My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 2663 - Possessed by Devil (13)

Chapter 2663: Possessed by Devil (13)

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“Be with me? Do you think I’m a gas station that you can come and go anytime? Jin Ying… I can see that I fed a dog with my true heart in the past. It’s fine that you were with my third uncle for these few years, but I didn’t expect you to ask for more…”

“Ah-Chuan… I’ve always loved you. I married your third uncle because he drugged me and had his way with me, I had no choice…” Jin Ying always thought that Tang Chuan still had feelings for her and that was why she gave him puppy eyes.

“Are you too naive, or am I too naive? Why would I believe such lies? You actually think I’m a fool?” Tang Chuan yelled angrily.

“Ah-Chuan… believe me…”

Jin Ying was still begging, but Tang Chuan had no pity for her.

He grabbed Jin Ying’s neck and pinned her tightly against the wood table in the night club, scaring everybody who had gathered to watch…

“Young Master Tang, maybe just let this go today. Why are you lowering yourself to her level? Can you do me this favor today?” the night club’s owner, a middle-aged man in his forties, spoke.

He wanted to just defend Jin Ying a bit because she had been a regular customer recently.

Unexpectedly, Tang Chuan got even angrier…

“Mother fuc*er, I won’t let it go for anyone’s sake… don’t talk about your relationship with me either. I used to think that men shouldn’t hit women, but today, I suddenly feel that women like you are the only exception…” Tang Chuan pulled Jin Ying’s hair and rammed her into the pillar on the other side.

“Ah…” Jin Ying screamed. The people around were also scared, but no one dared to stop him.

Everybody knew that Tang Chuan had a nickname called Mr. Mule, which meant his temperament was just like a mule. When he gets angry, it would feel like a volcano exploding – unstoppable.

Other than Su Yu and Wei Liao, no one could stop him. It was a pity those two people weren’t here at this moment.

The women who came with Jin Ying also freaked out. Some of them ran away, and some of them hid in the corner and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Nobody knew how Jin Ying provoked Tang Chuan.

“Ah-Chuan… I’m wrong and I will never have the guts to do it again. Please forgive me…” Jin Ying burst into tears and begged for mercy.

“Forgiving you is God’s duty… and sending you to him is mine.”

Tang Chuan was extremely mad. As a matter of fact, even though he had a grudge against Jin Ying, he didn’t want to do anything to her because they used to be together.

If he wanted to kill her, she wouldn’t have had a chance to cause all the troubles up till now.

However, this woman was not satisfied and even thought that Tang Chuan still had feelings for her.

She totally asked for the consequences…

“Help… call the police… hurry…” Jin Ying cried for help when she saw Tang Chuan had lost his mind slightly.

A few guys, who were born with silver spoons in their mouths and also knew Tang Chuan, were horrified and dumbfounded.

“Call Young Master Su right now! Young Master Tang always listens to Young Master Su’s words.”

“Don’t be dumb. Young Master Su is still in the city bureau… he was taken into custody.” The other man was also worried.

“What should we do then? She’ll die if he keeps on hitting her…”

“Contact Young Master Wei quickly…” one of the second-gen rich heirs yelled.

Wei Liao rushed over after fifteen minutes.

He rarely drove his sports car out, but he had no choice because it was an emergency.

Wei Liao drove the saffron Lamborghini and sped all the way to the night club in fifteen minutes without knowing how many red lights he ran.

Jin Ying was in luck and didn’t die yet…

When Wei Liao arrived, he grabbed Tang Chuan’s collar and dragged him back.

“Let go, you motherfuc*er…” Tang Chuan didn’t know who the person was and flung Wei Liao’s hand away.

“You’re nuts!” Wei Liao yelled.

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