My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 3: Initiative

Chapter 3: Initiative

Soon after walking near this small bar, Yang Chen understood that he came to the right place.

The small bar’s misty lights were vague yet dreamlike. All around; at the counter, in the corners, and even in the middle of the hall, there were couples with arms over each other’s shoulders, embracing and hugging, the young men and women intermingled freely. Unrestrained and charming laughter continuously arose.

Yang Chen only got a few steps in, when a lady in heavy makeup and gaudy clothing approached him, her upper body was covered with only a rose-colored bra, while her lower body a black leather miniskirt. Holding an amber-colored liquor in her hand, she staggered and plastered herself onto him.

“Handsome, will you treat me to a drink?” The woman’s voice was very coy, enough to make any man nauseated.

As it’s been a long time since he came into contact with alcohol, the already somewhat hot-headed Yang Chen conveniently pinched the protruding tip of the woman’s bra gently, the woman’s whole body trembled immediately, then gurgled with laughter, “Handsome you’re so nasty, pinching that place of mine the moment we met, if you ruin it by pinching, how are you going to compensate me……” On one hand rebuking with discontent, on the other hand pressing herself even closer, a pair of shining white arms already hooked onto Yang Chen’s neck.

Yang Chen had a nefarious smile plastered on his face, he had not much interest in a woman like that, she seemed too easy. Yang Chen pushed the woman away from his body, “I have no interest in a drunk sow who only thinks of mating.”

Apparently some parts of her brain was still sober, because when the woman heard “sow”, her blood immediately started boiling, and she fiercely smashed the glass of liquor onto the ground. “Stinky brat, you must be tired of living! You wait!” Done speaking, she angrily walked towards a pile of people at the corner of the bar.

Yang Chen suddenly had a nefarious desire enter his heart, it’s been a long time since he had come to this kind of place, and dealt with this sort of people. It seemed like today he could rely on the effect of the alcohol to relieve this pent-up desire.

After going to the bar counter to ask for a shot of vodka, a scorching heat began boiling inside Yang Chen, while his eyes revealed peculiar excitement.

There was no way of knowing how that gorgeously dressed woman managed to call in 8 men, all of them were well-built, had the vitality of a dragon and fierceness of a tiger. The moment Yang Chen finished his shot, they surrounded him.

The woman hugged onto the thick and solid arm of the large bald man who stood at the front, she pointed at Yang Chen and sharply called out, “Big bro! It was this bastard who treated me badly, help me beat him to death!”

The large man took a look at Yang Chen’s slim physique, and revealed a gaze of disdain. He then signalled two of his subordinates to make a move to teach Yang Chen a lesson.

The two men maliciously smiled as they moved forward, they didn’t intend to waste words with Yang Chen, and directly swung a sandbag-sized fist.

Yang Chen didn’t even bother looking, with a calm expression as if nothing had happened, he lifted both of his hands at the perfect timing and his palms collided with the two men’s fists……


The two big men screamed at the same time and fell to the ground, then unceasingly rolled about while holding onto their own hand.

This scene that took place in the bar seemed both strange and abrupt. Although fights and brawls often happens in this little bar, never before has this baldy’s group eaten a loss. Unable to resist, many people looked towards Yang Chen with curiosity.

The baldy saw that things weren’t going as planned, and he couldn’t help but frown. He cast a suspicious glance at Yang Chen, then crouched down and picked up the arm of his hurt subordinate. It was no big deal if he didn’t see the arm, but after he did, his forehead immediately had cold sweat streaming down……

The other subordinates who stood behind saw their own men being hit, and began raining curses, but before they moved up to attack, they were held back by the baldy who blocked them with his arms.

Without so much as an explanation, baldy bowed to Yang Chen after standing up, “Big bro is a great man with great magnanimity, this time us brothers have offended you, if there’s anything big bro needs from us in the future, please don’t hesitate to call out to us, hope to see you again!”

With that said, baldy had his confused brothers carry the two men wailing in pain out of the bar.

That woman felt that things were inconceivable, as they left the bar, she was still hooting about why he didn’t help to vent her anger.

Baldy Hu glared at the woman, then said to his little brothers who were also bewildered, “Earlier, that person broke Fifth and Sixth brothers’ arms with his palms, do you guys think you can beat him?”

Those few guys immediately regained their cool, the two light looking palms earlier actually had that much strength, if he wasn’t expert then who was he? Immediately, some of them began flattering the baldy, saying things like boss had great foresight.

However, the baldy didn’t pay attention to their flattering, he instead turned his head towards the bar, while deep in thought. It was unknown what went through his mind.

Meanwhile, Yang Chen who was still in the bar was unaffected. Seeing baldy and the others leave, the space at the corner of the bar was open, so he unhurriedly walked over, intending to carefully search for his “prey” for the night.

Because Yang Chen defeated baldy and his gang so easily, a sense of fear arose in the men and women present in the bar. Occasionally, several hot chicks would send coquettish gazes at Yang Chen, but were ignored, and could only give up seducing him.

Right as Yang Chen was about to sit on the sofa, he realized that at a booth in the corner, there was a person lying down, and it was even a young lady.

With a mere glance, Yang Chen’s gaze became heated……

Under the dim light, the soft jet-black hair hung from the sofa down onto the carpet, a white one-piece dress wrapped over the beautiful curves, which were like soft and beautiful waves.

After moving closer, Yang Chen could smell an alluring body scent which brought with it a mix of jasmine and alcohol.

The woman seemed to be very drunk. Her fair hand held onto a wine glass, yet her body weakly leaned against the sofa lightly, and shifted about from time to time. That well-rounded butt of hers formed a captivating curvy line.

Yang Chen walked up to her, supported the woman up, and shifted away the messy hair covering her face, revealing a drunk and flushed pretty face.

What made Yang Chen astonished was, this woman’s looks were actually prettier than Rose who he met earlier. Whether it was that beautifully sculpted face, or the cool elegance and allure from being drunk, either was enough to make any man lose himself.

However, a gorgeous beauty of this level also made Yang Chen feel perplexed. How could this kind of woman be a prostitute? But if she’s not a prostitute, why would she drink with those people till she’s dead drunk? Moreover with a lustful and ardent expression.

The woman seemed to have been drunk, without waiting for Yang Chen to ponder further, she casually grabbed hold of Yang Chen’s shirt collar, then her tender and beautiful lips which were like fresh flowers came kissing.

But because she was unable to find the target, the woman’s kiss only landed on Yang Chen’s cheek, then slid away.

Yang Chen was stimulated by that ice-cold yet soft contact on his face to the point where he felt like he was burning all over. Seeing this beautiful and delicate lady’s limpid expression, with a captivating appearance that anybody would want to take ownership of, he then thought. He himself wanted to indulge for a night, why think so much? Embracing the soft and delicate body with force, he fiercely kissed onto the woman’s fragrant lips.


The woman let out a low moan, seemingly bitter about Yang Chen barbarousness, yet seemingly joyful about having her tongue being wrapped around.

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