My Youth Began With Him

Chapter 4538 - Birth Of Qin Guoguo (8)

Chapter 4538: Birth Of Qin Guoguo (8)

“Okay. Sit down and talk.”

Grandpa Su pointed at the armchair next to him and asked Qin Chu to sit down.

“My father-in-law… Mian’s father, Professor Lu, just called me. He found some clues… These might be related to the mastermind behind the four dream creators… and this person is currently in China. Do you recognize these signs?”

Then, Qin Chu took out his phone and showed Grandpa Su some photos. Grandpa Su’s expression changed drastically.

“Chu, where did you get these?”

“They’re all from my father-in-law, Professor Lu.”

“Is it accurate? Is the source reliable?”

“Yes, it’s very reliable. My father-in-law is on very good terms with the FBI’s higher-ups. He has access to many high-level documents.”

After Qin Chu said this, Grandpa Su fell silent…

But he kept his eyes on the pictures. One could tell he knew something.

Qin Chu continued, “The four dream creators came from a mysterious organization called Doomsday Reaper… This organization has existed for 30 years. Outsiders don’t know the exact number and whereabouts of the members. They only know that it’s a secret killer organization. However, they don’t know that their killer identity is only on the surface. In reality, they’ve been doing some wild experiments. The Red Demon my father-in-law developed many years ago was one of the treasures they were spying on. This time, they even came at us in full force. The four dream creators created a huge trap for us… If it wasn’t for Su Yu, all of us might have died inside. Now, the dream creators are dead, but the conspiracy hasn’t stopped. My father-in-law found some key passcodes on one of the dream creators that was disguised as Dr. Lin Ya. After returning to the real world, my father-in-law spent three days deciphering the passcodes and finally found these photos.”

“What is the professor intending to do now?” Grandpa Su asked Qin Chu.

“His intentions are very simple. He asked me to show you these… You’ve been in the army for many years, you must know these people. You might already know who they are.”

“I do know these people, and I do know this person.”

Grandpa Su’s expression was complicated.

“Is he from the military?” Qin Chu probed.

“I really didn’t expect him to have such power. You may not know this, but he retired three years ago… He has been living near his hometown, Zhongnan Mountain in Shaanxi. He doesn’t care about worldly affairs… I always thought that he was the most aloof and free person among us. I didn’t expect him to have such wild ambition… He even wants to get the Red Demon.”

“Grandpa Su, you know what the Red Demon is?” Qin Chu was surprised.

“Of course, it’s top-secret and only a few people know about it. Back then, we wanted to get it too. Later on… after weighing the pros and cons… we gave up. Humans have to continue progressing for a long period of time and we definitely can’t develop anything related to nuclear weapons. Otherwise… Once a great war breaks out, Earth will cease to exist… However, our country may think this way, but other countries might not. Country E and Country M have always been trying something. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have detained your father-in-law until now.”

“It’s a national matter, it’s not convenient for a citizen like me to comment…”

“Chu, leave this to me. If it’s really him… then I’m going to get even with him because my grandson’s future has been ruined by him.”


After leaving Grandpa Su’s house, Qin Chu went to the mansion in the suburbs. Leila was locked up there, but after Lin Ya died, Leila turned into ashes.

The person locked here was—Zeng Rou.

“Qin Chu? You actually came back alive…”

Zeng Rou was captured by Su Yu and later tied up in the basement of the Su family mansion by Master Wu. After Qin Chu came back, he ordered people to move her away, but he never met her face to face.

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