My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 23

Chapter 23

Lou Xiao’s expression showed that he understood. “Oh.”

Qiao Shao, though, still didn’t understand. He looked up at He Shen, “Who are you going to squeeze in with?”

He Shen sat next to him. “You.”

If his ankle injury weren’t impeding his movements, Qiao Shao would have definitely kicked him. “No, you won’t!”

He has never slept together with anyone in his life!

He Shen carefully analyzed. “Among all of you in 516, who else’s bed aside from yours would have any space?”

Even in a luxurious dorm, the single beds were not much larger. Especially when used by tall high school boys. Take He Shen and Lou Xiao for example, they had nowhere to put their long legs.

Blue Hair and Chen Su were also taller than Qiao Shao. Blue Hair’s bed, in particularly, was quite tight. It had a tablet, action figure and even a toy guitar on it.

Not to mention another person, if Blue Hair himself were to toss about, even he wouldn’t have any place to sleep in.

Chen Su’s bed was actually clean, tidy and spacious, but…

He Shen asked Qiao Shao. “Chen Su’s on the upper bunk, if I were to sleep there with him, what would happen to you on the lower bunk?”

Qiao Shao tried to visualize it. It was scary no matter how he thought about it.


Chen Su was so introverted, how could he ever stand this guy?

He Shen looked at him and said nothing, but in his eyes it was clearly written – ‘I follow you and wait upon you so carefully and yet you would even begrudge me half a bed.’

Qiao Shao thought of all the help He Shen extended to him, and he finally had a deep understanding of what “gifts blind the eyes” mean.

“Forget it,” He Shen loosened the reigns only to grasp them better. “I’ll just go all the way down from the fifth floor, leave the school and walk home for half an hour. I might be able to go back and sleep for a few minutes before I’ll have to come all the way back here to the fifth floor to pick you up …”

What a way to say it!

Qiao Shao pulled on his hand and said, “Just go to sleep!”

He Shen still had to take him to the hospital in the afternoon. He shouldn’t be so stingy.

He Shen readily followed good advice and lay down on the inner side of the bed.

Qiao Shao hesitated for a long time.

Lying down, He Shen asked him. “Do you want to sleep inside?”

The corner of Qiao Shao’s mouth twitched. “I can just sleep outside.”

The noon break bell rang and everyone went to bed. Chen Su looked worriedly at Qiao Shao.

Qiao Shao noticed, and said, “It’s okay, we’ll be able to sleep just fine.” Inwardly though, he was fuming between gritted teeth.

He Shen patted the space beside him and said, “Come on, lie down.”

Qiao Shao stared at him.

He Shen yawned and already assumed a comfortable sleeping position.

Qiao Shao waited for everyone to lie down before lying flat himself.

Leave it be. It’s fine. He wasn’t all that tired anyway. He’ll just lie stiff like this until the bell rings to get up.

With Lou Xiao around, Blue Hair was as well-behaved as a little quail, not daring to utter a single sound.

Chen Su has always been extremely quiet, and he would never make any noise that might disturb others even if he didn’t sleep.

Although Lou Xiao very rarely came back to the dorm, when he did it really was because he wanted to take a lunchtime nap and so after a while he fell sound asleep.

As for the fifth person in the room, he had fallen asleep even faster, as though he had fallen asleep even before Qiao Shao lay down.

Inside the completely packed 516, only Qiao Shao was wide awake, starting at the bed board.

He couldn’t sleep. It was so quiet and he couldn’t put on his earphones. Let alone sleep, he…


A muffled sound, like one that had come from the throat, came from beside him.

Qiao Shao felt the person beside him move, and the sound of warm breathing hit his ear.

Qiao Shao was uncomfortable. He moved slightly and found that He Shen, who was lying flat previously had turned on his side and was now facing him.

The person in front of his eyes slept heavily. His black hair was scattered across his forehead, his narrow eyes were closed tightly, and under the tall bridge of his nose were thin lips pressed into a line.

This was a side profile that was worthy of being the subject of paintings. It was handsome and possessed an indescribable languidness.

It seemed really tired—not only the physical kind of exhaustion, but it was more like a weariness from intangible matters lodged deep in one’s heart.

Without Friday.

Qiao Shao suddenly remembered He Shen’s WeChat name.

An isolated island without a single soul in sight, not even a savage native.

Qiao Shao, who thought he could never fall sleep, suddenly sank into slumber to the sound of this gentle breathing.

Without the music from his earphones, and without the noisy hustle and bustle, Qiao Shao fell asleep just because of the other person’s even breathing.

Because the sound of even breathing was so close, it seemed as though it was filling an enclosed space.

Lou Xiao got up to use the toilet, and as soon as he sat up, he saw the two people on the opposite bed.

Long arms and long legs, small arms and small legs. A masculine tan and pure milky whiteness…

From the perspective of this man, who relied of feeling to ‘see’ anything beyond one meter away, it was as though he was looking at a pixelated version of a certain image.

He got up and flung his thin blanket to the bed across from his.

At this moment, the bell rang, and the two people who had their faces fully covered also woke up.

He Shen grabbed his hair and raised his eyes to look at Lou Xiao: “What the hell.”

People who lack sleep were always in a bad mood when they wake up.

Lou Xiao kicked on his slippers and headed to the bathroom. He threw this at them. “It’s to hush up a scandal.”

Qiao Shao, whose head was still muddled from just waking up, looked bewildered. “What did he say?”

He Shen had on a complicated expression. “We will never be able to understand a blind man’s world.”

Qiao Shao certainly didn’t understand, he whispered. “Does he want us to fold his quilt for him?”

Weren’t all school tyrants like this? Making people do their bidding or something.

“En, I’ll fold it for him.”

He Shen then crumpled it into a ball and then threw it back.

A portion of the blanket was still managed to hang from the bed; this tottering look, as though it was on the verge of collapse was simply a statement screaming — Here! I’ve f*cking folded it for you.

Qiao Shao’s eyes widened. “You …”

He Shen stretched out his legs and crossed over Qiao Shao to get out of bed. “Did you sleep well?”

Qiao Shao was directed to another topic and was no longer concerned about the school tyrant’s blanket. He replied, “In the future, don’t sleep on my bed again.”

He Shen helped him up and bent over to fold the quilt. “Why, you didn’t sleep well?”

In fact, he slept soundly, but it was too crowded. He was stiff all over and didn’t dare move. As a result…

“I’m so tired. My whole body aches. I’m almost falling to pieces.”

The school tyrant, who came out of the bathroom just in time to hear this, almost tripped. He felt that his mere and humble blanket could no longer conceal these two.

Regarding the release of the video, Qiao Shao once again asked Chen Su if he was sure.

Chen Su was frank. “It won’t be any worse than it is now.”

Once you accept a situation and start to move on, it becomes easier and easier to do so.

He felt inferior because of his poverty, and wanted to hide it, but in fact this didn’t matter.

Some would look down on him, but others wouldn’t care.

Why bother to cater to the former and give up on the more valuable latter.

“Don’t be afraid,” Qiao Shao promised, “No matter what happens, I’ll be with you!”

Chen Su curled his lips into a smile, and his gloomy face had an unprecedented shine because of it. “En!”

The video was stored on He Shen’s mobile phone, and He Shen confirmed it with him. “If you’re ok with it, I’ll post it to the campus wall.”

This was an unofficial QQ wall built by the students.

Not all students could see it, but even if only a part of the student body saw it, it was enough.

Qiao Shao said though, “I’ll post it.”

It won’t do for He Shen to do everything. He’s already helped out a lot this time.

He Shen: “You haven’t been added to the QQ wall yet, right?”

Qiao Shao: “Adding me there will be easy. I can be the one to post it. I can’t always trouble you.”

“No trouble,” He Shen fiddled with his cell phone. “What’s more, what’s yours is mine now. We’ve even slept together, so no need to treat me like an outsider.”

Qiao Shao: “???”

It seems he’s just heard something weird!

After posting it, He Shen asked, “Don’t tell me it isn’t so.”

Qiao Shao: … It really was like that.

He Shen said in earnest, “It takes 10 lifetimes of cultivation to be on the same boat together, and 100 lifetimes to be able to sleep on the same pillow. We’ve come a long way now, let’s not quibble over small details anymore…”

It made sense, but Qiao Shao thought that there seemed to be something wrong there.

After a while, he responded, “That describes couples. That can’t be applied to us!”

He Shen calmly replied, “What does it mean to sleep on the same pillow?”

Qiao Shao explained literally, “It means to share the same bed.”

“Did we or did we not share one bed?”

“We did …”

“How many pillows did we have?”

“One …”



Damn it! You’re not supposed to take it literally!

He Shen patted his head and said, “Okay, don’t worry too much about this little thing.”

Although Qiao Shao’s head ached from all his false reasoning, his heart actually felt quite warm.

He Shen making it out to be a joke was all so that he wouldn’t think too much about it.

Among friends, there really wasn’t any need to hold back because things might be troublesome.

Qiao Shao felt that he had just cut through the facade to see his actual essence.

When he heard that they were going to get an x-ray taken, Old Tang very quickly gave them a leave permit. He also told them not to worry, and that it would be fine if they couldn’t come back in time for self-study in the evening.

He Shen was definitely in no hurry, but Qiao Shao was. He hadn’t yet finished the exercise sheets. He said, “It should be nothing, and I will return as soon as possible.”

Old Tang smiled. “Okay, just go and see. It’ll be best if there really isn’t anything the matter.”

The two took the leave permit and walked out of the school.

When they reached the back wall of the school, they heard a thump…

Qiao Shao looked up and saw a boy leap down from the high, high wall.

That’s what you call ‘to leap onto roofs and vault over walls’! How can he be so tough and flexible!

Qiao Xiao Shao was shocked.

The boy who leapt down was none other than East High’s Tyrant, Lou Xiao tongxue.

Lou Xiao’s face remained calm and unmoved. Evidently jumping over walls was an everyday occurrence for him.

He and Qiao Shao had a bit of familiarity with each other and Qiao Shao couldn’t help but sigh in admiration. “Amazing, you jumped over that so effortlessly.”

He wouldn’t be able to do that even if he were to be beaten to death.

Lou Xiao saw the two familiar silhouettes in front of him and said, “I’m no match for Lao He, jumping over the wall while carrying someone.”

Qiao Shao didn’t understand, but He Shen did. He said, “We came out of the main entrance.”

Qiao Shao now caught on. He said, “Yeah, we didn’t jump over the wall.”

Lou Xiao said, “No need to explain. Explanations are just concealments.” Concealment of the truth.

He Shen laughed lightly.

Qiao Shao’s response came quick this time. He took out the leave permit and said, “Look!”

We have proof, ok?


Lou Xiao looked down at him and said, “Can’t see it.”


The author has something to say: His blind person persona can’t be broken down, hahaha

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