My Wife is a Beautiful CEO

Chapter 4: Reaction

Chapter 4: Reaction

When the morning light shined its way through the mottled windows and into Yang Chen’s home, Yang Chen swayed his head in a daze. He wanted to get up, but suddenly felt something soft wrapped around him.

Yang Chen who immediately turned clear-headed looked down, sure enough, it was the drunk woman he brought home last night.

At this moment a lotus-like arm hugged onto his waist. Beneath the blanket, a pair of plump breasts squeezed onto his thigh, that exquisite point of contact felt as smooth as velvet. A pair of white and delicate thighs unreservedly coiled around his lower body, faintly revealing that alluring butt line, with some traces of last night’s indulgence.

Perfectly matching with the woman soundly asleep was that innocent and absolutely beautiful face, which made Yang Chen can’t help but lament, among all the women he has met in his lifetime, this woman is definitely capable of entering the top 3.

Just as Yang Chen was lamenting this heaven-sent art piece of a lady’s figure, out of the corner of his eyes, he abruptly saw that at the tail-end of the bed, there was a dry red bloodstain on the bedsheet!

His heartstrings being pulled, Yang Chen frowned as he looked at the woman who still looked indifferent, somewhat surprised. This blood obviously wasn’t bled by him, but it was truly unexpected, a beauty that was that deranged was actually still a virgin.

Many things when thought after it happened would seem obvious at a glance, Yang Chen quickly understood, it was very likely that the baldy from yesterday drugged her. If it wasn’t for him scaring of that bunch due to various causes, this beautiful black-haired lady would’ve been the baldy and gang’s prey. It also had been because he drunk too much yesterday, as he did not notice this peculiarity even after getting on the bed.

Just as Yang Chen sat on the bed thinking of how to handle this situation, the woman who slept on him finally woke up.

After the woman opened her eyes in bewilderment, she lightly lifted her head, and saw Yang Chen calmly looking at her.

The man standing in front was very unfamiliar, yet also felt familiar. In her nose, there was a heavy scent of a man’s body and something else. Doing her best to think through what was going on, the disjointed scenes of last night surfaced in her mind…… The woman quickly understood how everything came to be!

After Yang Chen learned that she was not a prostitute, he was very curious as to what reaction this woman might have, screaming? Beat and scold him? Call the police? Or even extortion? If that were the case, Yang Chen wouldn’t feel any guilt, she may do as she pleases. If it weren’t for him, she would’ve been the cleansing tool for a bunch of men. If she had to blame she could only blame herself for not being careful, mistakenly trespassing a wolf’s den.

However, the woman’s reaction was mysteriously tranquil.

She unhurriedly sat up, under the dull sunlight, she got out of the blanket revealing that white jade sculpture-like sexy figure. The visual attack made Yang Chen’s breathing turn deep and heavy.

On her body there were even lovebites, red imprints of spanking, and even some viscous remains from a man, these could let one’s imagination run wild.

The woman got off the bed without the slightest bit of awkwardness, and even her fragrant lawn could easily be seen.

But it was precisely this type of indifference and tranquility, which made Yang Chen feel stifled in his heart, taking in a deep breath he then said, “I’m sorry.”

At that moment the woman turned away to put on her underwear, hearing those words, she couldn’t help but pause for a moment, but she did not speak or turn around, and continued putting on her clothes.

Yang Chen did not say anything more, but felt like there was a stone weighing on his heart, making it hard to breathe. It had been years since he felt guilt from doing a woman.

During those days, majority of women were merely a medication for his wounds, and simply not the same species that possessed their own thoughts to him. Suddenly, a woman he spent a night with made his heart feel perplexed and full of guilt, Yang Chen began to suspect whether he had been too laid back, and his personality softened.

In less than 5 minutes, the woman had already worn her clothes properly, tidied her appearance for a little, to make sure no one could see any peculiarity in her appearance. After that, as silent as before, she walked towards the door.

Yang Chen saw that she was leaving without a word, so he couldn’t help but ask, “Do you know the way back? Do you want me to send you back?”

This time the woman did not even pause at all, she walked out of the room, and casually closed the door.

Yang Chen blankly stared at the door being closed, and couldn’t help laughing bitterly. This woman was considered top quality amongst the women he had seen his whole life. Just as he was about to get off the bed, Yang Chen whose hearing far exceeded the ability of the average person, heard a sobbing sound, coming from the corridor……

Seems like she still cried, however, she wasn’t willing to let him see or hear it, unfortunately, she did not know he had hearing that far exceeded the average, so she didn’t manage to evade him hearing.

Once he thought of how during that whole period of time that woman was forcefully withholding her tears, Yang Chen’s feeling of guilt once again flared up.

After tidying up, Yang Chen remembered that he still had to open his mutton skewers stall. Although the stall doesn’t earn much money, he always enjoyed being in bustling places where he can watch people come and go, the feeling of being immersed in an ever-changing world. Money doesn’t matter.

After pushing his single-wheel vending cart to his spot, Old Li who had been selling his deep-fried sausages smiled at Yang Chen, “Little Yang, you came late today, did you have date or something yesterday?”

In his heart Yang Chen muttered, there wasn’t a date, but there was a bed, and in reality he dully replied, “How can there be such a thing? Don’t let your thoughts drift off, I just overslept.”

Old Li laughed, and with satisfaction he said, “My family’s Jingjing finished her internship and returned home, yesterday she even told me to remember the kindness you showed us. Little Yang, if it wasn’t for you, how can we possibly manage to afford both letting my wife see a doctor and providing Jingjing enough money to survive during her internship at that far away place?”

Old Li’s daughter, Li Jingjing, is the child he and his wife conceived late, their treasure. When she graduated from university, she went to another city for internship for two months, before returning home.

Yang Chen had met that girl twice, she’s classified as a jade-like beauty, however she’s his friend’s daughter, so he wouldn’t have ideas about her.

“Haha, remember what kindness? In the future when I’m out of cash to eat you can just let me freeload on a few meals and that will do.” Yang Chen jokingly said.

“Alright then!” Old Li suddenly nodded, “If you didn’t mention it I would’ve forgotten, my wife and Jingjing both said to invite you to our house for a meal to properly express our gratitude. Tonight it is then!”

“This…… Isn’t necessary right? Your family is having difficulty getting by on your own, what are you inviting me to have a meal for?”

Old Li pretended to be somewhat angry as he said, “How expensive can a meal get? Merely coarse tea and plain rice, Little Yang, if you don’t come you’re holding my family in contempt.”

Yang Chen was left without a choice, he couldn’t out stubborn this tough old man, so he could only nod in agreement, and Old Li delightfully smiled.

But right at that moment, a few hoodlum’s figures once again appeared in the market, spotting Yang Chen and Old Li, the leading little hoodlum evilly grinned.

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