My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots

Chapter 2204

Chapter 2204: Blood Could Not Be Diluted

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As for Wu Lingyun, even though she looked more like Wu Jingzhong, the aura she exuded was exactly the same as the aura his own daughter and wife had. She was definitely his granddaughter!

Elder Xiao was the grand general of the country. He had killed countless enemies, but he was actually defeated by this selfish and greedy old lady from the countryside. He had helped this enemy raise a child for forty years and left his own daughter among terrible people to die. He wanted to die of anger.

“Dad, What’s wrong? Are tou having another relapse? Is there a doctor nearby you?”


It was not until Xiao Yuqi cried out in panic that Wu Lingyun came back to her senses.

Wu Lingyun had never met Elder Xiao before even though she was Li Jingyan’s girlfriend. She had not had the chance yet. Other than Li Jingyan’s mother, the only other members of the Xiao family she had come into contact with before were the Xiao sisters and their mother.

After experiencing that embarrassing incident at the hands of Xiao Yaxin, Wu Lingyun did not want to have any contact with the rest of the Xiao family.

When she heard Elder Xiao’s voice, she felt a connection to him. A feeling of kinship instantly bloomed in her heart.

When she heard Xiao Yuqi’s anxious cry, Wu Lingyun also panicked. She called out into the phone, “G-Grandpa, what’s wrong?”

When he heard Wu Lingyun call him Grandpa, Elder Xiao instantly burst into tears and started sobbing.

There was pain, self-blame, and happiness in the tears.

“N-nothing… Grandpa is fine… Sob… Yunyun, when will you be back?”

The old man had always been a soldier. He never cried, no matter how serious his injuries or illnesses were.

He had only ever cried twice. The first time was when his wife passed away. He had held her hand and lay by the bed with her. After she passed, he cried like a helpless child until he passed out. This was his second time crying. Even through the phone’s speakers, Wu Lingyun could feel the sadness in Elder Xiao’s heart.

Listening to a tough general crying like this made Wu Lingyun and even Wu Pingting feel like crying too.

“Grandpa, don’t cry. I-I’ll come back to see you today!”

Grandpa Xiao’s voice was nasally and thick. His sobs could still be heard, but his mood was obviously much better now.

“Really? Little girl, are you really going to come back today to see Grandpa?”

“Yes.” Wu Lingyun nodded while crying. “Grandpa, don’t cry anymore. Hearing you cry like this makes me feel bad too!”

Grandpa Xiao’s heart almost melted. He enjoyed his biological granddaughter calling him Grandpa.

This was his biological granddaughter. Her voice was soft and cute, and completely different from the two Xiao sisters’ coarse voices.

Elder Xiao finally understood why he had never been close to Xiao Yanan and Xiao Yanxin.He understood why even though he had a supposedly biological son, he would rather take care of his business himself or let Xiao Yuqi, his adopted daughter, do it. He did not like Xiao Chengan interfering too much.

The fate of blood could not be diluted.

Even though Xiao Yanan and Xiao Yaxin had called him Grandpa for more than twenty years, he still could not feel a connection to his two granddaughters. He was usually fine with the family being far away from him, as he found them annoying.

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