My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 2661 - Possessed by Devil (11)

Chapter 2661: Possessed by Devil (11)

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“Now’s a very critical time… your daddy and I… have to fight the bad guys. That’s why I don’t want him to get distracted.”

“If anything happens to you and you never told anyone, you won’t be able to explain to Daddy in the future. Isn’t that right?”

“It probably won’t happen. Mommy will take care of herself.”

“Has Mommy done the checkup?”

“I did it secretly already. Mommy is also an obstetrician. Don’t worry, Pudding..”

“Okay. Anyhow, you have to take care of yourself and the baby.” Pudding looked at her mommy worriedly.

Huo Mian held Pudding up dearly and put Pudding on her lap…

“Aiya, Mommy, you’re pregnant right now. You can’t hold me,” Pudding said as she struggled to get down.

“It’s fine. The baby in Mommy’s tummy is still small now and nothing will happen. Pudding… do you want a younger brother or sister?” Huo Mian asked in a good mood.

“A younger brother, of course.”

“Why?” Huo Mian found her answer interesting.

“Because Little Bean and I are girls and Daddy and Mommy will be lonely when we get married. If it’s a younger brother, he can marry his wife and bring her home, so Daddy and Mommy won’t be alone and have no company…” Pudding’s reason made tears well up in Huo Mian’s eyes.

“Pudding… Mommy is very touched by your words.”

“I’m talking about what I think. Even though a younger brother is naughty, he has his merits.”

“Aren’t you… afraid that Daddy and Mommy will be fond of your brother and won’t love you guys as much anymore?” Huo Mian jokingly asked Pudding.

“Mommy, we’re not inconsiderate kids. We have the same father and mother and there won’t be an issue of liking this kid but not the other. We are all products under your love and you definitely love us all the same. It’s not like we’re eggs that you lay and don’t have to take care of.”

Huo Mian was completely speechless.

“Okay, you won…” Huo Mian suddenly found out that her eloquence was no longer a match for her three and a half years old daughter.

Wasn’t she brilliant?

Little Bean said she was going to soothe Qin Ning, but she totally forgot about her auntie when she saw the newly baked egg tarts made by the maid on the way to her auntie’s room.

She followed the maid downstairs to the living room and ate the egg tart in her grandfather’s arms.

After Qin Ning came out from the shower, her cell phone alerted her that she had many unread WeChat messages…

Tang Chuan: “Ning-Ning, why aren’t you picking up my calls?”

Tang Chuan: “Please don’t scare me like this yo, my lady. My heart can’t bear the shock.”

Tang Chuan: “Ning babe, did I do something wrong? Wah, please talk to me.”

Qin Ning’s heart suddenly softened when she saw Tang Chuan’s messages.

She grabbed her cell phone and replied to him, “I fell asleep and just woke up.”

Tang Chuan: “Geez, you’re scaring me to death. Can you tell me before you go to bed next time?

Qin Ning: “Tang Chuan, in the future, if… I mean, if we can’t be together in the future and break up, then… will you still remember me?”

Tang Chuan: “I refuse to answer a question that won’t happen and I’m not answering a hypothetical question like this either.”

Qin Ning: “I’m serious about it. If we aren’t meant to be…”

Tang Chuan: “Then I’ll find the Cupid and have him get us together.”

Qin Ning: “If we break up, are you going to be very sad?”

Tang Chuan: “Nope, because it won’t even happen.”

Qin Ning: “…”

Tang Chuan: “You’re weird today, Ning-Ning. What’s the matter? Did something happen?”

Tang Chuan suddenly realized that Qin Ning seemed slightly sentimental today and he immediately became a bit worried.

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