My Vampire System

Chapter 2545 The Last Goodbye, Goodbye Quinn Talen

2545 The Last Goodbye, Goodbye Quinn Talen

Fifteen years had passed since the day Quinn had said his farewells to his family. The sun was shining brightly on the large university campus, where students bustled from one area to the next. At the very top of the campus, there was a black-haired young boy with curly hair, lying back and staring up at the sky while tapping his feet to the rhythm of his music.

"Galen!" a voice shouted. "Galen, where are you? Come on, hurry up, or we're going to be late!"

The voice continued to shout, and a dark-skinned curly-haired woman eventually found him. When she approached him, she ripped the headphones right out from his ears.

"Hey, what are you doing here, Minny?" Galen asked.

"What am I doing here?" she replied, fists by her side. "I'm here to come get you. What are you even wearing a white shirt for? You need to wear black, you know that, right? Ah, we don't even have time; we have to get out of here now, or we're going to be late."

Galen took the headphones back and placed them in his trouser pocket. His face didn't look as joyous as it did before as he looked down.

"I don't want to wear black. It's not like we're going to a funeral or anything," Galen replied.

Minny didn't know what to say to that; it hurt her heart as well, and before she knew it, a tear was running down her face. She quickly wiped it away.

"It's too late to get changed anyway; let's just get out of here and go," Minny said as she grabbed Galen's hand and started to lead him.

As she did, Galen twirled his finger, and a dark shadow appeared. Right in front of them, a shadow portal opened up, and the two of them were suddenly on the ground.

"You know it annoys me every time you use that power?" Minny said.

"Well, you said we were going to be late."

Galen had never lost his powers that day for some reason, unlike Minny. It was unclear why, although Quinn had a theory, one that he told Galen to keep a secret. The fact that he was special compared to others.

Although all of the power that Immortui had given to others disappeared, this wasn't the case for celestial energy. Peter and Minny both still had celestial energy within them. However, Quinn had made it clear that he was different, and it might have been the reason why he had kept his powers as well. But he should never let others know the difference in him. That, unlike Minny, who just had celestial powers, he was a Celestial. 2

Using his powers, they got in a small spaceship and were on their way. They flew far from home and eventually picked up their mother, Layla. Just like Minny, she too was wearing a completely black dress and a veil that covered her face. Her hands and face were covered in wrinkles. She had grown a lot older, and she was close to that of a 70-year-old woman; the Qi in her body wasn't doing much to help her. It seemed that her time as Hannya had an effect on her. It wasn't just her, but this was the same for other vampires. Those that had young appearances but had already lived a long time were close to their end as a vampire, and the same thing was happening to Layla. 4

The three of them got on the spaceship, and they were off. They flew through space, and on the way, they said next to nothing to each other.

Finally, they landed, and when they did, they had entered what was now considered a historic site: the vampire settlement. It had been rebuilt, but no one lived here anymore, and it was a site that was restricted from normal visitors. Only a few could come and go.

Walking, they headed to the main castle, but rather than entering the main hall, they descended down the steps, deep and dark, to the underground vampire tombs.

When they finally reached the bottom, they could see him; they could see Quinn standing there, looking the same as he had done, the same as he always did. Instantly, Layla started to sob and break down in tears.

Minny quickly went to grab her, giving her a hug. "It's okay, Mum, it's okay, we will still be with you."

Immediately going from one side of the room to the other, Quinn was there. He placed his hand, lifting up her veil and looking right into her eyes and face.

"You look just as beautiful as the first day I met you," Quinn said with a large smile.

"Why, Quinn... why do you have to do this?" Layla sobbed.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry for my selfish request, but I wanted to see my family one last time," Quinn replied. "It was the only option I could think of. If I lived on and saw you get sick or hurt, I wouldn't be able to help myself; I would turn you in a heartbeat when I know it's wrong. So the only choice I have now is to go into eternal slumber before that even happens. I'm sorry for being selfish, and I'm sorry for going before all of you. The time I spent with you all, the last moments of my life, were the best that I ever experienced."

Quinn then leaned in, pressing his lips against Layla's. For a moment, he thought about biting her, but he knew it was for the best that he didn't. As he pulled away and walked away, he had already informed his friends; he had already said goodbyes to them.

If he had them all here, it would have been too much for him. He would have never wanted to leave; he would have never wanted his story to end. But all good things had to come to an end.

"Minny, look after your idiot brother!" Quinn said. "And Galen, stop being a playboy and settle down with someone nice. It would be good to keep the Talen bloodline going."

Cutting his finger, a drop of blood landed on the contraption below. It started to twist and turn as it rose up from the ground. Then he took a step inside, turning toward his family.

"I love you all," Quinn said, as he closed his eyes.

There was one more thing Vincent had taught him that day: how a vampire was to go into eternal slumber. The technique used to completely stop one's heart. Pulling all of the aura out from the heart, from the bloodstone, eventually, one's life would come to an end.

While doing this, Quinn started to think. There were a few things that always bugged him, somethings he had never been able to figure out. One was the fact that he was never able to find Ray. No one had seen him; no one had known where he had gone or what he had done.

There were also no visits. There was a reason why Quinn wanted to visit him, and that was because of the second reason. In his system, there was still one quest:

[Find out about the Talen Family.]

"No matter what I did, that quest was never completed," Quinn said. "But it doesn't matter. I can finally rest. Good luck to my future family; I hope your life is at least a little less complex than mine."

Outside the tomb, Layla, Galen, and Minny had stayed there for almost an entire day. In the end, the children were too worried about their mother's health that they had to force her to leave.

With that, the tomb was finally clear, empty, and a couple of days later, the sound of footsteps were heard as they walked down toward the tomb. Eventually, the pair of footsteps stopped just short.

"Do you think this will be the end for him?" a male's voice asked.

"You know it's not; you were the one that placed that Quest on him in the first place," Bliss replied. "The quest of the Talen family is still not complete. For now, he can rest, but he will be needed. The Quest of the Talen family needs to be completed, isn't that right, Richard?" 


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