My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4537 - Birth Of Qin Guoguo (7)

Chapter 4537: Birth Of Qin Guoguo (7)

Little Bean immediately held Mrs. Su’s hand and smiled, while saying. “Qin Guoguo is my little brother’s nickname, which means he’s going to be the scapegoat from now on.”

“You brat… That’s such a bad name… Don’t call him that,” Mrs. Su scolded with a smile.

“Auntie, is Uncle home?”

“He just went out. He probably has something on and will be back later. You can eat here later. I’ll give him a call.”


Qin Chu nodded and carried the twins to Grandpa Su’s study room upstairs.

When Qin Chu walked in, the old man was looking at something with his reading glasses.

Upon seeing Qin Chu come in, he put down his things. Only then did Qin Chu realize that it was a photo of Su Yu in his military uniform.

Before Qin Chu could say anything, the old man said, “This was taken when Yu was a soldier for the first year. At that time, he was still arrogant and unruly. He was an infamous soldier in the Southwest Military Region and no one wanted him. Later, I made up my mind and sent him to the special forces.”

Feeling guilty, Qin Chu lowered his head and said to Grandpa Su.

“Grandpa Su, I’m sorry. It’s all because of us that Su Yu…”

“Hey, Chu, let’s not talk about this… I know Yu’s personality. If he was a coward and lived his life without caring about other people, then I’d be mad… He’s acting like a real man of the Su Family… My grandson did the right thing, and I’m proud as a grandfather… I’m even more relieved that he was able to save everyone…”

Grandpa Su was speaking from the bottom of his heart. Even though something happened to Su Yu, Grandpa Su still felt that his grandson did right and was the pride of the Su Family.

Qin Chu didn’t say anything, but he felt terrible.

Su Yu was the only heir of the Su Family, and Grandpa Su only had one precious grandson.

But now…

“When Yu was young, he had a fiery temper… His father and I hit him a lot, but he just didn’t concede defeat… He was so stubborn… Later on, when he went to the military, he was trained to be so bad-tempered. Haha, he’s just like me. When his grandmother was alive, she always said that Yu is exactly like me… He’s the root of the Su Family.”

After hearing this, Qin Chu walked over and picked up Su Yu’s photo on the table.

It was indeed very old…

When Su Yu joined the army, he was only in his teens and hadn’t even finished studying.

Furthermore, he was a special forces soldier. He definitely suffered a lot…

In Qin Chu’s mind, Su Yu always fought alongside him.

The subtle friendship they had built…

If it weren’t for Su Yu, they wouldn’t have known about the four dream makers, let alone that they were in a dream.

It was true that Su Yu saved everyone, but it was also true that Su Yu sacrificed himself.

“Grandpa Su, Mian and I are very upset about what happened to Su Yu… I don’t know what to say but I just want to tell you that from now on, Mian and I… Pudding, Little Bean, and I are the closest people to you. We will always take care of you, Auntie Su, and Uncle Su… I will be filial to you on Su Yu’s behalf.”

Then, Qin Chu knelt down in front of Grandpa Su.

But before his knees could touch the ground, he was helped up by the old man.

“Chu, I understand how you feel… I’m content that you’re doing this. You don’t have to kneel to me… I appreciate your kindness. I’ve known your and Mian’s character for the past few years, and I’ve treated you like my own children. So, there’s no need for us to say such things. It’s enough that we have each other in our hearts.”

Although he said that, Qin Chu still felt that Grandpa Su had aged a lot overnight.

“Grandpa Su, I have something important to report to you today,” Qin Chu said with a serious expression.

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