My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 1311 - 1311 Master Lu's Heroics

Chapter 1311 - 1311 Master Lu's Heroics

1311 Master Lu’s Heroics

Ten minutes later, Elder Duan was shy, so Kong Minghao carried the two big bags of “stolen goods” to Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan.

“Alchemist Lu, this bag is full of gold coins. This bag contains some herbs and other things useful to martial artists.” Kong Minghao said as he pointed at the bags on both sides.

Lu Zijia nodded slightly after hearing that and immediately released her mental power to scan the two big bags.

Under the scan of her mental power, Lu Zijia immediately knew everything in the two big bags and even the exact number.

“You’ve worked hard.”


Lu Zijia pointed at the bag containing the herbs and other things and said, “This bag belongs to the Octagon Sect.”

There were indeed many good things in this bag, but those were all for martial artists.

Of course, if she sold it outside, she could also exchange it for a lot of gold coins.

However, there were already nearly ten million gold coins in the other big bag, so she couldn’t be bothered to sell those goods anymore.

Coincidentally, before she and Ah Yan returned to the cultivation world, she had something to ask the Octagon Sect for help with. She would take this bag as a reward.

“This… Alchemist Lu, are you joking?” Kong Minghao asked in disbelief.

Lu Zijia raised her eyebrows and asked back, “Am I someone who knows how to joke?”

“Master, you are.”

The golden pagoda, which was holding a few gold coins with its two paws, skipped to its master and said that it was undermining her.

The corners of Lu Zijia’s mouth twitched slightly. She slapped the golden pagoda without hesitation, signaling it to shut up.

The golden pagoda, which had told the truth but was warned by its master, felt extremely aggrieved.

Master was really too domineering. She didn’t even let it tell the truth. Wouldn’t it have to keep saying that it panicked in the future?

Fortunately, Lu Zijia didn’t know what it was thinking in its mind, or it would definitely slap it again.


Kong Minghao was so excited that his face turned red. He turned to look at Elder Duan helplessly.

Elder Duan was also extremely restless in his mind. He couldn’t suppress the excitement in his old voice either.

“Alchemist Lu, the things in this bag are worth a lot combined. Some of them are even rarer. Why don’t you take a look first before making a decision?”

This feeling was completely like someone who had never thought of winning the intermediate lottery suddenly winning the lottery and becoming a millionaire overnight.

It was simply ecstatic!

“No, I still have to trouble the Octagon Sect in the future. Elder Duan, just accept it.”

Lu Zijia rejected him directly. After all, she already knew very well what was inside. There was no need to open the bag to take a look at it at all.

However, Elder Duan and the others didn’t know that. They only thought that what Lu Zijia did was simply too heroic!

Even a level-nine martial artist would be tempted by a big bag of good things. Alchemist Lu actually gave it to them just like that without even blinking. It was really admirable.

For the past ten years, the Octagon Sect had been suppressed by the other four sects and their vitality had never been recovered. They indeed needed this bag of “stolen goods” very much.

So, Elder Duan didn’t refuse anymore and thanked Lu Zijia and Mu Tianyan with cupped fists. “On behalf of the Octagon Sect, I thank Alchemist Lu and Senior Mu for your charitable act. If you need our help in the future, just let us know. Even if the Octagon Sect can’t do it, I’ll definitely do it for the two of you even if I die.”

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