looking at the luxurious villa hidden amidst the gardens and greenery, Li Kai said to himself, "I can live in that villa too? Ol' Ling, am I dreaming? Will everything be gone when I wake up?"


"Ol' Ling, why the hell did you hit me?"

"To wake you up from your dream!"

After they completed touring the villa that afternoon, both Ling Jiu, as well as Li Kai, went home directly and decided to move in right away.

Upon witnessing such a high-end villa, they did not want to live in the low-rent housing community for another single moment.

"I'm Bai Yang, and I'm your instructor!"

Instructor Bai Yang was a burly man in a short shirt and short pants that revealed his powerful muscles. "For the next six months, I will lead you through the rookie stage.

"During training, I hope that everyone will study hard, practice hard, and strictly follow your instructor's orders. Do not waste your precious talents and hard-won opportunities!

"First, let's learn about the Gene Arcana secret technique!

"The Gene Arcana secret technique is of great value to us Arcanists. A low-level technique will increase the efficiency of absorbing the Gene Arcana by 10 times!

"An intermediate-level Gene Arcana technique will increase it by 100 times!

"While an advanced technique, by 1,000 times!

"From this, we can see how great the effects of the Gene Arcana secret technique is on us Arcanists!"

"As such, it is one of the precious things in all Arcana organizations, and unless you join one of these organizations... you won't be able to learn it at all!"

"The low-level Gene Arcana secret technique I'll be teaching all of you is the Bahamut Absorption Technique..."


In the following hours, Ling Jiu and the rest started to study intensely.

They learned about the low-level Gene Arcana secret technique—the Bahamut Absorption Technique, how to control their own Arcanas, and also learned about Arcanas as well as the Direbeasts.

The schedule for their daily course was extremely tight, and life was very fulfilling. In the blink of an eye, two months had passed.

On this day, Ling Jiu was absorbing the Gene Arcana as usual. He had to say that the Gene Arcana secret technique's effect was immediate. If Ling Jiu was absorbing the Gene Arcana like he was drinking water through a straw in the past, then he was doing so through a water pipe now.

The efficiency was 10 times higher, and the Gene Arcana absorbed was completely different.

After two months of absorption, the Gene Arcana in Ling Jiu's body was already quite potent, at least much more potent than it was two months ago.

"Ling Jiu, we're off work, let's go eat!"

The boy was called Wang Jiabao, and he came from Second Middle School. He was also the only person who had awakened his Arcana in Second Middle School. As they had been studying together and possessed similar personalities, they gradually became friends.

"Ol' Ling, what's wrong?"

When he saw the strange way Ling Jiu was looking at Wang Jiabao, Li Kai asked him suspiciously.


Ling Jiu shook his head, but he was overjoyed because just now, his replication Arcana, which had been on cooldown for two months, could finally be activated again.

Name: Wang Jiabao

Race: Human

Arcana: Shadowform (Awakened, Replicable)

"Finally I can replicate an Arcana again!"

He had thought that he might not be able to replicate any more Arcanas and never expected things to turn around today.

Thank goodness!

"It's been two months since the last replication, so the cooldown for my Arcana replication is two months?"

Ling Jiu's mind ran active again. "Since I can replicate an Arcana again, what should I replicate?"

While Pangu was comprised mostly of Arcanists, Ling Jiu only had contact with Instructor Bai Yang and the other 14 newcomers.

Ling Jiu knew all of their Arcanas.

Instructor Bai Yang's Fire Manipulation...

Wang Jiabao's Shadowform...

Yu Changsheng's Wind Manipulation...

Lin Xiaochen's Water Manipulation...

Zhao Xiang's Fire Manipulation...

Yin Ke's Hyperosmia...

And the like.

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