My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 19


Everyone woke up late the next day. Originally, they assumed that they would have to go home hungry. However, when they went downstairs, there was a charming aroma floating around.

Following the scent, everyone was shocked when they discovered that Tang Tang had already made breakfast! And there were many choices too!

“Wa–Tang Tang, you’re so virtuous. If I was a man, I would definitely marry you!” Ji Yue couldn’t take it and wanted to hug and kiss Tang Tang. Luckily Gu Zhang An stopped her.

Tang Tang smiled, “I saw that there were still some ingredients left in the fridge, so I used them to make breakfast. Everyone can eat before you leave. Leaving your stomach empty for too long is not good for the body.”

“You’re too good! Mwah!” Ji Yue didn’t say anything else and rushed over to fight for the food as she knew that if she was slow, she might not get anything. Last night, she didn’t manage to get any lamp chops to eat; the men got to them first.

For breakfast, Tang Tang prepared fish congee, steamed gyozas, soup dumplings, and boiled eggs. It was an authentic Chinese breakfast.

Everyone was already conscious of the taste of Tang Tang’s cooking, so this time they didn’t need Ji Xiao Zhuo’s compliments before they all quickly started to eat. They were all like starving wolves.

“Quick. Quick. Quick. Gu Zhang An quickly peel me an egg!” Ji Yue instructed Gu Zhang An as she ate one soup dumpling.

Gu Zhang An helplessly poked her forehead and indicated her to look at Ji Yan, “Wife look at what Ji Yan’s wife is doing. Can’t you learn from her?”

“En?” Ji Yue stilled for a moment before noticing Tang Tang placing a peeled egg into Ji Yan’s bowl.

Ji Yue blinked, then she silently moved her gaze away and continued eating. She even didn’t pat Gu Zhang An’s shoulder to comfort him, “Don’t be envious of Ji Yan. These things can’t be forced.”

Gu Zhang An was speechless.

Zhuo Ji’s lips lifted as he spoke in defense of Ji Yue, “People like Tang Tang are extinct. The only one left was taken by Ji Yan. We don’t have any chance.” Zhuo Ji unconsciously thought about a girl who constantly acted spoiled and had a shameless attitude with him. He shook his head helplessly, not everyone had Ji Yan’s fortune.

After breakfast, everyone started to go home. All of them were busy people, so they couldn’t take many days off to play.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was very satisfied for the past two days. e not only was able to play, but his daddy and mummy were also by his side, and that was the most important part. He was not jealous of the other kids anymore.

“Mummy, are you happy?” Ji Xiao Zhuo asked Tang Tang while he was in her embrace.

Tang Tang nodded without thinking, “Of course, mummy is very happy.” She was telling the truth. Although she didn’t play much for the past two days, she used her actions to change the impression other people had of her. Everyone didn’t dislike her anymore. To Tang Tang, this was the greatest achievement of the trip.

Also, she felt that she was a little closer to Bao Bao’s daddy. Tang Tang was secretly delighted.

After asking mummy, Ji Xiao Zhuo asked his daddy, “Are you happy, daddy?”

Ji Yan smiled as he nodded, “Happy.”

“I knew you’ll be happy when you play with me.” The little one said with narcissism. Then he asked, “Do you want to play with me tomorrow as well?”

Ji Yan already knew what the little one wanted to say,so he took the initiative and said, “I’ll take you to the theme park tomorrow.”

“Yes–” Ji Xiao Zhuo hugged Tang Tang and shook excitedly, “Mummy, we’re going to the theme park tomorrow! We can play on the pirate ship, roller coaster, and …”

The little one listed every ride that came to mind. To be honest, Xiao Zhuo had never been to a theme park himself, but he remembered everything he had heard from the other children about theme parks.

Tang Tang went along with the little one and nodded at appropriate occasions. She wanted Xiao Zhuo to be happy tomorrow, and it was also Xiao Zhuo’s daddy last day off. It was unknown when they would see each other again.

As she remembered that Ji Yan was going to leave, Tang Tang felt a little reluctant to part with him. She was unsure if he would eat and sleep well at his squad or if he would look after himself properly. The canteen at their base probably didn’t have tasty food. He was already tired from training, it wouldn’t be good if he couldn’t even eat well.

Tang Tang felt like she should do something for Ji Yan. How about making some food for him to take back? At least she would be doing her best for him to eat well.

Thinking up to this point, Tang Tang spoke to Ji Yan, who was driving at the front, “Husband, let’s go to the supermarket. I want to buy something.”

When Ji Yan heard her, he directly drove the car to the supermarket’s car park. The family of three entered the supermarket together. This time, Ji Yan was pushing the shopping trolley while Xiao Zhuo held onto Tang Tang’s pants as they walked.

Tang Tang glanced at the little one beside her leg and pulled on Ji Yan’s sleeve.

Ji Yan looked at her, “What’s wrong?”

Secretly, Tang Tang leaned closer to Ji Yan’s ear and tried not to let Ji Xiao Zhuo overhear, “Husband let Bao Bao sit in the trolley. All the other children are sitting in the trolley. Usually, I can’t put Bao Bao in because of my leg, but Bao Bao actually wants to sit in there.”

In response, Ji Yan looked at his surroundings and saw most adults placed their young children in the seat in the shopping trolley. Ji Xiao Zhuo was the only one who was walking on his short legs.

Ji Yan bent down to pick Ji Xiao Zhuo up.

Ji Xiao Zhuo blanked, “What are you doing, daddy?”

“Daddy will push while you sit down,” said Ji Yan as he placed Ji Xiao Zhuo in the shopping trolley’s seat.

Ji Xiao Zhuo understood the situation and unconsciously smiled. Since he was afraid that other people would find out, he forced himself to restrain from smiling and waved his hand, “Ah, I’m not three years old anymore. It’s not good for me to sit on this.”

Tang Tang held in her laugh while Ji Yan’s lips twitched.


Tang Tang bought five kilos of beef and chicken each. It was a large amount of meat. Ji Yan didn’t understand, “Why are you buying so much meat? It won’t be fresh if it’s kept too long.”

“Oh, I want to make some sauce.” Tang Tang didn’t mention that she was making it for him. She was planning to hide it first because it would be awkward if she mentioned it, and Ji Yan said he didn't want it. It would be best if she made it first before telling him. He would probably be willing to take it with him then.

Ji Yan didn’t think too much about it and just nodded.

It was still early when they got home. Tang Tang made some simple dishes for the father and son to eat before taking the meat to the kitchen to prepare the sauce. She was planning to make a beef and pork sauce that would taste and go well with rice.

Tang Tang was planning to make jerky with the leftover meat. The jerky could last for a long time, and it tasted good. It was also great to eat when hungry. She was using the secret recipe that her wet nurse had taught her. Most people had never tried it before and didn't know that jerky was suitable for people who exercised a lot.

While Tang Tang was busy in the kitchen, Ji Yan took Xiao Zhuo to the hardware shop to buy a lightbulb. When they returned, Ji Yan went into Tang Tang’s bathroom to change the lights. Then he went around the house to check the objects and fixed everything that was broken.

Ji Xiao Zhuo followed Ji Yan from behind. When Ji Yan was finished, Xiao Zhuo suddenly asked, “Daddy, you are going to leave, aren’t you?”

Ji Yan touched Xiao Zhuo’s face, “Daddy’s holiday is ending. I need to get back to the squad by tomorrow night.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pursed his lips and stopped himself from crying. He put up a strong front and said, “Daddy, I’ll behave at home. I will look after mummy. You don’t need to worry. “

Ji Yan lifted the little one and gave him a tender kiss, “Ok. I know you’re a good boy. Daddy believes you.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo had his arms around Ji Yan’s neck and buried his face into Ji Yan. Xiao Zhuo’s eyes reddened as his voice choked, “Then if I miss you, can I go and see you, daddy?”

Ji Yan’s heart ached. After a period of silence, he suddenly asked, “Xiao Zhuo, do you want to come and live with daddy? Are you willing to attend the nursery over there?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo immediately lifted his head, “I can go with daddy?”

“Yes. However, there are no tall buildings, no theme parks, no delicious food, and there is nowhere fun to play. Are you still willing to go?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded without giving it any thought, “I’m willing! It’s fine as long as I can be with daddy. I want to go with you. Take me with you, daddy.”

Ji Yan kissed Xiao Zhuo’s forehead as he made a decision in his mind.

Like he suddenly remembered something important, Xiao Zhuo asked nervously, “Then, are we bringing mummy as well? I don’t want to separate with mummy. We need to bring mummy with us. We can’t leave her.”

“Ok…” Ji Yan suddenly had a feeling that the little pig he had been raising was stolen by someone else. How long has it been, and the little one was constantly thinking about his mummy. Would he be pushed to the last place after some more time?

After knowing that his daddy would be taking him along, Ji Xiao Zhuo was extremely happy. He instantly dashed towards the kitchen and crashed into Tang Tang like a little bullet.

Tang Tang, who was thin as a skeleton, couldn’t handle such a strong force or weight. Having one of her legs was injured made her standing unstable, so she was knocked over. As she fell, her arm collided with the stove. It was very painful, and she couldn’t stand up by herself.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was frightened and knew that he had done something wrong. He instantly went to try and lift Tang Tang up, but he was too young and small, so he called out to Ji Yan urgently.

Ji Yan rushed in, took a glance at the situation before he quickly lifting Tang Tang up and carried her to the sofa in the living room, “What’s wrong? Are you hurt anywhere?”

Hiding her pain, Tang Tang shook her hand, “Nothing. Nothing. My arm was knocked into something, and I just suddenly had a loss of strength in my legs.”

Ji Yan examined Tang Tang's arm and checked the bone. He noticed that the bone was alright, but there was a tissue injury, which might swell later.

He applied some medicine on Tang Tang’s arm.

Ji Xiao Zhuo felt very guilty and tearfully apologized, “I’m sorry, mummy. I was wrong. I shouldn’t crash into you with so much force.” Normally he would do the same thing to Ji Yan, but Ji Yan was able to catch him every time. He momentarily overlooked the difference in strength between his daddy and mummy. He forgot that their strength was not the same.

Tang Tang wiped his tears, “It’s alright. There’s nothing wrong with mummy. Don’t worry. “

“Then I’ll blow it for you mummy, it won’t hurt after blowing on it.” Ji Xiao Zhuo took Tang Tang’s arm and started to blow on it.

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang. She really could be described as thin as a skeleton. She looked like she would be knocked over by a strong wind. Her body definitely couldn’t handle the force from Xiao Zhuo’s body. Luckily nothing serious happened this time, but the same couldn't be said if it had occurred at the stairs or some other dangerous areas. That was why Ji Yan seriously lectured Xiao Zhuo, “You can’t run to mummy with such force next time. Mummy is slim, so she can’t catch you. You need to remember this, Xiao Zhuo.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo lowered his head and mumbled, “I know. I’m too fat. Mummy can’t catch me.”

So he knew he was fat. Ji Yan thought helplessly.

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