My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 1478

Chapter 1478

I Love My Home

Unwilling to let go of her soft and bouncy breasts, Yang Chen kept touching them.

Annoyed, Lin Ruoxi swatted his hand away and huffed. “Stop touching! That’s all you think about. Get up now, or I’ll be angry at you!”

Yang Chen smiled sheepishly. Surprisingly, it felt soothing to be yelled at. Am I a masochist?

After getting dressed, they headed down to the living room. Only then did Yang Chen realize he hadn’t heard of Wang Ma. “Dear, where’s Wang Ma? Isn’t she supposed to be preparing dinner by now?”

“Wang Ma told me last night that she’s bringing her daughter back to her hometown this morning, so she’ll be home late at night or tomorrow.” Lin Ruoxi recalled.

Yang Chen nodded and felt guilty for neglecting the other women and their families.

When Liu Qingshan and his wife were frightened by the incident, he hadn’t visited them either.

It feels like I’m an ungrateful jerk, not caring about them when I’m dating their daughter. Hmm, not that things have settled down, should I visit my parents-in-law one by one? Yang Chen pondered.

The couple walked out of the door and headed to Mo Qianni’s place. Lin Ruoxi naturally linked her arm with his and said, “Hubby, aren’t you going to ask why I acted that way?”

Yang Chen halted in his tracks and looked at her numbly.

Thinking that something had happened, she quickly asked, “What’s wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“No, nothing. It just feels like a dream to hear you call me ‘Hubby’ again. It feels unrealistic.” He smiled wryly.

Lin Ruoxi understood his feelings as she, too, felt as if it was all a dream. However, having him right next to her was like a sign that everything was meant to be.

She never thought of leaving him for real. Now that they had reconciled, it would only deepen their feelings for each other.

“Just take it as if we had our worst fight after getting married. Don’t overthink it.” She smiled gently.

“Dear, call me a few more times. I like to hear you call me ‘Hubby.’ Use a sweet voice, like when we were on the lounge chair just now.”

Lin Ruoxi blushed and pinched his waist hard. “Bring this up again, and I’ll kick you out of my bed!”

Yang Chen immediately surrendered.

Because of that banter, he didn’t end up asking Lin Ruoxi the reason behind the divorce. She knew that he wanted to put it behind them. If he didn’t bring it up, it would eventually be forgotten.

Nevermind. Since I can’t avoid it, I’ll face the unknown with him.

When they stepped into Mo Qianni’s place, the tantalizing smell of food greeted them. Mo Qianni was wearing an apron and cooking something in the kitchen.

Guo Xuehua had gone to accompany Yang Pojun at the military district, so Mo Qianni stayed at home and took care of Lanlan with Minjuan.

Upon hearing footsteps at the entrance, she turned around and saw Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi walking hand in hand.

A look of surprise crossed her eyes but was soon replaced by joy when it dawned on her.

“Ruoxi! Y-you two…” She pointed at both of them, reluctant to voice her question.

Lin Ruoxi averted her gaze as soon as she caught sight of Mo Qianni. Various thoughts were running across her mind. She felt guilty and embarrassed for firing her and Liu Mingyu to get into a fight with Yang Chen.

The joy in Mo Qianni’s eyes was sincere. She didn’t despise her and was glad that she and Yang Chen had reconciled.

However, Lin Ruoxi hated Mo Qianni as a love rival. Although it all happened because she didn’t perform her duty as a wife, she couldn’t help but treat it as a form of betrayal.

Yet, as a friend and colleague, she couldn’t see herself loathing Mo Qianni. Other than falling for the same man as her, the latter was perfect.

Lin Ruoxi also carried the same feelings toward the Chai sisters, Hui Lin, and others.

Putting their relationship with Yang Chen aside, she truly admired those women. And that was why she kept an ambiguous relationship with them, not intervening in their relationship but also unwilling to back off either.

Of course, it was also because Yang Chen was adamant about keeping them by his side.

“Uh, Qianni, we have reconciled. Sorry for what happened in the company,” Lin Ruoxi said forthrightly.

With misty eyes, Mo Qianni shook her head. “It’s nothing. We all know you have your reasons behind it. You’re not that kind of person. I’m really glad that you have a change of heart. Lanlan will be elated! You’re her mother, after all.”

Yang Chen walked forward and wiped her tears away with his finger. “All right. Don’t cry if you’re happy. It hurts me to see you cry.”

“Don’t do that…” Mo Qianni pulled his hand away and glanced at Lin Ruoxi awkwardly.

Lin Ruoxi pretended to see nothing. If she were to get jealous over such a trivial matter, her life would be miserable. Instead, she said flatly, “Qianni, we’ll talk about it some other time. I’m going to pick up Lanlan first.” She then turned to walk out of the house.

Yang Chen quickly followed behind and even looked back to wink at Mo Qianni, who rolled her eyes at his childish actions.

At the same time, she was amused by him.

Even so, she knew Yang Chen was truly happy and was content with it.

In less than an hour, the couple returned home with Lanlan.

The little girl’s face was flushed as she lay in Lin Ruoxi’s arms. Judging from her tearful eyes, she must have cried on the way back home. Occasionally, she would look up for kisses pitifully which would tug at the heartstrings of those who saw.

Yang Chen, who was following behind them, felt indignant. I’m always nice to her, so why doesn’t she cry when she’s only seeing me after a long time?

As Lanlan’s father, Yang Chen was jealous.

Lin Ruoxi couldn’t care less about her husband, putting all her attention on her daughter. Once she sat on the sofa, she kept fussing over Lanlan, asking about the things the little girl had done or eaten when she wasn’t around. It was unlike her to be so naggy.

While touching her daughter’s plump cheeks, Lin Ruoxi said apologetically, “Lanlan, it’s all my fault. Look at you, you’ve lost so much weight.”

Yang Chen, who was watching the news, rolled his eyes and muttered, “Are your eyes okay? She’s obviously gained weight.”

Lin Ruoxi shot him an icy glare, causing him to shrink closer into the sofa.

Overjoyed, Lanlan ran up and down the stairs to show her mother her drawings and writing.

After receiving praises from Lin Ruoxi, she didn’t forget to ask with a pitiful expression, “Mommy, you won’t abandon me anymore, right?”

Tears streamed down Lin Ruoxi’s cheeks when she heard that while Yang Chen frowned. We should have a son next time. A daughter is hard to deal with. I can’t do anything to her when she’s causing trouble!

Once Mo Qianni and Minjuan served the scrumptious dinner at the table, the family sat down and enjoyed their meal.

Wanting to flaunt her newly learned song, Lanlan held a drumstick and pretended it was a microphone that amused Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni.

While the meal was going on jovially, Yang Chen frowned and looked out the door when he sensed something.

Mo Qianni and Lin Ruoxi also heard the sound of footsteps coming from outside.

A series of knocks sounded on the door.

With his divine sense, Yang Chen checked the situation outside. In a split second, his face darkened, and he rushed out to open the door.

“Wang Ma! What happened to you!?”

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