My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 28


Ji Xiao Zhuo watched Wen Wen constantly picking out clothes to try. Then he looked towards Tang Tang in comparison. He pulled on Tang Tang’s hand and asked, “Mummy, aren’t you going to buy some clothes?”

Tang Tang shook her head, “Mummy, doesn’t need to. Mummy has clothes.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo frowned in puzzlement, “But I haven’t seen you go clothes shopping, don’t all girls like buying clothes a lot? Why aren’t you buying clothes as well?”

She didn’t expect the little one to know that females generally liked shopping. Tang Tang also didn’t know where he had heard this from.In the end, she smiled and stroked his head, “Not all girls like shopping. Mummy doesn’t like it.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo looked at her suspiciously and remembered the expression she had when she paid for the furniture. He shook his head, “No. That’s not true. Mummy, you’re lying. You also like shopping, right? You’re just not willing to spend money, right?”

She didn’t expect the little one to be so sharp and correctly guess her reason. Tang Tang patiently explained, “Part of the reason is really that mummy already has clothes. The other part is to save money. Mummy doesn’t work, so both of us rely on daddy working really hard to support us. So we shouldn’t waste daddy’s hard-earned money, right? We shouldn’t spend money unnecessarily.”

Even though he didn’t fully understand, Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded and wondered if his family was poor and if he should eat less in the future.

At this moment, Wen Wen, who was wearing a white dress, came out from the dressing room. She did a twirl before asking, “Sister Tang Tang, what do you think? Does it look good?”

Tang Tang carefully analyzed her. Taking into consideration that they grew up in different time periods, and that they had different customs in the dressing style, Tang Tang still thought that the dress was beautiful. She gave Wen Wen a thumbs up and said, “Very good. It suits you really well.”

“Really? I also think it looks good as well. Then I will get this!” Wen Wen simply let the sales assistant take the dress to the counter to pack. After that, Wen Wen noticed that Tang Tang had been sitting still all the time and said, “Sister Tang Tang, why don’t you try on some clothes. Since we came to the city, why not buy some clothes?”

To be honest, Wen Wen felt that Tang Tang’s clothes were unsuitable for her. Tang Tang was young, but she dressed up like she was a middle-aged woman in her thirties or forties. Tang Tang didn’t look good in those clothes. Wen Wen thought that Tang Tang should change her dress style because Xiao Zhuo’s father was so outstanding, what would she do if he disliked her clothes?

Tang Tang smiled faintly and shook her head, “I’m not buying any. I have enough clothes.”

In response, Wen Wen’s eyes turned, she suddenly moved closer to Tang Tang and quietly said, “Sister Tang Tang, you actually really like Xiao Zhuo’s father, right?”

Tang Tang blanked. She looked dryly at Wen Wen and replied, “Wen Wen, you .. you … what are you saying?”

Wen Wen laughed and put her arm around Tang Tang’s shoulder, “Don’t deny it. I have seen the way you look at Xiao Zhuo’s father, that can’t escape my eyes. The way you look at him is soft like water, I have never seen a woman so gentle before!”

Was she so obvious? Tang Tang couldn’t help it and touched her eyes. Her face went red. Tang Tang stammered, but no words came out.

Seeing Tang Tang suddenly became red, Wen Wen patted her shoulder, “Ai, it’s nothing embarrassing. You’re husband and wife. It’s normal to like your husband. If you don’t like him, then that’s not normal.”

Tang Tang went silent because she had no way of explaining to Wen Wen about her husband-and-wife relationship.

Wen Wen interrupted and changed the topic slightly, “But Xiao Zhuo’s father is really outstanding, so his wife can’t be too bad. Otherwise, people would think you are not suitable. Also, men are animals that rely on sight. If you want to keep a man, you must become beautiful; otherwise, they will soon dislike you. So it’s important for women to be beautiful!”

Tang Tang agreed with Wen Wen’s words. So she had to say her true thoughts, “I agree with you. However,I think that I’m unsuitable for Xiao Zhuo’s daddy because I’m originally not beautiful.”

After hearing this response, Wen Wen almost spat blood. Wen Wen sighed and sized up Tang Tang, “Sister Tang Tang, your height is probably similar to mine about 167cm, but your weight is probably half of mine?

Feeling that her weight was getting mocked, Tang Tang retorted, “What do you mean by probably half? I weigh 39kg!”

“My god!” Wen Wen was dumbfounded. “We’re similar in height, but I weigh 55kg, and you’re only 39kg! Did you eat only rice when growing up?”

Tang Tang felt wronged, “But I’m already trying really hard to gain weight.”

Wen Wen seriously told her, “To be honest, sister Tang Tang, I don’t think your facial features look bad, but you’re too skinny. Also, your skin doesn’t look well, so that’s why you don’t look good now. But all these things can be improved and changed.”

Tang Tang felt a bit better and nodded as she continued listening to Wen Wen.

“All these changes require time. The results won’t show in a few days. But there is one thing that can be fixed straight away, and that’s clothing style! Clothes are very important to women. People can wear the same clothes but give off completely different feelings. Clothing can complement your figure. Sister Tang Tang, take a look at the clothes you’re wearing. They look really ugly. How can you attract a man’s attention?”

“Do they really look that bad?” Tang Tang looked at her own clothes with uncertainty.

Wen Wen nodded firmly, “It truly looks bad. So you need to change the style of clothing you wear. Otherwise, how can you keep hold of Xiao Zhuo's father’s heart? Also, if you don’t dress up, other people will, ah. Then you could be used to compare with someone else. What if a vixen appears? What do you think?”

Wen Wen’s words made Tang Tang hesitate. Should she really change the way she dresses? Would there really be an effect if she does?

“Then … I’ll go and take a look?”

Seeing that Tang Tang was finally persuaded, Wen Wen clapped and immediately pulled Tang Tang along to choose clothes.

Ji Xiao Zhuo was also exhilarated when he saw his mummy was willing to buy clothes. He even started to select some clothing for his mummy.

Wen Wen chose a knee-length, loose white dress with puffy sleeves for Tang Tang. The distinguishing feature of the dress was that it was loose. So even if skinny people wear it, they would look classy in it. Also, they wouldn’t look as thin. Wen Wen thought that the dress was very suitable for Tang Tang and insisted for Tang Tang to try it on.

Tang Tang thought that the dress was too revealing. Half of her legs and arms would be exposed. Originally, Tang Tang wanted to refuse, but when she remembered that all women wore clothes like that here. If she didn't wear those types of clothes, would Bao Bao’s daddy think that she’s too old fashioned and ugly? Should she learn to follow the current trends?

In the end, Tang Tang clenched her teeth and took the dress to the changing room to try it on. After a long time, she awkwardly came out of the changing room.

When Wen Wen saw her, she immediately gave Tang Tang a thumbs up, “Sister Tang Tang, this dress really suits you. You don’t look as skinny as before, and the feeling you’re giving has changed. You look really good.”

The regimental commander’s wife also nodded, “Not bad. Not bad. It’s like you became a different person.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo solemnly touched his chin as he walked around Tang Tang a few times. He was really pleased, “Mummy, this one looks really good!”

Since they all said she looked good, Tang Tang finally dared to look at the mirror and carefully observed herself. If she stopped thinking about the revealing parts, she did look like a different person. Since the wounds and bruises on her face have been gradually fading, her appearance didn't look frightening anymore. The white dress seemed to make her skin look lighter, and like what Wen Wen has said, she didn't look that skinny. At least, she didn’t look like she was skin and bones in the dress.

Thinking like that, Tang Tang thought the dress was not bad.

Tang Tang was persuaded, and she suddenly wanted to buy the dress.

Unfortunately, when they asked for the price, the dress actually cost 800 Yuan. The price frightened Tang Tang, and she immediately said that she didn’t need it. It was too expensive.

No matter how much Wen Wen and the regimental commander’s wife persuaded her, Tang Tang was unwilling to buy it. Since they didn’t have any ideas left, they gave up, but Wen Wen thought it was regretful. She carried on mumbling, “To be honest, 800 Yuan is not that expensive, sister Tang Tang. It’s alright to occasionally buy some clothes. Why do you treat yourself so harshly? It's hard to find clothes that suit oneself so well.”

Tang Tang smiled, “I know. I also really like that dress, but it’s too expensive. So I can buy some material and make an identical dress when I get home. In this way, the dress won’t even cost 100 Yuan.”

Wen Wen widened her eyes and asked unbelievably, “Sister Tang Tang, you said you can make it yourself? And that it would be identical?”

Tang Tang nodded, “I looked carefully at the dress before to see how it’s made. It’s very simple. As long as I have the material, I can complete it in a day. It would be exactly the same as the original.”

She had confidence in this. After all, needlework was one of Tang Tang’s specialties.

The regimental commander’s wife was also shocked, “Tang Tang, you even know how to make clothes. Did you learn it before?”

Tang Tang couldn’t say that she started learning needlework when she was young. She could only use the original owner’s experience and skills,so she said, “My major at University was fashion design.”

Wen Wen and the regimental commander’s wife immediately understood. No wonder, it was normal for a major in fashion design to know how to make clothes.

“If an identical dress can be made, you can really save a lot of money,” the regimental commander’s wife said happily.

“That’s right. It can save a lot.” Tang Tang asked happily, “Sao Zi, do you know where I can buy some material? Can you take me there to buy some?”

The regimental commander’s wife knew a place and immediately guided Tang Tang to the store. There were all kinds of materials in the store. Tang Tang picked what she needed excitedly. When she had found everything she needed for her dress, she spotted some denim and some white fabric that was suitable for shirts. Tang Tang wanted to buy those as well.

Seeing that Tang Tang was constantly looking at the two fabrics, the regimental commander’s wife asked, “You want to make some other clothes as well?”

Tang Tang nodded, “Sao Zi, I want to use the denim to make Xiao Zhuo a denim overall with straps on the shoulders.”

Tang Tang had seen quite a few kids wearing them when she went out. She thought that it was very cute, but Xiao Zhuo didn’t have one, so she wanted to make one for him.

The regimental commander’s wife understood her, “You’re talking about kids denim dungarees, right? The child would look cute in it. If you can make it, then buy the denim, the one you make would be more meaningful than one brought from a store.”

After she finished speaking, the regimental commander’s wife pointed at the other fabric, and cheekily asked, “Then this one must be for Ji Yan, right?”

Tang Tang was slightly embarrassed as she nodded. She had noticed that Ji Yan didn’t have much regular clothing, so she wanted to make a shirt for him. Tang Tang had studied the method to make shirts for a while, and she had been observing the clothes on the mannequins from the shops' windows. She was confident that she would be able to make it.

The regimental commander’s wife patted on Tang Tang’s shoulder, “Then buy it as well. It’s not often we come here, and it would be inconvenient to come all the way here again.”

After thinking for a while, Tang Tang agreed, so she bought all the materials she needed before going home.

When they returned, all the furniture that she had bought was already delivered. The young soldiers even helped to move everything in, which was a great help for Tang Tang. She thought that the house at the base was great because everyone was nice and friendly. They would be happy living here.

When everything was moved in, the young soldiers didn’t leave. Instead, they stayed to help her. Whenever Tang Tang directed where things should go, they would quickly get it done. The young soldiers were extremely efficient. They even helped out with the cleaning. By evening, her home was completely changed. It was now cozy and warm like a proper home.

Tang Tang looked at the home she had personally arranged. There were no words to describe her current happiness.

When a dusty Ji Yan came back, he blanked when he saw the changes in the house. He stood at the doorway for a long time. He didn’t expect that Tang Tang would decorate the house to be so warm and beautiful. Ji Yan could tell that she must have spent a lot of thought and effort on it.

Tang Tang popped her head out from the kitchen when she heard the front door open. When she saw Ji Yan, she instantly smiled sweetly and greeted, “Husband, you’ve come back? The evening meal is almost ready.”

Ji Yan let out an “En” sound and took a pair of slippers from the shoe cabinet to change his shoes. Then he took a tour around the house before standing at the entrance of the kitchen. He watched Tang Tang moving busily from behind and said, “You’ve worked hard. The house looks beautiful.”

Tang Tang turned around to look at him. She smiled brightly, “It wasn’t hard, it’s our home after all.”

Our home? These words made Ji Yan go silent for a while before he asked, “Where’s Ji Xiao Zhuo?”

Tang Tang pointed to the outside, “A few young soldiers took him out to play. He should be coming back soon.”

When she just finished speaking, there was some noise coming from the front door. A couple of young soldiers had brought Xiao Zhuo back and passed him to Ji Yan before excusing themselves and left.

Ji Xiao Zhuo darted to the kitchen and shouted excitedly to Tang Tang, “Mummy, I’m back.”

Pretending to be shocked, Tang Tang replied, “Ah? Our Bao Bao is back. Did you have fun?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded forcefully before moving to grab Tang Tang’s legs, “It was fun! I saw a tank! It was so cool!”

She could tell the little one was very excited. Tang Tang rubbed Xiao Zhuo’s head while smiling at Ji Yan, “Where are the young soldiers? Have they left?”

Ji Yan nodded.

Tang Tang pursed her lip as she thought for a moment before carefully suggesting, “Husband, I want to find a time to invite Dong Li’s group and the young soldiers just now to our home for a meal. They have helped us out a lot. Even this afternoon, they helped me move the furniture in. It was so busy and tiring, but I haven’t even got them to stay for a meal, which isn’t really good. What do you think?”

Ji Yan looked at Tang Tang profoundly before nodding, “Ok. It’s fine if you arrange it.”

Actually, there was a custom in their unit, which was that the new family would invite people over for a meal. He was originally afraid that she would think it’s annoying and wouldn’t be willing to have guests over. Unexpectedly, she was the one who suggested it. She was really thoughtful.

Tang Tang became happy and quickly arranged it, “Then let’s invite them for tomorrow night. I have bought quite a lot of ingredients. Let’s have a good meal together and treat it as celebrating us moving in.”

Slight happiness flashed across Ji Yan’s eyes.

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