My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 17


According to Ji Xiao Zhuo’s memory, he had never been to the sea before. So now he was crazily happy as he moved towards the sea like a little bullet. Luckily, Ji Yan had made Xiao Zhuo wear a swimming ring and also stayed next to him.. Otherwise, he would have floated away by the waves.

The little one floated around as he happily laughed. After that, he waved at Tang Tang, who was standing on the beach, “Come here, mummy. It’s really fun here!”

There was still a cast on Tang Tang’s leg, and it couldn't get wet, so she waved back apologetically, “Mummy can’t go into the water. I’ll watch you from here.”

The little one was slightly disappointed. However, since his daddy was playing with him, Xiao Zhuo soon began to play crazily again.

Everyone else went into the sea as well, and all of them were wearing swimsuitsThe men were exposing their chest and legs, and Tang Tang didn’t dare to look at them. However, Tang Tang couldn’t help glancing towards Ji Yue and Gu Yan Ran. Both of them were beautiful and had long legs and a slender waist. Their great figure made them look sexy in their bikinis, and their skin was shining under the sun. Even though Tang Tang couldn’t accept such revealing clothes, she couldn’t deny that the two women looked mesmerising.

Tang Tang glanced at her own stick-like figure and became worried. The difference was really big. Others had a well proportioned and beautiful figure while she was like a skeleton. She had been eating a lot for a while, but apparently, she hadn’t gained any weight at all. Where did all the food she ate go?!

The expression on Tang Tang’s face especially transparent, so anyone who looked at her would know what she was thinking. This made Zhuo Ji, who also didn’t go into the sea, smile when he looked at her.

Tang Tang discovered that her thoughts were seen through by the other person, so she blushed and smiled dryly back at him.

Zhuo Ji moved his wheelchair towards the chairs while speaking to Tang Tang, “Let’s go over there to sit down. It’s too sunny now.”

Even though Tang Tang was not familiar with Zhuo Ji, he was Ji Yan’s good friend. Since she knew that Ji Yan respected Zhuo Ji, Tang Tang didn’t reject him, so she followed the wheelchair from behind on her crutches.

There was an ancient tea set close to the chairs. The tea set looked old and elegant, and it looked similar to something that Tang Tang would use in her original timeline. Zhuo Ji’s movements were elegant and tranquil, which made him look like a celestial being. It was the first time that Tang Tang saw a man with a temperament like Zhuo Ji’s since she came to this world. He reminded her of a scholar from her past life.

Tang Tang couldn’t take her eyes off him.

Zhuo Ji lifted the teapot and poured a cup of tea for Tang Tang, “Sister-in-law, try the tea.”

Tang Tang didn’t dare to drink the tea randomly and ended up involuntarily using theproper etiquette to pick up the cup and drank the tea. There was a slight bitterness first followed by a sweet aftertaste.

Tang Tang's eyes brightened and praised, “Good tea!”

Although Tang Tang wasn’t favoured in her original home, she was still a young miss of the house and was taught all the necessary etiquette, rules, appearance, and manners so she wouldn’t be an embarrassment when she served tea to the main mistress of the house on the 15th of every month. Also, her wet nurse was from a large family, and she researched the art of tea before becoming a servant, which made Tang Tang quite knowledgeable about tea.

Zhuo Ji was slightly shocked. He didn’t think that Tang Tang would understand tea. Also, Tang Tang's movements were graceful when she drank, he had only seen such manner and grace from his grandmother.

This Tang Tang was very different from what he had heard. Zhuo Ji became interested and said, “It seems that sister-in-law understands the art of tea. Can you make tea? How about performing the tea ceremony and let me taste?”

Tang Tang was frightened and waved her hand, “No. No. I don’t understand it in detail. I don’t want to embarrass myself.” She really couldn’t perform the tea ceremony properly, and she definitely could not be compared to a professional. Also, her wet nurse had always said that she didn’t have much talent for it.

“You don’t need to be so nervous. Just do it for fun.”

“Then .. then alright. I hope brother Zhuo won’t mind my poor performance. ” Since Tang Tang couldn’t avoid it, she started performing the tea ceremony. Tang Tang did it accordingly to the steps her wet nurse had taught her.

Even though Tang Tang’s tea ceremony couldn't be compared to the legitimate young mistresses of important families in her previous world;because she was currently in the 21st century where skills like the tea ceremony had almost gone extinct, she looked like and expert. Zhuo Ji was astonished when he watched Tang Tang as her movements were professional and graceful. He had to admit that he was not as good as her. Perhaps only his grandmother could be compared to Tang Tang.

He didn’t think that Ji Yan’s wife would have such hidden skills. “Please taste this, brother Zhuo,” said Tang Tang as she passed a cup of tea to Zhuo Ji.

Zhuo Ji drank a mouthful. His eyes brightened and praised, “Sister-in-law has good skills. It’s superior to mine.”

Tang Tang waved her hands, embarrassed, “Brother Zhuo is joking.”

At that moment, a couple of people came back from playing in the sea. They were shocked when they saw Zhuo Ji and Tang Tang chatting and drinking tea happily together because they all knew Zhuo Ji was normally someone difficult to get close to.

“Big brother, how come you’re drinking tea?” Gu Zhang An asked curiously.

Zhuo Ji pushed the teapot while saying, “You should also try it. Sister-in-law’s skills are very good. I can’t be compared to her.”

Everyone else was startled and looked at Tang Tang with surprise. Zhuo Ji was taught by people skilled in the art of tea. Normal people’s skills couldn't be compared to Zhuo Ji's. But saying that Tang Tang’s skills were superior, was this a joke?

Ji Xiao Zhuo didn’t have any extra thoughts as the adults did. When he heard that the tea his mummy had made was good, Xiao Zhuo ran to Tang Tang and acted like a spoiled child. “Mummy, I’m thirsty. I want some tea.”

Tang Tang quickly poured a cup of tea for Xiao Zhuo. The little one couldn’t understand tea, so he simply gulped the tea down and smacked his lips. Xiao Zhuo thought that it tasted slightly bitter, and it wasn’t as good as juice, but since it was his mummy who made it, and he couldn’t destroy his mummy’s stage, Xiao Zhuo nodded and seriously said, “En, good tea!”

Everyone laughed when they saw Xiao Zhuo acting so seriously.

After she finished serving the young one, Tang Tang naturally didn’t forget about the child’s father and immediately poured a cup for Ji Yan, “Dear, have some tea.”

Ji Yan was also curious, so he took the cup. Instead of gulping the tea down like Xiao Zhuo, he slowly sipped it. He could taste a slight sweetness spreading in his mouth. Although Ji Yan didn’t have a deep understanding of tea, he knew that the one he drank was very good.

She actually had tea ceremony skills. When did she learn it?

When everyone else saw this, they became interested and also wanted to taste the tea. Tang Tang became happy and poured everyone a cup. But when Tang Tang came to Gu Yan Ran, she was rejected, “Sorry, Tang Tang. I don’t really like tea. I prefer coffee.”

“No problem. It’s alright.” Tang Tang didn’t mind.

Everyone played until late before returning to the villa. They were all staying at the villa for the night before going home tomorrow.

After playing around for a day, everyone was hungry. As the sky darkened, everyone wanted to eat, but the main problem was who was going to cook?

Zhuo Ji would only occasionally come to this villa, so some people were hired to clean the place at times.However, there was no fixed staff, so everything had to be done personally, and that included cooking.

The men all looked at each other and expressed their powerlessness. Their meals were normally made for them, and they just had to eat, so none of them could cook. They could help, but it was best to forget asking them to cook.

Ji Yue also didn’t know how to cook, so she glanced at Zhuo Ji speechlessly before saying, “Big brother, you just brought food and didn’t hire a chef. Who are you trying to make it difficult for? You should be aware of our cooking abilities, right?”

Zhuo Ji smiled apologetically, “I originally planned to ask Aunt Wang from home but something suddenly came up with her family, so there was only time to bring the food over. The prepared food was already eaten at lunch. So tonight we can only rely on ourselves. It can also be considered as a different experience.” However, when Zhuo Ji finished speaking, he also felt he was making it difficult for everyone, so he suggested, “How about checking if we can get take out?”

Gu Yan Ran raised her phone, “I’ve already checked. We’re too far from the city, no place would deliver to here.”

Instantly, everyone felt anguished. They could only go hungry tonight.

Seeing such pitiful expression on other people’s faces, Tang Tang could only silently raise her hand, “I can make it. I can cook.”

Everyone turned to look at Tang Tang with surprise.

Ji Xiao Zhuo fully supported his mother and patted his chest before telling everyone, “My mummy’s cooking is great. The most delicious food!” Xiao Zhuo’s tone was filled with pride.

In response, everyone looked at Ji Yan with questioning gazes.

Ji Yan nodded, he rolled his sleeves up and spoke to Tang Tang, “Then we’ll trouble you tonight. I’ll help out.”

Tang Tang waved her hand before pushing Ji Xiao Zhuo towards Ji Yan, “No need. Take Bao Bao with you and have a break. I’ll be fine by myself, no one needs to give me a hand. I’ll be done in one hour at the latest.”

Ji Yan discovered that Tang Tang didn’t seem to like him entering the kitchen to help her, so he could only bring Xiao Zhuo with him to sit with everyone else.

Gu Zhang An asked Ji Yan with uncertainty, “Lao San, can she really cook? She won’t blow up big brother’s kitchen, right?”

When Ji Yue heard this, she pinched his ear, “Gu Zhang An, what are you hinting? Are you trying to mock me? I only blew up the kitchen once, and you still remember!”

Gu Zhang An quickly begged for forgiveness, “No, no, I’m not talking about you. I’m only worried about sister-in-law.”

“Heng!” Ji Yue humph before letting go. She also glanced worriedly at the kitchen, “Nothing will blow up, right? Should we take a look?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was unhappy when he saw that everyone didn’t seem to trust his mummy. He pouted, “Mummy is great at cooking. Just you wait!”

Ji Yan patted the little one’s head and told everyone, “Don’t worry. Her cooking skills are truly good.”

Since Ji Yan had said it, everyone believed him, but they still didn't feel relieved at heart. Even though they didn't know Ji Yan’s wife well, they knew that she was an irresponsible woman who was always drunk. They always thought it was unfortunate for Ji Yan, but Tang Tang gave them a different image this time. She was polite and courteous, and she even knew how to cook and perform the tea ceremony. She was totally like a good wife and loving mother. What was going on?

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