My Wife Spoils Me Too Much

Chapter 29


During the evening meal, Tang Tang held the debit card out to Ji Yan and started to list the money she had spent today, “Husband, I spent quite a bit today, furniture and appliances cost around 50,000, daily essentials cost a few thousand, and …”

“Tang Tang.” Ji Yan interrupted and looked at her, “You don’t need to return the card to me. Keep it safe. Use it to buy whatever you need in the future, and there is no need to report back to me of what you spent. Remember this, ok?”

“Erm …” Tang Tang blinked before she slowly nodded under his gaze, “I’ll remember.”

Then Ji Yan lowered his head to continue eating.

Tang Tang stared at him blankly for a while before lifting the corner of her lips. She couldn’t stop the sweetness she felt from overflowing. Unexpectedly, he actually let her spend money as she pleased, didn't it mean that he trusted her? Hehe~

The sweetness she felt lasted till bedtime. Tang Tang was prepared to do the same as usual by sleeping with Ji Xiao Zhuo in the secondary room while Ji Yan slept in the master bedroom. But, who knew, Ji Xiao Zhuo was not willing this time.

Instead, Ji Xiao Zhuo hugged Tang Tang’s legs to prevent her from moving. While doing this, he looked at her in a way that would make others feel soft, “Mummy, are we sleeping separately from daddy? Can’t we sleep together like last night? I want us to sleep together like yesterday! Is that ok, mummy ~”

Tang Tang went speechless as Xiao Zhuo acted coquettishly. Her face reddened, but she was helpless and didn’t know what she should say. She secretly looked at Ji Yan from the corner of her eye and hoped he would be able to convince the little one.

Ji Yan massaged his forehead before picking up the little one that was like a koala bear. He patted Xiao Zhuo’s bottom and said, “Didn’t daddy say it before, daddy and mummy are used to sleeping in our own rooms. Otherwise, we can’t fall asleep.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo pouted unhappily and accused, “You’re lying, daddy. I’m no longer a three years old kid. You can’t trick me. We slept together last night, and you and mummy slept fine. In fact, daddy slept better than mummy and I! You didn’t even wake up when mummy wiped your feet!”

Ji Yan was speechless and thought the little one was smart. He wasn’t easy to deceive.

Touching her hair, Tang Tang lowered her head and tried her best to decrease her presence. She prayed that the little one wouldn’t target her next. Sorry, husband, you’ll have to solve this difficult problem alone.

Before Ji Yan could come up with an excuse, Ji Xiao Zhuo suddenly became tearful and deflated. He asked with grief, “Daddy, mummy, are you going to get a divorce? Am I going to become an unwanted child?”

Both Ji Yan and Tang Tang were stunned by Xiao Zhuo’s question. They didn’t know why the little one would suddenly ask such a question, but Tang Tang couldn’t stand his tearful expression. She immediately hugged Xiao Zhuo and comforted him, “No. No. Daddy and mummy are not getting a divorce. Don’t have silly thoughts.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo rested on Tang Tang’s shoulder heartbroken and tearfully gazed at Ji Yan. He choked, “Don’t lie to me. You’re living separately. You’re definitely planning to divorce. I understand it.”

The little one actually understood the term “living separately.” Where did he learn the term? At the moment, Ji Yan wanted to know why kids nowadays could understand so many things! His child was only three and a half years old, and he understood such a thing?

Tang Tang looked at Ji Yan helplessly, “Husband …”

Ji Yan sighed. He took Xiao Zhuo off her as he could tell she could no longer support Xiao Zhuo’s weight. He comprised, “Ok, ok, mummy and daddy are not divorcing. Let’s all sleep together in one room from now on, ok?”

“Really? Daddy, you promised.” Ji Xiao Zhuo’s eyes brightened. The grievance he previously displayed instantly disappeared. He smiled so widely it almost reached his ears. Xiao Zhuo kissed loudly on Ji Yan’s cheek, “Yay! We’ll sleep together every day from now on. I want to sleep in the middle, in between mummy and daddy!”

The little one’s expression changed like the weather. Ji Yan obviously noticed the little one’s scheme, but he felt guilty that the little one had to spend so much effort, so he helplessly looked towards Tang Tang and asked her with his gaze.

She quietly blushed but gathered her courage and nodded.

And like that, on the first night in their new home, the family of three slept together in one room.

It would be false if Tang Tang said that she wasn’t nervous. But because there was an excited Xiao Zhuo in the middle, she didn’t feel as nervous. Also, she knew nothing would happen as they were simply going to sleep. There was no need for her to be so nervous. On the contrary, her being nervous was not beneficial for their relationship.

“It’s nothing. Don’t be nervous. It’s just simply sleeping on the same bed. It’s very normal~” After her bath, Tang Tang spoke to the mirror for half an hour to strengthen her heart. Once she had calmed down, Tang Tang took out the large washing bowl she specifically bought today. She filled it up with hot water and carried it to the bedside with difficulty. Tang Tang placed it down on the floor and breathed deeply.

Ji Yan, who already had a bath, was currently sitting by the bed headboard reading a military book. When he saw Tang Tang carrying a large washing bowl coming in, he was puzzled and asked, “What are you doing?”

With a smile, Tang Tang explained, “I specifically bought this washing bowl today so you can soak your feet every night. I saw you had quite a lot of old wounds, and you’re training so hard every day. Soaking your feet will relieve tiredness, and you’ll sleep better tonight. Wait till I buy some medicinal herbs in a few days for you to soak your feet in. It will help with your internal wounds. For tonight, just soak in hot water to relieve tiredness.”

Ji Yan suddenly felt his heart jump. He looked at the steam rising washing bowl beside the bed. He suddenly felt something was stuck in his throat as he momentarily didn’t know what to say. He never expected she would get a washing bowl for him to soak his feet in, and neither did he expect her to prepare the water for him. Just because she saw his wounds, she unexpectedly did all this for him. This was something he never thought about or even imagined. No, even if it was another woman, they wouldn’t think of this either.

Such a thing, many children wouldn’t even do it once in their lifetime for their parents. But this woman, who had amnesia from a car accident, did for him and she did it so naturally.

Ji Yan’s heart was currently suffering a large shock. Which made the usual powerful and unwavering man speechless. He blanked and didn’t respond.

Seeing that he didn't move, Tang Tang didn’t know what was wrong Ji Yan. She thought that maybe he didn’t have the habit of having a foot bath, so that’s why he froze. So Tang Tang placed a stool near the washing bowl, placed Ji Yan’s foot into the bowl and sat on the stool. She massaged his feet while saying, “Having a foot bath is good for your health. You might not be used to it in the beginning, but you’ll come to like it after a couple of times. ” Her wet nurse loved having a foot bath every day, and she would feel uncomfortable without her daily foot bath.

Ji Yan was caught off guard when Tang Tang placed his feet in the washing bowl. When he felt a woman’s soft hands massaging his feet, he finally came back to his senses and realised what was happening. Tang Tang was washing his feet!”

He didn't blank out. Instead, Ji Yan was horrified! Subconsciously, he wanted to shake off Tang Tang’s hand and lift his feet up, but Tang Tang seemed to have noticed his intention and used her strength to keep his feet in the water. She frowned and coaxed him while criticising, “Don’t move. Soaking your feet is good for your health. It will also relieve your tiredness since you’re training so hard every day. I guarantee you’ll sleep better tonight. I’ll massage you a bit more. It’ll be more comfortable.” Tang Tang treated her wet nurse like she was her real mother. In the past, she would massage her wet nurse’s feet, and over the time her skills were pretty good. Even her wet nurse said she felt very comfortable after her massage.

Ji Yan’s feet were held down. Even though Tang Tang’s strength was not much, he was afraid he would hurt her if he forcefully lifted his feet, so he rejected awkwardly, “Tang Tang, you don’t need to do this. Quickly stand up. I can do it myself.”

Her movements didn’t stop and used her thumb to massage an acupuncture point earnestly, “You can’t massage the acupuncture points. I’ll do it for you. It’ll be fine if you just sit still.”

Ji Yan frowned as he bent over to hold Tang Tang’s arm. He spoke in a low voice, “Tang Tang, you don’t need to do such a self-deprecating thing. Quickly stand up.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang looked up at him confused, “This is self-deprecating?” Isn’t it normal for a wife to give her husband a foot bath?”

Ji Yan was speechless.

He really didn’t know what to do. When that pair of small hands moved, he felt like suffering through a shock. In all his life, he never expected his wife would give him a foot bath, and she even did it like it was natural.

Unfortunately, Ji Xiao Zhuo came over as he didn’t want to be left out. He climbed to the bedside and said coquettishly, “Mummy, I want to soak. I want to get massaged like daddy.”

Tang Tang smiled and nodded, “Okay, the washing bowl is very big. You can soak with daddy.”

Excitedly, Ji Xiao Zhuo swiftly nodded and climbed onto Ji Yan’s lap and slid down to put his feet in. His little feet were stepping on top of Ji Yan’s big feet.

Tang Tang went to get another stool and let the little one sit on it. His little feet were soaking beside Ji Yan’s feet.

After she finished massaging Ji Yan, she moved and massaged Xiao Zhuo’s feet. Xiao Zhuo laughed as he got massaged. He would cry it hurts, and then cry it tickled. His body was constantly twisting and turning gleefully.

Seeing the mother and son like that, Ji Yan swallowed the words he wanted to say. Nevermind. Since they were like this, what else could he say?

Once Tang Tang had massaged both father and son, she went to add more hot water into the washing bowl and instructed Ji Xiao Zhuo, “Alright now, mummy has something to do. You and daddy need to soak for about 10 more minutes. Bao Bao, keep an eye on your daddy. Don’t let daddy take out his feet early.”

Ji Xiao Zhuo promptly patted on his chest and guaranteed, “Mummy, I will watch daddy. Leave it to me.”

Ji Yan: “….”

Seeing they were obedient, Tang Tang left the room. She started her daily beautification step – eat. This time, she has stocked up many foods that would make her gain weight easier in the kitchen. Every night she would hide from Xiao Zhuo and secretly eat. This time she must gain more weight. Her goal was to gain 5kg by the end of the month!

While Tang Tang entered the kitchen to begin her beautification plan, the pair in the bedroom were having a deep conversation.

Ji Xiao Zhuo widened his eyes as he looked at Ji Yan and solemnly said, “Daddy, I’m going to ask you a question. You need to reply seriously and don’t lie to me.”

It was rare for the little one to be so serious, so Ji Yan nodded and replied solemnly, “Alright. Ask away.”

“Daddy, are we really poor?”

“En?” Ji Yan blanked, “Why did you ask this question?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo put two fingers together and replied, “Because mummy said we rely on daddy to support us, and daddy works hard to earn money, so we need to save and … and …” He didn’t remember the last bit.

Ji Yan understood why Xiao Zhuo would ask such a question now. It was clear that Tang Tang’s saving tendencies caused Xiao Zhuo to think if their family was poor. But how should he explain it to a child? He couldn’t say their family wasn't poor, so there was no need to save? Children should understand the virtue of being frugal.

After thinking it through, Ji Yan answered, “Daddy’s wage from work is enough to support you and mummy, so you don’t need to worry about if we have money for the necessities. But what mummy said is correct, money can’t be spent recklessly. We need to be frugal and don’t spend money on unnecessary items, ok?”

Ji Xiao Zhuo wrinkled his brows and thought for a while before nodding. It seems what mummy said was correct. Their money shouldn’t be spent recklessly.

Then the little one pulled on Ji Yan’s hand and said in a sticky voice, “Daddy, I will eat less in the future and save the money for mummy to buy clothes, is that ok? Mummy saw some beautiful clothes today, but she was unwilling to buy them. She said it was too expensive.”

Ji Yan pursed his lips and remembered the clothes that Tang Tang wore recently were pretty ordinary. Was she really unwilling to buy? She hasn’t seen the balance on the card he gave her?

Seeing that his daddy didn’t speak, Ji Xiao Zhuo thought his daddy didn’t agree with mummy spending money to buy expensive but pretty clothes. The little one frowned and thought his daddy’s action was not right. Girls liked to buy, buy, buy, so why won’t daddy let mummy buy things?

“Daddy, mummy is a girl. Mummy treats you so well, so let mummy buy things. If you don’t let her, then be careful when mummy gets angry with you later. She won’t make delicious food for you or wash your clothes or wipe your stinky feet.” The little one spoke as he wanted to scare his daddy.

Ji Yan laughed lightly. He stroked the little one’s forehead, “Ok, daddy agrees to let mummy buy things, but you need to complete your end of the deal. Apart from milk and fruit, you can’t eat any other snacks. Then we can save the money to let mummy buy beautiful clothes.” It was also a good opportunity to let the little one lose some weight.

Ji Xiao Zhuo nodded and clenched his fist before saying with determination, “I will!”

By the time Tang Tang had finished snacking and came back, the father and son were already lying on the bed. The water from the foot bath had been poured away.

In the middle of the big bed, Ji Xiao Zhuo was swaying his raised legs. When he saw Tang Tang come in, he patted on one side of the bed and urged, “What were you doing, mummy, let’s quickly go to sleep. I have waited for you a long time.”

Tang Tang smiled and laid down beside Xiao Zhuo. Then he quickly rushed into her embrace and held onto her neck.

With familiarity, Tang Tang started to pat the little one’s back and hummed a song that she hummed every night, and the little one soon fell asleep.

Seeing the little one had fallen asleep, Tang Tang looked towards Ji Yan and discovered he was staring at her. She didn’t understand his gaze, and awkwardly asked, “Husband, you, you haven’t gone to sleep yet?”

Ji Yan stared at her deeply before letting an “En” sound and switched off the bedside light. The room went pitch black.

Tang Tang released a breath and prepared to sleep. In the darkness, she suddenly heard Ji Yan’s deep voice, “Tang Tang, I earn enough to support you and Xiao Zhuo. You don’t need to worry about money.”

“Ah?” Tang Tang was confused. She didn’t understand why he would suddenly say that to her. For a moment, she didn’t know how to reply and only said, “Oh, ok, I know.”

Ji Yan didn’t say anything else. Tang Tang waited. When she was certain he wouldn’t say anything else, Tang Tang closed her eyes and fell asleep.

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