My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 2203 - Poor Daughter and Granddaughter

Chapter 2203: Poor Daughter and Granddaughter

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With the help of his guards and the family doctor, Elder Xiao recovered from his blood pressure spike.

The family doctor and the guards were about to call the Xiao family to inform them of the good news, but they were stopped.

Elder Xiao immediately called Chi Yang.

After Chi Yang explained Wu Lingyun’s background, Xiao Yuqi took over the call.

Her and her husband had only just found out that Wu Lingyun’s mother was actually their father’s biological daughter, while Xiao Chengan, who had lived with the Xiao family for more than forty years, was actually the child of an old woman in the countryside around Sea District.


“Are you sure about this?” Elder Xiao asked.

“Dad, it’s basically confirmed. We just need to bring Lil Yun to do a DNA test with you and your family.”

“Got it.” Elder Xiao’s voice was tinted with hidden anger. “Can I trouble you to bring Lil Yun back for me to take a look at her?”

Xiao Yuqi looked at Wu Lingyun and asked, “Lil Yun, my father wants to see you. Is that okay?”

Wu Lingyun knew that only by meeting Elder Xiao would she be able to discover her mother’s background. She already had a father, and she had the Wu family who loved each other so much. She loved the Wu family very much and felt that her life had been completely fulfilled. Therefore, she did not mind not having a maternal side of the family much. In addition to that, she did not have a good impression of the Xiao family because Xiao Yaxin was crazy and always trying to hurt her. Xiao Yaxin’s parents never disciplined her for her actions either. That was why Li Jingyan rarely visited the Xiao family.

“I want to meet my family for my mother’s sake, but that’s all. I don’t want to meet Xiao Yaxin and her family. Many unpleasant things happen every time we meet.”

Elder Xiao also heard Wu Lingyun’s words.

He thought about how that vicious old hag had swapped out his daughter. Not only did she swap out their children, but she got her son to join the Xiao family and enjoy life, while she abused the daughter she stole from them and killed her while she was still young. She had then let her granddaughter live a lie for 21 years and constantly bullied her. Grandfather Xiao’s heart was in unbearable pain. He quickly said on the phone, “Child, if you really are my granddaughter, then Xiao Chengan and his family are not members of the Xiao family anymore. How could I ever stand by and watch my own granddaughter get bullied? Child, come back and let Grandpa look at you. Even if you don’t do a DNA test, Grandpa will know if you’re truly Grandpa’s biological granddaughter! It’s Grandpa’s fault. Grandpa failed to protect your Grandma and your mother. Grandpa made you and your mother suffer. Even if you don’t recognize Grandpa, Grandpa won’t blame you. But… can you let Grandpa take a look at you with my own eyes?” Elder Xiao could not help but sob emotionally.

Zhou Hua and his wife looked so similar. They looked almost exactly the same.

As for that old woman, Elder Xiao now remembered what had happened.

He was busy at work one day. When he came back home, his wife was already holding a little boy in her arms. Was the woman who delivered his wife’s baby that horrible old woman?

Knowing this now, even without a paternity test, Grandfather Xiao was sure that the dead girl, Zhou Hua, who did not have a tombstone in the old woman’s backyard, was his poor daughter.

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