My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 2662 - Possessed by Devil (12)

Chapter 2662: Possessed by Devil (12)

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“No, nothing.”

“Don’t lie to me. Tell me what happened and also tell me if there’s anything that I’m not doing well.”

“There’s really nothing. I’m a bit tired and I’m heading to bed.”

“Ning-Ning…” After Qin Ning said she was tired, she really put her cell phone in the drawer and turned on silent mode.

She stopped replying no matter what Tang Chuan said.

This made Tang Chuan feel uneasy. Even though he had been busy with Mr. Su with work and didn’t spend time with her every day, he didn’t give her a cold shoulder.

In these two days, they had been lovey-dovey and sending WeChat messages to each other starting from every morning.

However, Qin Ning’s abnormal behavior worried Tang Chuan.

He couldn’t fall asleep at night, so he got up and took a shower with cold water and made a phone call, “Check Ning-Ning’s schedule and whom she met today.”

After receiving a call twenty minutes later, Tang Chuan raged.

“Where’s that b*tch Jin Ying now?” Tang Chuan asked.

“Young Master Tang, we just found out that she’s drinking at a nightclub at West Town District.”

“Okay, send me the address.” After hanging up the phone, Tang Chuan drove his Ferrari and headed straight to the West Town District angrily.

He disliked having to go to this type of place because as he matured, he stopped playing wildly. Most of the time, he liked to drink with and talk to Wei Liao and Su Yu in a private lounge.

Yet, everybody at the bar knew this Mr. Tang…

“Aiyo, Young Master Tang. What brought you here?”

“Good evening, Young Master Tang.”

Everybody greeted him, but this man wasn’t in a good mood and didn’t smile at all. Everybody was scared and created a walking path for him.

“Is Jin Ying here?” Tang Chuan grabbed a man’s collar and asked.

“Ye-yeah, she’s on the dance floor.” The man pointed towards the center of the stage.

Tang Chuan pulled his tie, loosening it, and walked to the dance floor.

Jin Ying was having a great time on the dance floor. She was dance-battling someone and made the men under the stage cheer.

At this moment, Tang Chuan strode up to the stage, grabbed Jin Ying’s clothes and pulled her down.

“Ahhhh… what are you doing?” Jin Ying screamed loudly in fear.

After she turned her head around, she saw clearly that the person was Tang Chuan.

“Ah-Chuan, why are you here? Did you come here to see me?” she overjoyed.

“You saw Qin Ning today?” Tang Chuan asked coldly.

Jin Ying stopped smiling when she heard Tang Chuan’s question and said disdainfully, “I didn’t find her deliberately. I bumped into her.”

“So… what did you say to her?”

“I didn’t say anything. Did that girl say something bad about me? Haha, do you trust what she said?” Jin Ying was the thief who cried theft.

“Ning didn’t say anything. Do you think she’s the same as you? Ning-Ning is very innocent,” Tang Chuan said furiously.

“Innocent? You’re kidding me, Mr. Tang. Can a teenage girl, who took control of the board of directors in her family business, be innocent? You can’t only listen to what she said.”

“Hand it out.” Tang Chuan reached his hand out impatiently.

“What is it?” Jin Ying pretended to be dumb.

Tang Chuan didn’t wait for her to finish talking and grabbed her cell phone. He then pulled her arm and pressed her hand against the screen to unlock the phone.

At last, he found the video…

Tang Chuan’s facial expression changed after watching the video. He looked at Jin Ying and said, “In order to plot against me, you’ve put in a lot of effort. You even dragged my mom into this. Jin Ying, you’re getting pretty good in terms of your cruel methods.”

“Ah-Chuan, it’s not like that… listen to me, I’m doing this because I still love you… I still want to be with you…”

Jin Ying didn’t expect that without seeing him over a course of a few years, Tang Chuan would no longer be the stupid and impetuous guy whom she could manipulate freely.

The one in front of her was a furious beast that made her feel frightened.

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