Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The first test is a piece of cake (2)

Chun Yeowun was really worried about going through a test, but with Nano, he was able to pass the danger with ease.

‘Did you make me not hear the sound?’

[The soundwaves coming from the instrument might be potentially dangerous to Master. I have stopped your body functions to sense sounds temporarily.]

‘How am I hearing your voice then?’

[The information is being sent directly into your brain.]

‘I don’t get what you’re saying.’

It was hard to understand Nano. More than half the students had fainted already. Some even had blood coming out of their mouths, proving that they had acquired internal damage.

Hang Soyu’s fingers were now fiercely playing the instrument. The tempo had increased much so that even Hameng who stood next to her could feel the intensity. Hameng knew why she was so frustrated.

‘I thought he didn’t have any internal power.’

Hameng was also intrigued by the current situation. He knew that Chun Yeowun was not trained in any martial arts. Thus, he wouldn’t have any internal power, but he seemed to be able to withstand the energy wave without any difficulty. And unlike Chun Yeowun, the other students around him were all on the ground.


“Ugh, your ear’s bleeding!”

“You too!”

And it seemed like it was hard even for those who were enduring it. However, that was also because Hang Soyu was increasing the intensity of her attack due to her frustration.

‘Why is she playing so fiercely?’

The princes of the six clans, who had about thirty years worth of internal energy, could still withstand the attack without that much trouble, but they still sensed the elder’s frustration and that made them curious. They were not allowed to turn back to look, but Mukeum was extremely curious so he had to turn around to see.


He almost spat out from his mouth.

‘How is he still holding on?’

Chun Yeowun was standing there as if the attack was nothing. Even Mukeum who had about thirty years worth of internal energy through the various medicines he took could feel stinging in his ears, but Yeowun stood there as if he couldn’t hear anything.

‘T…th… that bastard. He had internal energy!’

Chun Mukeum was extremely furious. Chun Yeowun swore that he would not train martial arts or internal energy, but withstanding Hang Soyu’s Musical Energy Wave meant that he didn’t keep his promise.


‘What’s going on?’

Fourth rank Chun Jongsum and sixth rank Chun Wonryou wondered why Mukeum seemed to be furious and they also turned back.

‘W-what?! What’s going on?!’

‘How can he stand like that without any internal energy?’

They all frowned too. They thought Chun Yeowun would have fallen a long time ago, but he was still standing.

‘Nano, if I’m right, those kids up front and the fifth elder who’s playing the instrument are angry, right?’

[Analyzing facial muscle movements. Frustration, shock, and anger can be seen from their facial muscles.]

Without even analyzing, it was apparent that they were looking at him with hostility. Yeowun realized what he was doing was angering them.

‘They thought I didn’t have any internal power, but me enduring this triggered them.’

If this wasn’t solved, it would still be a problem even if he passed the test. He had sworn an oath that he would not learn about internal energy until he joined the academy.

‘Nano, can you give me an internal injury?’

[Internal injury as in damaging your internal organs?]

‘Yeah. Can you do it or not?’

[It is possible, but I do not recommend damaging your body intentionally, Master.]

‘I see. Then can you injure me when the instrument is finished playing and make me vomit blood?’

[Blood through your mouth?]


He was making his enemies angry. If he did not take any internal damage or vomit blood, they would be suspicious of him. He couldn’t take that risk even before getting the chance to learn martial arts.

[As ordered, processing damage to the internal organs.]

After the time limit was over, Hang Soyu’s patience was at the limit. She was already angry that Yeowun had gained internal energy, but he was now withstanding like as if it was’= nothing.

Her tune changed. Lee Hameng quickly sensed the change and frowned. He knew how she felt but she was now forgetting the purpose of why she was playing her instrument.

Before he could send her the message to stop, she began playing the instrument with half of her power. This attack could not be withstood unless one was a very powerful warrrior.


Students of the high-ranking clans and families turned pale at the moment. They began to vomit blood as their internal organs were damaged, and they weren’t the only ones who were in trouble.


Even the heirs from the six clans couldn’t stand the fifth elder’s energy wave. They tried to defend themselves as much as they could, but it didn’t work. The weakest of the six heirs, Chun Jongsum, began coughing from the internal energy damage and Hameng decided that it had gone too far.

[Stop! This is dangerous! You must not do it any further!]

With that, Hang Soyu also stopped playing. Students who barely withstood it fell to their knees in exhaustion. If she played for a bit longer, all the students might have failed. Hang Soyu became embarrassed that she went out of control, but she was still angry at Chun Yeowun. She was sure that Chun Yeowun had not kept his oath. It was then…

Chun Yeowun’s face quickly turned red and went pale, and he sprayed blood from his mouth like a fountain. Everyone who was watching, Hameng, Hang Soyu, and Mukeum, frowned.


It was hard to believe that much blood could be vomited out from a person’s mouth.

‘He wasn’t okay?’

It was too much blood to be an act. Chun Yeowun sprayed blood out and fell to his knees with his hands on the ground. He had definitely taken some heavy internal damage.

‘Nano… you…’

[Program processed as ordered.]

‘I almost d-died!’

People felt pain even when it was a simple vomit. But vomiting blood like a fountain was more painful than he had imagined.


Chun Yeowun then vomited more blood. The place around him was now drenched in blood, and it was even a terrible sight to even look at.


However, unlike the fifth elder who was dumbfounded, Left Guardian Lee Hameng couldn’t just stand and watch. If Chun Yeowun, the son of Lord, did not die from the feud between family members but a test, all the blame was going to be on Hameng. He quickly rushed forward with his movement skill to fly to Yeowun and check on him.

“Hey, kid! Are you okay!? Hey!”

Chun Yeowun felt dizzy after vomiting blood. He almost collapsed to the ground but Hameng got a hold of him.

[Sensing dizziness from 7% blood loss. Activating self-healing mode against organ damage and blood loss.]

Nano spoke of going into healing mode and Yeowun stopped it.

‘No! Not yet.’

[Master’s condition might go into critical danger.]

‘Wait a second.’

Nano stopped its process. Hameng looked at Yeowun’s pale face.

“You could’ve just given up.”

Hameng already had checked to see if he had any internal energy. Contrary to his expectations, Chun Yeowun had no internal energy within him.

‘What? How can this be?’

This meant that Yeowun had endured the attack through sheer will. And for the price, he had taken severe internal damage.

‘This one is crazy. How can one withstand such an attack without any internal energy?’

He was astonished. Yeowun really passed the test without a single hint of internal energy inside him. Hameng had heard bad rumors about the Seventh Prince. But who would have thought such a kid from a slave girl would have such a strong mind?

Hameng called out to staff standing outside the training ground.

“Send him to a hospital room.”

As Yeowun was being carried out by the staff, he gave an order to Nano.

‘…Heal me, now.’

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