My Wife Is a Transmigrated Master Cultivator

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Monstrously Dangerous Man

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Before Lu Zijia could think for one more second, she suddenly sensed a dangerous look upon her. She instantly hopped up from the freezing floor and followed that dangerous look with caution.

There was a man sitting by a ceiling-to-floor window in utter silence. Lu Zijia was only able to distinguish the silhouette of a man against a faint light.

She followed that gaze with her eyes and suddenly met a pair of monstrous eyes that reflected no affection. Lu Zijia’s pupil constricted. As a cultivator, she could tell that this man was not only dangerous but also very difficult to deal with!

The moment Lu Zijia woke up, she had already realized that her original powers were gone, and she even felt heat dominating her entire body. She was very feeble. In this situation, she was completely vulnerable against even a relatively strong mortal person, let alone a cultivator with the lowest level of energy practice.

Although the man was sitting in a wheelchair and seemingly looked unaggressive, she firmly believed that she was right about the man being dangerous.

Therefore, Lu Zijia made a quick decision that might sound a little cowardly.

“I was tossed into this room and didn’t come here of my own accord. So sorry to have disturbed you; I will be off now.”

Lu Zijia showed a harmless smile and bowed to the man according to the new memories in her head. Then, she instantly turned around, trying to open the door.

She had thought that she would die and lose all of her powers when she failed to survive her tribulation. She had never expected to be reborn into a completely new and unfamiliar world.

Lu Zijia had no idea how she ended up being here, yet what did not change was that she wanted to survive.


Lu Zijia could not help but frown deeply at the sight of the iron door. She had made several forceful attempts to open it yet failed each time.

She concentrated on recalling how to open the door, but she was sure that she had tried to open the door in the correct way.

Why didn’t it work?

Could this door be treating her differently because she was recognized as a visitor from a strange world?

All of a sudden, Lu Zijia thought of the two men who tossed the original host into the room. She then realized that she may not be able to leave the room.

She was an ordinary, mortal girl now. She had to admit that she lost the power to break through the door. However, what she could do was stay inside the room for the time being and wait for someone from the outside to open it for her.

“Well… the door can’t be opened. So can I stay here for one night? Don’t worry, you can take the bed, and I will take the sofa.”

Lu Zijia spoke the local language, which was probably because of the remaining memories of the host inside her head.

Before the man could answer, Lu Zijia walked to the sofa, took a seat, and whispered a small “thank-you” to him as if the man had approved of her proposal.

Lu Zijia might seem to be behaving casually, but as a matter of fact, she was watching out for the man’s every move.

In Cultivation World, where only the fittest survived, she had become The Goddess of Golden Core because she had always been cautious and wary.

As Lu Zijia took a seat, the man, who had been hiding in the faint light, exposed himself in the bright light as he moved the wheelchair forward.

As the man approached her, Lu Zijia felt pressure clouding over her head. But in the meantime, she also got to see what the man looked like.

He had a face like an exquisite sculpture. His facial features were exquisitely perfect as if someone had carved them purposefully. He was a man with an unsurpassed handsome look.

But the man was disabled. What a pity!

“Greetings, Second Master of Mu.”

Lu Zijia recognized this man through the memories of the original host.

She could sense the homicidal intent of this so-called Second Master of Mu.

Sure enough, a black muzzle was aiming at her in the very next second. As far as the memories told her, it was a kind of fatal thermal weapon.


The Second Master of Mu was indeed as ruthless and ferocious as the rumors said —

he could kill anyone whenever he wanted!

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