My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 20


To stop Xiao Zhuo from feeling guilty, Tang Tang changed the topic to distract him while she stroked his head, “Why was Bao Bao looking for mummy?”

“Ah!” Ji Xiao Zhuo's thoughts went back to his original purpose, which was to tell Tang Tang about Ji Yan's decision. He became excited again, “Mummy, mummy, I have some good news to tell you. Daddy is taking us to where he works to live with him!”

“What?” Tang Tang looked at Ji Yan with an unbelievable expression, “Husband, you’re taking us to the base?”

Ji Yan nodded, “Aunt Li is not coming over anymore, and I worry about leaving you and Xiao Zhuo alone. With my rank, I can apply for housing at the base. Also, there is a nursery in the area, Xiao Zhuo can attend nursery there. But …”

“What’s wrong?”

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang with uncertainty, “Are you willing to come with me? I would need to train during the day, and Xiao Zhuo can’t be left alone, so you need to come and –“

“Husband, I’m willing to go!” Tang Tang interrupted before Ji Yan could say everything.

Ji Yan felt his voice stuck for a moment. He didn’t expect that she would agree so easily. Originally, he thought that he would need to put a lot of effort to convince her. He even had a list of reasons ready to convince her, but in the end, he didn’t need it.

“En,” Ji Yan responded.

“Then, when are we leaving, daddy?” Xiao Zhuo asked excitedly. Previously, he was unwilling to part with his daddy, but now that he knew he could go with him, he looked forward to leaving as soon as possible. He heard that there were guns and tanks at his daddy's workplace. Wouldn’t he be able to see them if he went, hehe.

“Daddy can’t bring you along yet. Daddy needs to go back and submit an application first before I can bring you and mummy with me, so you and mummy need to wait at home for daddy first, ok?”

Even though he was slightly disappointed that he couldn’t go with his daddy straight away, Ji Xiao Zhuo was a sensible child. Xiao Zhuo nodded, “Okay. Then daddy should come back soon and take us with you.”

“Ok, daddy will come back as soon as possible.”

The corner of Tang Tang’s lips lifted up.

Maybe because they knew the family would be together soon, Tang Tang and Xiao Zhuo didn’t feel depressed about the temporary separation. On the next day, they went to the theme park and played until they were satisfied. Even Tang Tang was able to play on many things despite her injury. Although many people took a side glance at them, the pair was still very happy.

In the evening, Ji Yan had to go back to the squad as his holidays were over. However, the teary scene he thought would happen didn’t occur. Instead, Ji Xiao Zhuo was cheerfully waving his hand and said, “Daddy, don't forget to come back soon to pick us up.”

Ji Yan couldn’t help but laugh as he rubbed Xiao Zhuo’s head. He thought for a moment before reminding Tang Tang, “Since you two are alone at home, remember, if there’s an urgent matter, contact Zhuo Ji or Gu Zhang An if you can’t get a hold of me. Don’t worry about troubling them.”

Tang Tang nodded.

“Take notice of your safety when you go out. Don’t sit in random cars and don’t go to places where there are too many people. You can’t handle Ji Xiao Zhuo alone.”

“En!” Tang Tang nodded, once again.

“Also, control Xiao Zhuo’s food intake. Don’t let him eat too much at night. Don’t let him eat things like ice cream. He can’t gain any more weight; otherwise, he would be seriously overweight, and that’s not good for his health.” That was the most important point he wanted to tell Tang Tang.

Tang Tang blushed with shame. She forced a nod, “I will.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo was unsatisfied. His face was filled with unhappiness when he pulled on Ji Yan’s pants to complain, “Daddy, I’m not fat! I’m very handsome!”

Ji Yan retorted back ruthlessly, “Then who just managed to knock over an adult?”

In a flash, Ji Xiao Zhuo lowered his head and twiddled his fingers together with a guilty conscience.

Even though she wanted to, Tang Tang simply couldn’t help him out of this.

After successfully dealing with Ji Xiao Zhuo, Ji Yan took a rectangular object out and passed it to Tang Tang. “Carry this with you. Contact me if anything happens. My number is already stored inside.”

Tang Tang didn’t understand, so she took the object and discovered it was a mobile phone!

“You … you bought a mobile phone for me?”

“It’s inconvenient without a phone. You can call me if anything happens. Gu Zhang An and the other’s number are also saved on the phone.

“I … I …” Tang Tang felt surprised and helpless at the same time. She didn’t know what to say. He treated her so well. She didn’t know how to repay him.

Ji Yan didn’t require Tang Tang to say anything in particular,so he just took his luggage and headed towards the main door.

In response, Tang Tang pulled on him to stop, “Wait, wait, wait. I want to give something to you.” Then she hurried to the kitchen and brought out the two bottles of sauces and a large bag of jerky that she had made and passed them to Ji Yan. “Here, I made some sauces for you to eat with rice. They should go well together. The bottle is too big, so I prepared a small jar for you as well so you can fill it up and carry it with you. It’s very convenient. There is also some jerky. Eat them when you’re hungry. While it may not fill you up, it will pad your stomach. I will make more for you when you run out.”

“You…” Ji Yan didn’t expect that because she was afraid he wouldn’t eat well and be hungry; she would make the sauces especially for him. No one has ever been so considerate to him in the past He didn’t know what to think now …

Ji Yan was feeling something hard to describe. He silently took the food and thanked her, “Thank you.”

Tang Tang smiled foolishly, “No need to thank me. This is what I should do. Remember to tell me when you finish them. There is no need to save.”

“Ok.” Ji Yan carried the food. This was his first time taking food back to the squad.

Tang Tang would have never imagined that the food she prepared would cause a large commotion.

On the next day, at the base, Ji Yan took a small jar of sauce with him to the canteen during lunch. Honestly, he used to think the food at the canteen was pretty good. However, after eating Tang Tang’s cooking for a few days, Ji Yan suddenly felt it was difficult to swallow down the canteen's food. Luckily, Tang Tang had made these sauces for him.

Although he knew that the sauce made by Tang Tang wouldn't taste bad, Ji Yan was still amazed after having a taste. His taste buds were going through a sensation. The sauce bought from the supermarket couldn't be compared to this. Ji Yan felt that even without side dishes, he could eat three large bowls of rice with just the sauce.

Dong Li walked over as he carried his food tray. He saw a jar of some kind of sauce on Ji Yan’s table, so he went to take a look at it while asking, “Lao Ji, where did you get this? What sauce is it? Why are there no labels?”

While he spoke, he put his chopstick in the jar to get some of the sauce for a taste. When he put the sauce in his mouth …

“God. This sauce is so good! Where did you get this from, Lao Ji?” Dong Li became excited and quickly went to get more sauce from the jar. He couldn’t stop himself.

Seeing Dong Li was pretty much emptying the jar, Ji Yan quickly snatched it back. “Don’t eat it all.”

Dong Li blinked, “Lao Ji, don't be petty. You’re not willing to share a little bit of sauce with me? Give it back. That sauce is really too tasty.”

Ji Yan didn’t mind being called petty. He just wasn’t willing to share because he didn’t even have enough for himself.

Their commotion had gained the attention of the third team’s captain. He also came over with his food tray and asked, “What are you doing?”

Dong Li pointed at Ji Yan while complaining, “I don’t know where Lao Ji got a very tasty sauce from, but he’s being stingy and not sharing.”

Zhang Cheng looked at the jar in Ji Yan’s hand. He also wanted to try, “Lao Ji, give me some. I want to try and see how good that sauce is.”

Knowing that he could not escape from the two hungry wolves, Ji Yan could only hold out the jar, helplessly. Never mind. At least he still had some more.

Zhang Cheng’s eyes brightened as he tried the sauce. Then like a thief, he quickly poured more sauce into his bowl, “Jesus, what sauce is this? It’s definitely not bought from a store!”

Dong Li tried to snatch the jar while asking, “Lao Ji, tell us the truth. Where did it come from?”

Ji Yan calmly ate as he replied, “Xiao Zhuo’s mother made it.”

“Hek–Keke–” Dong Li coughed as rice sprayed out. He choked. Dong Li coughed as he asked unbelievably, “What did you say? Xiao Zhuo’s mother made it? You’re not joking with me, right?”

Ji Yan didn’t want to bother with him.

“It’s true?” Dong Li was so shocked that he stopped eating, “Lao Ji, what on earth happened? Does Xiao Zhuo’s mother even know how to cook? Didn’t she just know how to –” He silently swallowed the word ‘drink’ when he saw Ji Yan’s gaze.

Zhang Cheng was unaware of Ji Yan’s family issues and laughed out loud, “So sister-in-law is talented, her cooking skills are very good. Lao Ji, you are very fortunate, unlike me, my wife doesn’t even enter the kitchen.”

Ji Yan did not respond, and Dong Li felt like he shouldn’t say anything. Restraining his curiosity, Dong Li finished the meal before following Ji Yan back to their accommodation.

Once they entered Ji Yan’s room, Dong Li shut the door behind him and impatiently asked, “Lao Ji, what has actually happened? Why do I feel like something major has changed?”

Ji Yan drank some water before responding. He didn’t hide anything, “Xiao Zhuo’s mother got into a car accident. She has lost her memory, and her personality has changed. She treats Xiao Zhuo extremely well, and she also treats me…” Very well.

“Really? Does she have amnesia? Like in TV dramas, it’s not a trick?” How can that woman suddenly change and treat Xiao Zhuo well?

Ji Yan shook his head, “She’s not faking it. Her memories are gone.”

Since Ji Yan was saying that, then the amnesia must be true. However, Dong Li still thought something was off, “I didn’t think something from a TV drama would happen. So from what you’re saying, she has changed for good?”

Ji Yan nodded.

Dong Li couldn’t imagine what has happened, but it would be great if Xiao Zhuo’s mother had really changed for good. At least, this would be a good thing for Xiao Zhuo and Ji Yan since children needed a mother’s love.

Patting on Ji Yan’s shoulder, Dong Li said, “This is good news. Since it’s like this, you no longer need to constantly worry about Xiao Zhuo. Also, Xiao Zhuo should be pretty happy.”

As Xiao Zhuo’s current lively behavior came to mind, Ji Yan couldn’t deny that Tang Tang’s change was a very good thing for Xiao Zhuo.

“I’m planning to apply for military housing and bring her and Xiao Zhuo over.”

“Ah?” Once again, Dong Li was shocked by the turn of events. In the past, he had mentioned it many times, but Ji Yan didn’t even think about bringing Xiao Zhuo over. What’s with the sudden change of heart?

Ji Yan explained without being asked, “Something came up in Aunt Li’s family so she can no longer look after Xiao Zhuo. I’m worried about leaving just those two alone over there, and Xiao Zhuo wanted to come here.

Dong Li wrinkled his brows and asked confusedly, “Will she be able to look after Xiao Zhuo properly? Even though you would be living together, you won’t have time to look after Xiao Zhuo.”

Ji Yan answered after a period of silence, “She should be able to handle it.”

Since Ji Yan has already decided, Dong Li wished his friend well. Maybe there was hope.

At this moment, Dong Li, with sharp eyes, noticed that there were two large bottles and a bag that contained something. His eyes brightened as he was reminded of the sauce from lunch. Dong Li quickly threw himself over and opened the bottles. Immediately, a rich fragrance spread in the room.

Ji Yan couldn’t stop him in time, even if he wanted to.

“Wah! So much sauce, there are even two different flavors! Wa, there is even jerky!” Dong Li took out a jerky and placed it in his mouth. He was soon conquered by the food. “This jerky is too tasty. Was it Xiao Zhuo’s mother who made it?”

Ji Yan nodded as he immediately went on guard. Ji Yan’s gaze was fixed on Dong Li since he knew Dong Li must be planning something.

As expected, Dong Li quickly grabbed one of the sauce bottles and headed towards the exit after saying, “So Xiao Zhuo’s mother actually has some skill. I’ve underestimated her in the past.”

Ji Yan quickly went up from behind and captured Dong Li before throwing him to the ground. Then he nimbly snatched the bottle back.

Dong Li was flat on the ground. He felt like his bones were going to break, “Lao Li, how can you be so fierce, isn’t it just some sauce! Do you need to go so far!?”

“Yes.” Ji Yan simply stored all the food into the drawer and locked it. He was taking all the necessary precautionary measures.

Dong Li was dumbfounded as he watched, “Lao Ji, I didn’t think you were like this! Attacking your brother because of some food, are you still human?”

Pretending that he didn’t hear him, Ji Yan remained calm. After all, he was relying on those to pass his coming days. If they were taken away from him, he probably wouldn't be able to swallow any rice down.

In the end, Dong Li had to give up as he couldn’t steal the food. After that, he sat down on a chair and hatefully said, “Fine, you win. You’re not giving me any? Then I’ll wait. Normally when a new family arrives, they will have to hold a dinner party, I’ll wait till Xiao Zhuo and his mother come then I will naturally be able to eat it.”

Ji Yan didn’t make a noise. In his mind, he was considering if he should invite some people over for a meal when that time arrives. There was a rule at the squad that the new family should invite the others for a meal as house warming, but he didn’t know if Tang Tang would be willing or think it was too troublesome.

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