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Chapter 2172 God Slayer 3 (Part 1)

Chapter 2172 God Slayer 3 (Part 1)

Quinn had made a full recovery after fighting the phoenix thanks to Mundus and his powers. However, there was still one thing that he needed and that was blood. Using his blood aura and skills no longer used up his HP.

Still, blood was necessary for Quinn to heal, and could also be used for emergency healing after he filled up his blood bank skills. Without it, his next fight would be incredibly difficult and increase his chances for death.

"Before we head to the next set of god slayers I have an important message for you." Mundus said with a serious tone. "If, so far, you have displayed everything you have, then these god slayers will be too strong for you.

"Remember a lot of these god slayers that I am taking you to have been left alone for one reason or another. At least until this point and time. So I just want to warn you that you need a sure way of beating them."

"Is this your way of telling me, no matter how much trouble I'm in, that you won't help me no matter what. Regardless of how useful I am to you?" Quinn replied. "You don't have to worry about me, I never expected help anyway. Take me to the next place."

Honestly, the whole thing Quinn didn't find it too bad for himself. He needed to push himself, face off against hard opponents, so he could go against the rest, go against Ray and H when he needed to.

The fighting helped with his skills, thinking outside the box, and problem solving skills. It was fine training by yourself but real situations where one's life was on the line was where a person would improve the most.

With that, Mundus surrounded the two of them in a bright light, and soon their bodies vanshined. When Quinn opened his eyes again, he was wondering what he would see, what type of planet it would be.

When he could see the sight in front of him, it was very earth-like. There was a clear blue sky with white clouds, the temperature was warm, if anything it felt cold after the planet they had been on.

There were large grass fields, and the two of them were on a hill, looking at what looked like a fairly large village that was busy with people that looked human.

"Humans, are we on Earth?" Quinn asked.


"Does Earth really look like this?" Mundus asked.

Taking a closer look, it more so looked like an Earth of the past. Based on the style of clothing, and the housing structures, it was an era even before the Victorian era that the vampires liked to decorate their houses and clothes after.

It was almost as if they had gone back into the past of Earth, but there was also something different about it as well.

"This is not Earth." Mundus answered. "In the entire universe did you really think that you would be the only ones that were like yourselves, or at least look like yourselves? However, saying that you do share a lot of similarities.

"One of the bigger ones is the fact that the population seems to grow at a rapid pace, which means there are a lot of lives on this planet, which has made it the target of many celestials in the past.

"Remember my warning from before? This is one of those places. Despite the large population of lives, any celestial that has attempted to take control of the planet, in a bid to force them to complete their condition has perished.

"I have even sent a celestial fighter here before but they too had failed. The only upside is that the god slayer here is living on this planet without much trouble or wishing to travel further. Which is why for this god slayer, I have no information to give you other than what I already have, because I have no idea how powerful it is."

They did have some idea though, the fact that the local celestials and the fighter celestial Mundus had sent were defeated meant they had to be of a certain calibre.

The two started to walk from the hill and began to move down towards the large village, city, or whatever it was it was quite unclear. Quinn didn't run nor did he do anything that would make him seem different to the others around him.

"Hey, are you sure that you won't cause a panic when walking into a place like that, what if these guys have never seen an alien before, or they start calling you a demon or something?" Quinn asked.

"Really, I was considered the most handsome of my race?" Mundus replied, but he could tell that Quinn perhaps had a point and with a snap of his fingers he was covered in a white light and then his appearance had changed.

Mundus had taken the appearance of a tall slender man who wore dark clothing and a large trench coat that touched the floor. He had a powerful sharp look to his face that went with his jet black hair that was parted in the middle and swept a bit to the sides close to his ears.

With this, when the two entered the village, they were getting stares from all over the place. From the children, the merchants, the woman, everyone, they stuck out like a sore thumb.

"Are those two nobles, look at their clear skin and how tall they are… they're practically glowing." A female said.

"Couldn't you have turned into something uglier?" Quinn asked.please visit panda-:)ɴᴏᴠᴇ

"I did not chose this form." Mundus replied. "It is simply based on the good looks I already had when I turned myself into a human version of myself, and besides, even if I was uglier, you would still stand out. Anyway, hurry up and just take one of these people's blood and be done with it."

pA ɴ,da-nᴏᴠᴇʟ.cᴏm "In broad daylight?" Quinn replied. "Are you mad?"

"No, I'm quite calm actually and wish to not waste anymore time." Mundus stated.

"VIRGIN BLOOD!" A market man yelled out. "Get your fresh virgin blood here!"

The answer seemed to fall right in front of their lap, but there was still a problem: they didn't have any money.

'I guess I could use my influence skill, it should still work on them because they are human right? It's not the right thing to do, but it's better than hurting anyone, and what type of planet is this anyway that sells virgin blood? That man can't be a good person.' Quinn convinced himself.

"Why are you just standing there?" Mundus sighed. "Ah, I see, very well, I shall help you out just this once."

Suddenly the whole area around them had frozen, no one was moving, there was no sound, this was Mundus's power. In the end, this might have been the best thing to do, so Quinn walked over and grabbed the vile of blood that was in a large flask that was sealed with a cork.

His inspect skill said it was okay, so he drank away, until his health was fully healed and both of his blood banks were refilled, now Quinn was ready to face his opponent.

"Can… you hear that?" Quinn suddenly asked.

"Hear something? That's impossible. I have stopped time in this entire area." Mundus claimed.

But Quinn was certain he could hear the sound of footsteps, when he turned his head, Mundus followed and both of them could see a hooded man, covered in a raggedy robe. It was hard to see what his face looked like, but it was as clear as day as he was walking amongst all of the frozen people.

"Are you the people that have caused this?" the robed man asked in a husky deep voice, it sounded a bit scratchy.

"He can still move through my power, how is he stopping it?" Mundus thought confused.

"Ah, I see now, so it's you. I guess I should stop the more troublesome one first." The robed man threw out his hand, and in an instant a purple large orb ball surrounded Mundus and lifted him up in the air, about a foot off the ground.

In the ball, Mundus touched the edges but they didn't hurt nor do any harm.

"I'm guessing this is the god slayer?" Quinn asked. "Get out of the ball, and transport us to somewhere else, where there are no people."

A fight with so many people around them, there certainly would be a large number of deaths.

"I never thought I would say this, but I can't." Mundus answered. "I'm stuck in here, and my celestial powers aren't working."


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