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Chapter 2171 A Seed Of Doubt

Chapter 2171 A Seed Of Doubt

The god slayer crystal that Quinn was holding in his hand was relatively large and it looked like it was constantly burning. It was slightly hot to the touch which was a first for a god slayer crystal.

There were a few things that Quinn noted with these crystals, unlike the other beast crystals including the nest crystal, they were all different. Almost like the trait of the power that they had had been placed in the crystal.

The one he had received from the monkey man was oddly filled with clouds, while this one with strong flames. It was good to note in case he came across more god slayer crystals in the future.

Then there was the planet itself, now with the phoenix gone the planet was starting to cool down slightly. It was still hot, but there was a significant difference.

'Still, I would find it hard for life to reappear on this planet. I wonder what happened, did everything die because of the phoenix, did they put up a big fight? Either way, now that the phoenix has been defeated Mundus said that there would be another one, out there somewhere.'

"I thought we might have lost you." Mundus said as he walked over with a smile on his face that made Quinn want to whack him right there and then, he was exhausted. Tireder than he had been for a while.

'I have to smile and be nice to this guy, he is the one after all that will be helping me recover.' Quinn thought.

Mundus was doing just that as he held out his hand, and just like before all of the aches and pains, even his mind, was feeling well rested.

"Is there a side effect to what you are doing?" Quinn asked.

As Quinn travelled through the universe and met celestials as other beings, he learned something that everything was quite balanced. A strong power would tend to have a side effect or drawback and it had to be the same for Mundus as well.

"Of course!" Mundus replied. "I am speeding up the time in your body, moving it forward as if you have rested for two weeks. Which also means that you have aged by those two weeks, but the real time still exists.

"For a human this could matter a great deal, but for you, I'm pretty sure you and your body are already immortal. Although you are no longer a celestial, your body was permanently changed back then.

"You won't die unless someone kills you."

Quinn didn't know whether this was a good or bad thing to hear. Layla had already lived for a long time, she was using her powers of Qi to slow down the ageing of her body, which already granted her a long life.

However, if Quinn could live forever, unlike the others, would that mean he would grow so old to witness their death, to die after his own children. Well, who knew what would happen to Galen since he was an incomplete celestial.

"Thank you for this." Quinn said. "But there is something else I need as well, do you have any blood?"

Resting his body wasn't going to bring back the health he had lost nor restore his blood bank, and with no other life on the planet there was nothing Quinn could take from. He was slightly hesitant about telling Mundus, but was sure that he had to have already known about vampires, or would eventually know about them anyway.

"I'm sorry, I don't just carry blood around with me, other than my own blood." Mundus replied. "There is a place where we can get some though. We don't have to teleport straight to the god slayer.

"We will get the blood you need and go from there."


The vampire settlement had been more unsettled than it usually would have been. There had been battle after battle, and each time fewer would return. At first there was high morale for what they were doing, and among a lot of the vampires, they still felt this way.

It was in their nature and they were putting a mark on the Universe, stating that they were the superior race. However not all vampires felt this way.

Some were starting to ask questions, why were they sacrificing their lives, for what? Some just wanted to stay home and be with their families.


Some thought they were fighting to protect their families but there was doubt in that as well.

This was something that was unforeseen by Jim, this feeling. Throughout vampire history, there always had been two groups of vampires. Those that loved to battle, felt as if they should rule.

While others believe that they should only use their powers to protect. They had been under the same banner, for a short time, but somewhat felt like they were going back to the same roots, especially with the last order they had received.

Sitting down in his own home in the kitchen Ronkin had both hands above his head.

"What are you going to do?" His dear wife asked.

"What do you mean? It's an order from the family leaders, from Jim Eno. I have no choice, I have to join the war." Ronkin said.

After what had happened to Nell, Ronkin had been avoiding the war, working as a hunter on the vampire planet. He realised there were things more important to him than honour and war badges.

Still, he would do anything to support the other vampires who were fighting, which is why he did best to gather the crystals they needed in their fights. It was just something he was unable to do anymore, fight in the war especially when he didn't believe in it.

That was until the order was made that every vampire was to take part in the next upcoming battles. There was an exception, if a vampire had a young child, then one adult could be nominated to look after the child.

If you had no children you were forced to take part, and it didn't matter how many children you had. Only one adult was allowed to look after them.

"I already spoke to Jone…please look after him." Ronkin said.

"No, why are you speaking like that!" his wife cried and screamed. "Why are you speaking like you're already dead?"

In the middle of her sobs, a loud alarm was heard which was the que for all of them to gather. Before, only those that wished to take part took part in the war, but there was a drastic change.

As the vampires were more successful taking over planets, more vampires needed to be left behind on those taken over planets as a base. Simply put their forces were lowering due to their universal expansion, so they needed more.

'Where is this even all going to end.' Ronkin thought, as he went to line up with the others. That's when he could see the look on many vampire's faces, they were just like him, they didn't want to do this.

Yet, they couldn't go against Jim's word, no one here was brave enough to, or strong enough to speak up about not wanting to fight.

'Actually there was one.' Ronkin thought back. 'He was pretty badass when he did it as well.'

The vampires had gathered in the square where the fourth original leader Hikel was standing at the front, ready to give them the order.

"I can see the worried look on all of your faces, but I promise you that we wish for every single one of you to come back home to your families." Hikel stated. "I know that I as well as the other originals will do our best to take the brunt of the battles.

"As you know, we have done well to track down the planets that contain celestials in hiding. The people from the other world that Quinn is trying to summon. On the next planet, we have discovered some signs of success of nearly opening a portal.

"To protect our planet, our race, and Earth we must stop them."

How many times had it been now, how many planets had they gone to, due to the same or similar reason. Not once did Ronkin see proof of these portals and nor did the other vampires.

"In order for you to do your best, we have gathered some information about our next target."

A 3D projected image displayed in front of them all.

"As you can see, the alien is muscular in size, and two times bigger than the average human. On top of that, they have a hard exterior rock-like skin. We have also managed to identify that the males have four arms in total."



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