Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Kid, you are now my apprentice (1)

The fifth elder, Hang Soyou, didn’t look all that excited as she watched Chun Yeowun being carried away. The amount of blood he threw out was proof that he had taken heavy damage. Lee Hameng soon walked up to her.

“You went too far.”

“W-what are you talking about?”

“You almost killed him.”

After she acquired the musical wave skill, she had never seen a person take that much damage. It almost made her think that her attack skill had increased in damage. She became embarrassed at Hameng’s words and asked, “He… did he really not have any internal energy?”

She felt much better as she knew that her attack worked, but it was impossible to withstand her attack for so long without internal energy, which she couldn’t believe. Hameng shook his head.

“No. None.”


“He has no internal energy. He kept his oath.”

“That can’t be… how can one withstand my attack without any internal energy?”

Only about thirty students withstood her attack, and even some of those were down on their knees or vomiting from enduring so much. Moreover, those students had internal energy.

“He should’ve passed out a long time ago.”

“He already had taken internal damage for quite some time. It was his will that kept him standing.”

“His will? You think that makes sense?”

“…It is beyond our imagination.”

It almost made Hameng want to take him in as his apprentice if he wasn’t a bastard son of the Lord. However, Hameng was a realist. He had no intention of taking on such a controversial individual as his own apprentice.

“HAHA! That’s interesting. He just endured it, huh?”

Right Guardian Submeng spoke amicably although he usually paid no interest in other matters. Hameng answered annoyingly, “It’s none of your business. Go away and drink all you want.”

“Bah, I was going anyway without you speaking to me, redhead.”


“Puny girl.”

Submeng spat and walked away from the stage. They were both guardians, but they didn’t get along very well.

“Well, either way, he did not have any internal energy and there is no problem. And for what you did… it will be reported to the Lord.”


Hang Soyu was still unconvinced, but she couldn’t say anything further because of the warning she had received already.

‘The Left Guardian will never side with that lowly peasant.’

She then walked away and Hameng turned to the students crawling on the training ground.

“Ugh… what should I do now?”

He couldn’t continue onto the next step with this situation.

Behind the training ground was the main building of the academy. On the second floor was the first aid room, and Baek Jongmeng, the apprentice of the Baek Jongwu, was here. He had just gotten into the office from the orders of his teacher last night. He was excited to see as many patients as possible within the academy to gain more experience.

That’s when someone began banging on the door.

“Doctor! Patients!”

“Already? Come in!”

He had not seen that many patients recently since all the giant Wulin forces were busy training their former warriors and they were in times of peace.

‘This academy is great!’

He was eager at the thought of seeing many patients. As the door opened, two academy staff came in with the patient. It was Chun Yeowun who was drenched in blood.

“What! What kind of test puts a man in such a state?!”

This much blood could only come from fatal sword injuries. The staff members shook their heads and answered, “He has taken serious internal damage. He does not have any internal energy so Left Guardian has asked for you to take special care of him.”

“THIS is from internal damage?”

It had been ten years since he was the apprentice of the famous doctor of the Demonic Cult. He had seen many patients, but he had never seen that much blood from a patient with internal injuries.

“Well, he’s all yours now. We’ll be on our way.”

“Oh, okay.”

The staff knew that they had things to do and that they were needed so they quickly came out of the room. However, one of the staff members stopped curiously. Another staff, who was his superior, scolded him on the spot.

“We’re busy! Come on!”

“Uh, hm. It’s nothing.”

He felt that Chun Yeowun looked much better when he put him down on the bed, but he shook his thoughts away. After the staff was gone, Baek Jongmeng sat next to Yeowun and began checking on him.


Yeowun then opened his eyes slightly and looked at Jongmeng. It felt so painful when he was at the training ground, but the self-healing had healed him enough to allow him to get back up.

‘I didn’t think of this..’

He realized this as he was being carried up to the medical room, so he ordered Nano to stop healing him. He just focused on healing his painful throat and neck and decided to let everything stay as is until the doctor worked on him.

“Irregular and fast heartbeat… he must have taken a huge amount of internal damage.”

Jongmeng made the conclusion after checking Yeowun. However, it was still weird to have let out so much blood.

“Not even biting a tongue can do this.”

Jongmeng then walked over to his desk to get some needles when someone burst into his office.

“Oh! My!”

Jongmeng was shocked that he fell to the ground on his butt. He turned to the man who had walked in. It was a middle-aged man with a red nose and a bottle of liquor.

“Right Guardian?”

“Huh? Why are you here?”

“And why are YOU here? I thought you should be at the ceremony?”

“Hah, so are you the doctor of the academy this time?”

Submeng didn’t respond to Jongmeng and just kept asking his own questions. Jongmeng sighed as he knew Submeng was this kind of man.

“A little one came to the big league then, eh?”

“Ugh. So, why are you here? I hope it isn’t YOU who got hurt?”

“…Oh, is that sarcasm?”

“Hahaha, of course not.”

Submeng then looked away from Jongmeng and turned to the bed. He then smiled with interest.

“Oh? Look at this brat. Interesting kid.”

“W-what? What’s going on?”

Submeng then walked up to Chun Yeowun who was on the bed. Yeowun became frustrated.

‘W-what? Why is he here all of a sudden?’

He felt panicked that the Right Guardian himself had come up to the office, thinking that he might have noticed that he was acting all along.


The terrible stench of alcohol and breath bothered him.

“Why are you pretending to be asleep?”

Yeowun felt his heart sink and flinched. Then, an unknown force pulled him up from the bed. He couldn’t move as he hadn’t been healed yet, but the internal energy sent by Submeng pinned him straight up.

“If you keep pretending, I’ll smack you.”

Yeowun had to wake up. He then saw the drunk man who had been on the stage. Yeowun frowned and retorted, “How did you know?”

Submeng laughed, flashing his yellowed teeth.

“Hahahaha! Aren’t you an interesting one?”

Submeng laughed for quite a bit and continued, “Any experienced warrior can see through you if you are awake or not just by listening to your breath, kid.”

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