My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1477

Chapter 1477


Listening to his declaration, Lin Ruoxi felt as if the entangled mess in her brain had been broken apart by a knife.

He was venting his frustration, confessing, and proclaiming his persistence.

She suddenly realized she had been overlooking one thing. If breaking up could prevent miserable events from occurring, it was also the beginning of a miserable life.

As if she had found an excuse to persuade herself, the past grievance and forlornness washed over her.

Sobbing, she turned to face Yang Chen.

At that moment, her eyes were misty, and her cheeks were flushed. The pitiful expression she displayed now was nothing like her previous cold and aloof behavior.

“A-aren’t you going to ask why I left you?” Lin Ruoxi didn’t know how to bring it up, nor did she know if she should tell him about it.

Yang Chen cupped her cheeks and wiped her tears away. “You said you’re afraid I’ll die. No matter what the reason it is, I believe in you. I know you have your reasons, and I only care if you’re by my side and happy. As for others, we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. I’ve been in many near to death situations, and I’m never one who could live peacefully. Many people want me dead. If I fixate on that and worry myself endlessly, I’d be lifeless.”

Lin Ruoxi shot him a resentful gaze. “You always sound so proud like you don’t care about anything in the world. You don’t even want to ask me. You’re too reckless.”

“It’s fine.” Yang Chen raised his brows. “Listen to me. Your man here lives his life by being reckless. At most times, deliberating over choices doesn’t bring a good outcome. I’ll leave the overthinking to you, dear. I would rather live a simple life, just like now.”

At the end of his sentence, he leaned over and kissed her lips, moving his tongue into her mouth.

Her eyes widened as she hit his shoulders. However, no matter how far she leaned back, Yang Chen still didn’t stop invading her mouth with his tongue.

Soon, Lin Ruoxi’s body went limp, allowing Yang Chen to have his way with her on the streets.

People cheered them on as couples kissing on the street wasn’t a rare sight.

Some older people felt that their action was indecent. Still, they couldn’t resist looking at them, thinking that the young man was lucky to score a pretty girl.

Zhao Hongyan walked out of the restaurant and saw Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi hugging together. Then, after talking for a while, they started making out.

She never knew Lin Ruoxi had this side to her. For some reason, she found herself smiling. Tears of envy and joy escaped the corner of her eyes.

Under the sunlight, the couple lost themselves in the kiss.

After five minutes, Lin Ruoxi snapped out of it and shoved Yang Chen away. Blushing, she chided, “H-Have you lost your mind! Everyone is watching!”

Yang Chen chuckled, unbothered by the stares since his wife was back to his side. Overjoyed, he tugged on her hand and ran to the end of the street.

“Eh! Where are you going?”

“I’m telling Lanlan that her mom wants her back!”

Lin Ruoxi opened her mouth slightly, realizing that she could be with her daughter again since she had chosen to face the future with Yang Chen. A blissful expression crossed her face when she knew there was no longer a need to watch the little girl secretly behind the crowd.

Unfortunately for Zhao Hongyan, she was left alone in the street to pay for the food. However, she wasn’t complaining, happy for the couple instead.

Once they ran out of the street, Yang Chen brought Lin Ruoxi to an empty alley. He carried her in his arms, and their figures vanished in the air.

In the blink of an eye, they appeared above Lanlan’s kindergarten. “Dear, do you know which class Lanlan’s in? Let’s find her,” he said excitedly.

“Are you nuts! She’s still in class! Why don’t we come to pick her up when classes are over?” Lin Ruoxi was nonplussed and punched his chest.

He thought it made sense. A smirk appeared on his face as he said suggestively, “If that’s the case, we still have some time before that. You must’ve been lonely at night. I’ll compensate you now.”

Before she could reject him, he carried her to the balcony outside her room at Xijiao Villas.

Under the bright sun, they dropped onto the lounge chair.

Yang Chen couldn’t wait to go into the room, pulling off his and her top and tossing them onto the floor.

Then, he swooped in for a passionate kiss. Minutes later, Lin Ruoxi drowned herself in the sea of passion and eventually reciprocated his kiss.

With a little strength, Yang Chen lay her on top of him. Half of her body was pressed against him, especially her soft rounds.

His hands traveled down her smooth back before moving to the front to grope her chest.

Too full to be held completely in his hands, he fondled it into various shapes.

Then, he opened his mouth and let her tongue go. Sliding his lips down her chin and collarbone, he nibbled her nipple gently.

Lin Ruoxi shuddered from his touch. She could feel the heat on her skin, and she pushed her chest against his face.

He became busy all of a sudden, trying to satisfy her on both sides. At one point, he almost wanted to bite her tender skin but was worried he would hurt her.

His palm slowly slid between her buttocks, beneath her lace panties, and groped her plump cheeks.

Now that she had fully blossomed, the texture and touch felt completely different from before.

The softness between his fingers seemed to be drawing his whole palm in.

With a swift movement of his fingers, he touched the part between her thighs. All he felt was something wet and slimy.

A moan escaped Lin Ruoxi’s throat, and she clenched her teeth to hold it in since they were at the balcony. Still, her body shuddered from the sensation.

Yang Chen removed the last piece of her clothing and slid down to press her face to her crotch.

Without any hesitation, he reached out his tongue and licked upward, tasting her sweet dew.

Only when he slid his tongue into her hole did she realize what had happened. Shocked, she tried to stop him as it felt dirty to her. However, those words failed to leave her mouth when he bent his tongue within her.

The pleasure was irresistible!

Like a naughty child, Yang Chen’s tongue moved about, causing her thigh to shake.

As his moist and warm tongue continued to wriggle inside of her, her heart raced as if she was riding a rollercoaster.

With her hands on the armrest, she shuddered many times, and the lounge chair shook from the motion.

After a violent shudder, Lin Ruoxi went limp from the orgasm.

Yet, Yang Chen was only getting started. He swiftly removed his underwear and thrust his shaft into her.

“Oh!” she yelped. Although Yang Chen’s tongue was pleasurable, it couldn’t be compared to his manhood.

As he penetrated her hole, she couldn’t help but want him to thrust harder and deeper.

Though she felt embarrassed to have such a thought, she couldn’t care less about it. He’s my husband, and it’s my duty as his wife. She convinced herself and started enjoying his service.

With every thrust he made, she would move her hips up and wrap her legs around him. Yang Chen felt the tightness around his shaft, and he worked harder to satisfy her.

Coupled with the sounds of skin slapping against each other, moans, and groans, a passionate yet sensual symphony was formed.

Yang Chen almost lost his mind from the pleasure. He pulled her towards him and kissed her passionately. “Baby, you… you’re amazing. Every time we do it, it feels like the first time…”

Lin Ruoxi, who was moaning, couldn’t utter a complete sentence at all. Her skin was flushed from head to toe, forming a beautiful image.

After an hour, Yang Chen finally released his load into her. Experiencing the umpteenth orgasm, Lin Ruoxi curled her toes from the pleasure.

Yang Chen took a brief rest and carried her into the bathroom for a bath. He bathed her and wrapped a towel over her body before cuddling her on the bed.

They lay in silence till evening. Lin Ruoxi got up and looked at him with an amorous gaze. “All right, it’s almost time. Go tell Qianni that we’re picking Lanlan up today.”

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