My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 18


After an hour, the table was filled with food cooked by Tang Tang.All the dishes all looked delicious and colourful, and their fragrance was mouth-watering.

“Wow–” Everyone stared at the food in amazement, and then they looked at Tang Tang with reverence. In particular, Ji Yue was filled with admiration for Tang Tang, “You’re too amazing, Tang Tang. You can prepare all these delicious dishes by yourself. You’re like a God.” To Chen Yue, who was like a kitchen killer, Tang Tang was simply her idol.

Tang Tang blushed from the praise and moved her hands in embarrassment, “No, no, it’s just some typical family dishes. Everyone, come and eat quickly.”

Everyone decided not to be courteous and immediately lifted their chopsticks to start eating. Because the food was too tasty, everyone ate so much that in the end, they couldn't help hiccuping. All the dishes that Tang Tang made were swept clean, and the rice cooker was emptied as well.

Gu Zhang An gave Tang Tang a big thumbs up, “Sister-in-law, they are no complaints with your cooking. It’s so good. Lao San is lucky.”

Ji Yue followed up with, “Looks like now we know where to go to freeload a meal.”

Zhuo Ji also said, “Remember to take me along when you go.”

Tang Tang became happy and bashful from the praises. So she collected the bowls and utensils and escaped to the kitchen.

Since Tang Tang had cooked, Ji Yue didn't want to leave all the cleaning to her, so she followed Tang Tang into the kitchen to help. However, she ended up discovering that she was clumsy in the kitchen and couldn’t help Tang Tang with anything. A moment later, Tang Tang swiftly finished everything by herself,the kitchen looked brand new.

Ji Yue was astonished and her impression of Tang Tang changed completely. She felt that they must have misunderstood Tang Tang in the past since she was clearly a good person.

When she was done cleaning, Tang Tang didn’t leave the kitchen. Instead, she grabbed some ingredients from the fridge and began preparing them.

“Tang Tang, what are you planning to do?” Ji Yue asked curiously.

Tang Tang prepared the ingredients while she answered, “I saw that everyone ate a lot tonight. It’s not good to sleep with a stuffed stomach, so I’m making some digestive tea for everyone so it won’t affect tonight’s sleep and help with digestion.”

Ji Yan gasped in surprise, “Heavens, you even thought of that? You’re too virtuous. Do you pamper Ji Yan at home like this as well?”

“Ah?” Tang Tang blanked. “It’s not pampering. These are things that I should do. After all, he’s working so hard at the military, I should look after him and Bao Bao properly.”

Ji Yue froze and suddenly started to reflect. Did she treat Gu Zhang An too badly? On the other hand, he would occasionally wash her feet and give her a massage when he came back from work. Was she a bad wife?

However, she couldn’t be like Tang Tang.

Why did she suddenly felt that Ji Yan had married a treasure-like wife?

The digestive tea that Tang Tang prepared was effective. When everyone drank it, their stomachs didn’t feel as stuffed as before, and the taste of the tea was surprisingly good as well. Even Ji Xiao Zhuo drank it with relish and still wanted to have more after drinking two large cups. When Tang Tang noticed, she took his cup away, “Don’t drink more tea.You’ll wet your bed tonight if you drink more.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pouted. He wasn’t satisfied and quickly defended his dignity, “Mummy, I’m not three years old anymore. I don’t wet my bed!”

Discovering that she had stepped on the little one’s tail, Tang Tang quickly adapted and changed her words, “Ok. Ok. Mummy knows you won’t wet the bed. Mummy was just afraid you’ll keep going to the toilet tonight if you drink too much.”

The little one’s mood was better again after he heard Tang Tang’s words. However, he still didn’t forget to remind Tang Tang, “Then you can’t suspect that I’ll wet the bed next time. I’m a man, after all, You can’t say things like that.”

Tang Tang lifted her hand to pledge, “Ok. Ok. Mummy guarantees that something like that won’t be mentioned in the future.”

Their exchange made everyone else restrain their laughter. The conversation was so precious, ah.

Suddenly, Ji Yan’s mobile phone started ringing. He saw that it was a call from Aunt Li, so he answered the phone, “Hello, Aunt Li.”

Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo instantly turned to look at Ji Yan when they heard this as they wondered why Aunt Li called.

They didn’t know what Aunt Li had said, but when the call ended, Ji Yan's expression didn’t look so good.

Ji Xiao Zhuo worriedly went to pull on Ji Yan’s sleeve, “Daddy, what did Grandma Li say? When is she coming back?” Aunt Li could be considered as the one who brought Ji Xiao Zhuo up, so they had a good relationship. Since they haven’t seen each other in so many days, Xiao Zhuo missed her.

Even though Xiao Zhuo was so young, Ji Yan didn’t hide anything from him and told him the truth, “Grandma Li’s little granddaughter isn’t doing so well. She needs to stay at home and look after her grandson and granddaughter, so she can’t look after you anymore.”

“Ah?” Ji Xiao Zhuo's mouth opened. He couldn’t accept the information so suddenly.

Ji Yan sighed and stroked Xiao Zhuo’s head, “You need to understand Grandma Li’s reason. She also misses you, but something happened in her family, so she can’t leave them.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pursed his lips as he unhappily played with his fingers.

Ji Yan placed a hand on his forehead with worry. Since Aunt Li couldn’t look after Xiao Zhuo anymore, he wouldn’t be able to return to the base in peace. He couldn’t leave Xiao Zhuo alone, and it took time to search for another nanny. Also, it was not easy to find a nanny that met his requirements. He wouldn’t be assured if he left a stranger looking after Xiao Zhuo.

Zhuo Ji understood Ji Yan’s worries and asked, “Then what will happen in the future? Do you want me to help you search for someone reliable to look after Xiao Zhuo?”

Gu Zhang An also said, “I can also help you search. I will go back and ask the auntie at my house.”

Ji Yan hadn’t made a decision yet when Ji Yue suddenly interrupted, “I think there is no need to search for a nanny. Just take Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo with you. Tang Tang can look after Xiao Zhuo there, and since Ji Yan has a high enough military rank and Tang Tang doesn’t work,there won’t be a problem. If they go, the family can live together every day. Isn’t that good?”

Once Ji Yue spoke, the place went silent. Everyone’s gaze fell on Tang Tang.

Tang Tang was bewildered from everyone’s stares. However, Ji Yue’s words had attracted her attention, does that mean she and Bao Bao could live with him and see each other every day? Was that possible? She thought that they could only wait for Ji Yan to come home during his holidays. She never thought that they could move and live with him. If it was like that, then Bao Bao would be able to see his daddy every day, and the family would not be separated.

Tang Tang couldn’t help moving her sight towards Ji Yan while she felt a bit nervous inside.

Ji Yan met her gaze and said, “Let’s talk about this later.”

Seeing that he didn’t agree, Tang Tang felt somewhat disappointed. Of course, he didn’t like her. Maybe he didn’t want to bring her with him to live together. It was just unfortunate for Bao Bao.


At night, it was still Ji Xiao Zhuo who slept in the middle between Tang Tang and Ji Yan.

Ji Xiao Zhuo stayed still for a bit before he started moving. He moved his leg above Ji Yan’s leg and then climbed on Ji Yan’s body. Laying on Ji Yan’s chest, Xiao Zhuo looked up and asked, “Daddy, is Aunt Li really not coming back to look after me anymore?”

Ji Yan let an “En” sound.

Ji Xiao Zhuo sighed. He placed his hands under his chin and said, “Then mummy and I can only rely on each other to survive in the future? We're so pitiful.”

Tang Tang was speechless.

“. . . Who taught you to use ‘relying on each other to survive’ like this?” Ji Yan asked.

Ji Xiao Zhuo replied, “TV was showing this, ah. The baby’s daddy didn’t want him and his mummy anymore. Then the child and his mummy lived together by themselves, which is called relying on each other to survive.”

Ji Yan covered his forehead with his hand. He didn’t know if letting Ji Xiao Zhuo watch TV was a good or a bad thing, “But daddy hasn't abandoned you, Xiao Zhuo. I’ll still come back to visit, so you and mummy are not depending on each other for survival.”

Straightening his lips, Ji Xiao Zhuo was filled with distress as he said, “But there is only me and mummy at home, ah. Everyone else lives with their mummy and daddy.”

Ji Yan felt his heart sank. Guilt filled him up once again.

Seeing that his daddy didn’t speak, Ji Xiao Zhuo poked Ji Yan on his chest and said, “Daddy, it’s hard for mummy to look after me by herself. She can’t lift up bags and can't change a broken light.

Tang Tang felt embarrassed as she listened. She didn't want Ji Yan to believe that she was useless. She didn’t want him to think that she couldn’t even do simple tasks, so she quickly explained to Ji Yan, “That’s not true. I just can't put weight on my leg yet. When my leg is healed, I'll be able to carry the bags and change the lights. It’s true!”

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang with a complicated gaze and asked, “There are lights not working at home?”

Tang Tang denied, “No, no, there aren’t any lights that need changing.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo refuted Tang Tang, “That’s not true. The light in mummy’s bathroom is not working. Mummy can only wash in the dark.”

Tang Tang bit her lip. It was a bit embarrassing to be sold out by her son.

Pausing for a moment, Ji Yan patted on the little one’s back, “I know now. Daddy will fix it when we get back.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was satisfied.

Deciding that he had pampered his daddy enough and that it was mummy’s turn, Ji Xiao Zhuo got off from Ji Yan and rolled towards Tang Tang. Xiao Zhuo didn’t climb on his mummy as he knew that his mummy was thin and didn’t have the strength to support him. He went into her embrace and said, “Mummy, don’t be afraid. I’ll grow up well, and I’ll carry the bags and change the light bulbs for you in the future.”

Tang Tang almost cried happy tears because of Ji Xiao Zhou’s sweetness, soshe hugged and kissed him, “Mummy’s precious, my darling, my treasure, mummy loves you.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo kissed Tang Tang back, “I love mummy as well.”

Seeing the mother and son expressing their love like no one else was around them, Ji Yan suddenly felt he was an extra.

Luckily they didn’t express their love for a long time. Ji Xiao Zhuo had played crazily today, so he was dozing off and soon fell asleep under Tang Tang’s gentle patting. He even began snoring.

Tang Tang kissed the little one’s forehead before turning to Ji Yan. She hid the slight shyness she felt in her heart and said, “Husband, I’m also going to sleep now. Goodnight.”

Ji Yan paused, and let out a sound of acknowledgement after a long time.

Tang Tang laughed silently in the darkness and slowly fell asleep with Ji Xiao Zhuo’s milky scent surrounding her.

Ji Yan couldn’t sleep and used his arm as a pillow as he thought about Ji Xiao Zhuo’s words.

Since Aunt Li was not coming back, Ji Yan definitely did not feel at ease with leaving the mother and son by themselves. Not to mention he didn’t know if Tang Tang would carry on treating Xiao Zhuo well. Even if she did, it was hard for a weak woman like her to look after Xiao Zhuo alone. Looking after a child was not easy, and since she was alone, she would need to do everything herself, including the things that he should be doing, and that would be hard for her.

If they could follow him back, he would be able to see his child every day, and he could also help out with things at home. Then she wouldn’t have the responsibility of doing everything herself.

The only problem was that he didn’t know if she would be willing to move. If it was the past Tang Tang, she definitely wouldn’t be willing, and he wouldn’t have such thoughts. But with the current Tang Tang, he wasn’t certain about her reply.

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