My Underachieving Seatmate Doesn’t Need Any Comforting

Chapter 24

Chapter 24

Can’t see?

He really can’t see it!

Qiao Shao froze and said, “Then I’ll read it to you.”

He turned over the leave permit and read carefully: “Request for leave of absence, Qiao Shao and He Shen, First Year High School, Class One …”

Qiao Shao read it once through, carefully and conscientiously.

After his recitation, he looked expectantly at Lou Xiao. “Now, do you understand?”

You can’t see but you can hear. Qiao Shao read the words perfectly, enunciating the words articulately. As long as there was no problem with your hearing, you would definitely be able to understand!

Who knew…

This school tyrant was an earnest and stolid school tyrant. He listened and then said, “Don’t you know? You shouldn’t believe what you just hear. You have to see it with your own eyes.”

The implication of which was that: It doesn’t matter what you say. If I can’t see it then it’s fake.

Qiao Shao: “???”

He Shen laughed without a trace of politeness.

Qiao Shao turned to look at him — How can you still laugh!

He Shen restrained his laughter. “Well, no matter. It’s not a big problem for me to carry you over the wall anyway.”

You can’t explain so you’re giving up just like that?

Can you please have a bit more moral integrity!

Lou Xiao didn’t climb over the wall to chat with them so with a wave of his hand, he said, “You two go on. I’m going on ahead.”

He didn’t wait for Qiao Shao to say anything back and with his long strides, in the blink of an eye, he was already five or six meters away.

Qiao Shao opened his mouth and …could only give up.

He Shen patted the little shorty and coaxed him, saying, “Don’t be angry. You can’t wake up someone who’s only pretending to sleep.”

In fact, Qiao Shao also thought so. Lou Xiao was teasing him and he shouldn’t take it seriously.

“Lou Xiao’s nearsightedness is already so serious. Why doesn’t he wear glasses!” Qiao Shao said angrily. “Even if he doesn’t want to wear frames, aren’t there contact lenses?”

Why does he insist on being blind!

He Shen explained, “His eyes are very sensitive and they’re prone to inflammation when he wears contact lenses.”

“I see …” Qiao Shao understood, and he said again, “Are glasses so ugly that he would rather be blind for the sake of being a cool tyrant?”

Qiao Shao really couldn’t understand it.

He Shen paused and said, “He just doesn’t see a need for it.”

Qiao Shao looked up at him. “Huh?”

He Shen said, “Because there’s nothing he wants to see.”

Qiao Shao was dumbfounded.

He Shen helped him walk and said, “Let’s go. The doctors might get off work if we delay any longer.”

“En &#k2026;” Qiao Shao didn’t ask any more and he followed He Shen to the Central Hospital.

Lou Xiao has nothing he wants to see? He had the feeling that it wasn’t just about studying.

The Central Hospital was really close to the school. After a turn, the hospital’s back door was just ahead. They entered through the back door and walked through several floors before reaching the outpatient department.

At this time, there were few people in the hospital, but they still needed to wait their turn to register.

He Shen said to Qiao Shao, “Wait here.”

Qiao Shao nodded, looking to the right, looking to the left, looking curiously everywhere.

He has never been to a public hospital.

He’s been blessed with good luck and good health ever since he was a child. Whenever he got a head cold, the family doctor would be the one in charge. As for the physical examinations, he’d do his regular check-ups at specialized institutions.

He Shen took in his entirely curious manner.

After registering, He Shen said, “Let’s go, there’s no one right now so you can go in to see the doctor.”

Qiao Shao nodded.

He Shen couldn’t help but ask him, “You’ve never been to the hospital?”

Qiao Shao answered honestly. “No …”

He Shen comforted him. “It’s good that you haven’t. It just means that you’re healthy.”

Qiao Shao also thought so. “Yes, this isn’t a good place to be at.”

The doctor’s examination revealed that it was nothing serious, but he recommended to take an x-ray to see the specific situation.

Taking an x-ray required them to pay a fee. When He Shen returned from the cashiering office. Qiao Shao asked him, “How much is it?”

He Shen said, “Sixteen.” Actually it was one hundred six.

Qiao Shao was relieved, “I’ll pay you back.”

Seeing him look like this, He Shen felt even sorrier for him. This child had never been to a hospital and didn’t even have a clue about the basic price of services.

The surgery department was on the second floor, and the children’s clinic was diagonally opposite the staircase. Even thought it was almost time for people to get off work, the clinic was still full of people.

There were mothers who were gently coaxing their children, fathers anxiously accompanying them, and even grandparents…

When a child was sick, it affected the hearts of everyone in the family.

But there were others who were also children, who also had minor illness such as colds or fevers, but have never been to a full-service hospital.

Such as Qiao Shao.

He Shen accompanied him to take an x-ray. The doctor then said to them, “The results will be ready after an hour.”

Qiao Shao was surprised. “We’ll still have to wait an hour?”

He Shen said, “Good timing. We can have dinner first.”

Qiao Shao frowned. “I wanted to go back to the cafeteria to eat.”

If Aunt Wu knew that he ate at an unknown restaurant outside, she would chide him till his ears grew calluses…

He Shen said, “I’ll take you to freeload some dinner.”

Qiao Shao didn’t understand: “?”

He Shen took out his mobile phone and said, “Lao Lou is never short on money. We’ll eat with him.”

“Ah?” Qiao Shao said, “but …”

He Shen typed out a few words on WeChat and said to him, “If you feel guilty, you can help him with his homework.”

So, it – it’s like this!

Qiao Shao really didn’t understand the world of delinquents!

However, he didn’t dislike Lou Xiao either. It’s good to eat together. He can’t repay his kindness now but there will be a time when he can.

Lou Xiao replied back to He Shen with a voice message: “In Sanxiang.”

He Shen typed another message: “No outsiders, I don’t want them scaring my child.”

Lou Xiao typed back “I’m by myself.”

He Shen: “OK, I’ll treat you next time.”

Lou Xiao replied back to him with: “You can just save the money.”

He Shen: “It's a drop of water on a burning house.”

Sanxiang was one of the famous restaurants outside East High. Because of its proximity and delicious dishes, a lot of students praised it highly.

Ordinary set dishes could be eaten on the first floor while a la carte dishes were available on the second floor.

The school tyrant was of course on the second floor.

When He Shen and Qiao Shao arrived, he had already ordered the food, and there were six dishes and two soups on the table.

Qiao Shao said, “Can we finish all that?”

Lou Xiao leaned back in his chair and said, “If you hadn’t come, I would have been able to finish it off even less.”

Qiao Shao criticized him silently, ‘Then why did you order so much’!

However, Qiao Shao then thought of his own grandpa’s solo “Manchurian Feast”…

Let it be. Let’s just eat. We all have our own preferences.

He Shen said to him, “Don’t worry, you can have it packed up for take away if we can’t finish it.”

Take away?

Qiao Shao’s eyes brightened and he thought of Chen Su.

Chen Su probably wouldn’t be put off by it. He’ll pick out some untouched dishes and bring them back. He’ll definitely be very happy.

No matter how ordinary the restaurant, their dishes would be much better than the three yuan meals at the canteen.

“Can the leftovers be packed up?” Qiao Shao asked Lou Xiao.

The school tyrant didn’t care either way. “If you’d like.”

Qiao Shao had a good dinner. Although he couldn’t help hearing Aunt Wu saying “Young Master, eating dirty things outside will give you diarrhea” in his head, he was still in a good mood. His appetite was good and he felt that everything he ate tasted good.

How long has it been since he’s truly experienced the taste of food?

After eating and drinking their fill, Qiao Shao happily took care of having it all packed up.

Lou Xiao smoked behind the restaurant, He Shen lowered his voice and said, “Isn’t he too cute?”

Lou Xiao spit out a smoke ring, thinking: And aren’t you a bit too bent?

When Qiao Shao and He Shen returned to the hospital, the x-ray had yet to come out.

Qiao Shao didn’t bring his mobile phone, he said to He Shen, “Can I use your phone?”

He Shen pulled it out of his pocket and handed it to him: “The password is 0101.”

Qiao Shao was speechless for a moment: “… Can you make your password any easier?”

He Shen asked him, “Doesn’t everybody use their birthdays as their passwords?”

The problem is that your birthday is too simple!

Whatever, Qiao Shao’s was 0202, so he didn’t have much of a right to speak either.

Qiao Shao kept thinking about the video they posted and wanted to see everyone’s reaction. So he opened the phone and landed on the campus wall.

His heart was filled with anticipation but what he saw was something completely different from what he expected.

There were dozens of comments in the video. At first, they were quite normal. They all said that Chen Su had been wronged. But later, the thread of the conversation turned around, and they were talking about Chen Su picking up garbage.

There was a message that was especially hurtful — If Chen Su’s that poor, what’s he still doing in school? He should just go home and pick garbage!

Qiao Shao stared at the screen, his hands shaking with anger.

He Shen: “What?” He took the phone and swept through all the comments at a glance.

Qiao Shao bit his lower lip and said, “… That’s just too much!”

He Shen didn’t say anything, just bowed his head and typed something on his phone.

At the same time, the first years were suddenly in an uproar.

“WTF! Did you guys see the campus wall!”

“god He Shen has spoken! That’s his QQ for sure!”

“What did he say!”

Those with cell phones all opened the campus wall and saw the comments under that video.

The Manhole Cover is Gone: If Chen Su’s that poor, what’s he still doing in school? He should just go home and pick garbage!

He Shen replied to The Manhole Cover is Gone: F*ck off.

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