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Chapter 2544 The Pain Is Too Much

Chapter 2544 The Pain Is Too Much

2544 The Pain Is Too Much

Five more years had passed since the meeting Quinn had with his friends. They regularly met up, and he enjoyed every bit he could with them. During those years, humans had been exploring planets but didn't venture too far from their area.

This was a warning from Quinn. As long as they kept to themselves, the Celestials shouldn't get angry either. There was one incident where a demon beast had occurred, but before Quinn had even arrived, it had already been dealt with.

There were those who were strong enough to deal with the problem, allowing him to continue enjoying all of the time he could with his family and friends. As things continued on, he noticed something, and he had decided to call on a certain individual.

In a high-rise building at the very top, there was a bar that would usually be packed with people enjoying a drink, but instead, there was just a single person, Quinn. He looked out at the city, examining everything from above.

There were no problems and no threats to worry about. Soon, a person walked over, straightened his shirt, and sat down in the seat not too far from him.

"So, what's got you so worried that you decided to call me?" Vincent asked. 2

"How did you know that it was something worrying?" Quinn replied. "Maybe I just wanted to meet you."

"You did quite a lot to find me. I was waiting for this, Quinn, waiting for you to call me. It's the only reason why I stayed around," Vincent said.

Quinn was a little shaken, his hand vibrating as he turned. "What do you mean?"

"I mean that I would have gone to sleep, decided to put an end to my life if you still weren't around. I was waiting for you to call me, and after this conversation, I too will no longer be here." Vincent stated.

Hearing these words, Quinn gulped. Vincent was in a clone body of him that was running off a special crystal that could supply him with energy forever. He could live forever if he wanted to.

"Quinn, I know what you want to talk about because I'm probably the only person who has been through the same thing you're going through right now," Vincent explained. "You can see it, can't you? All of the friends that you made, your family, all of them are getting older apart from you, and you're worried you're going to lose it all." 2

It was amazing; Vincent was truly a genius because he had managed to guess exactly right.

"But if I wanted to, I could turn them, and then they could live with me," Quinn said.

"But you won't," Vincent replied. "There's risk in what you are trying to do, and you can see how much the world has changed now that the vampires are gone. You are the most selfless person in the world, Quinn, and even if it was for the sake of your own family, you wouldn't even attempt to put the world in chaos."

"Then can't you teach me?" Quinn asked. "Can't you teach someone the equivalent exchange ability? Can't I do the same as you? Place all of my powers into a book. That way I can live with them and pass on naturally."

"Can you?" Vincent asked. "Although I understand what you are going through, our positions are completely different, Quinn. Right now, the world isn't in danger, but for how long will that be? Not only that, but you are beyond that of a vampire. I'm not even sure there is anything in this world that can store your power. You are stronger than the strongest god in existence. Even if there was something that could store that power, then in the wrong hands, it could be the end of everything."

Vincent was repeating everything that had gone through Quinn's head, and to him, it was just confirming all of the problems he had with everything.

"Vincent... it's too painful... it's too painful watching them, and knowing each day that they might go away. Everything feels like it's moving too fast, but for me, it's staying the same!" Quinn said, his tears bursting out, and the entire building shook for a moment.

Quinn wasn't unstable, but his emotions let out a small amount of his power, shaking the whole place.

"And now you're telling me even you're going to disappear. Then what am I meant to do?" Quinn asked.

"Quinn," Vincent said in a soft voice. "The reason why I stayed was because I am to blame for all of this as well. I placed my power in that book long ago. It's because of me that you're in this situation. Which is why I wanted to stay to help you figure this all out."

Vincent would have gone into slumber; he had already lived his life and gone through this pain. There was no reason for him to stay on this planet anymore, and the only thing that was holding him back was Quinn himself.

"There is one thing that you can do. One suggestion that I can make that will somewhat solve all of the issues and will be the least painful for you, but perhaps the most painful for others."

Quinn wiped away his tears; he was ready to hear it. After everything he had been through. He didn't want to suffer anymore. Hadn't he suffered enough? Just this once, couldn't he be a little selfish?

After hearing the answer Vincent had given him, it was a lot harder than he thought, but it was the only solution he could come up with.


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