Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 17

Chapter 17: He lied to everyone (2)

A few hours after the incident in the medical room, Submeng visited the medical room as usual. However, he was more excited than his visit a few days ago since Chun Yeowun had finally achieved gaining internal energy within his stomach yesterday.

‘This one is real.’

Submeng was truly astounded. The one week he first spoke of was actually much shorter than what he expected it to be. His teacher’s way of teaching how to acquire internal energy usually required at least two to three weeks, even months. Yet Yeowun had achieved it within five days.

‘Hehe… I can move on with the next steps then.’

He now realized why his colleagues told him to take an apprentice. If the apprentice was talented, it gave the teacher more satisfaction in teaching.

“Apprentice Chun Yeowun. Good morning, Teacher.”

“Yes, my apprentice.”

And he was very polite too. Aside from the first day when he came in unannounced in the morning, Yeowun always woke up early and waited for Submeng to arrive to kneel in front of him. Submeng asked, “Where is it?”

“I have it under my bed.”

Chun Yeowun then went to the bed near the window and brought out a small wooden chest. As it was opened, the thick smell of medicinal herbs filled the area. It was the Black Dragon Ball given to students who had passed the first test. This was the medicinal ball that the Demonic Cult created to allow one to acquire twenty years worth of internal energy after consuming it.

Submeng looked at it with satisfaction and drank from his liquor bottle. If he instructed Yeowun to eat this while he was teaching him, Yeowun would safely acquire twenty years worth of internal energy without much loss.

‘That will put him at the start line at least.’

If it happened, that would be a great feat.

“Heh. Oh, but who is that kid?”


Submeng pointed at the bed in the middle of the room that was hidden by a curtain. He never heard the other’s breathing since he started coming here. The boy’s breathing was shallow, as if he had been put to sleep from a blood point.

Submeng got up and pulled the curtain to see a bald boy with linen bandages wrapped around on top of his body. He was put to sleep from the blood point as expected.

“Oh? You poked his blood point?”

He had never taught Yeowun about any blood points, but it seemed that Yeowun had acquired this before.

“He attacked me after Doctor Baek went home.”

“He attacked you?”

Submeng frowned. This meant that the bald boy did not fear being kicked out of the academy. If that was the case, someone was watching his back. Submeng asked, “Who is it?”

“It’s a kid from the Loyal Clan in my group.”

“Hah! Loyal Clan? They are full of fools!”

The Loyal Clan had a history of having people causing trouble, perhaps due to the characteristics of their martial art.

“Well, you sure do have a tough life.”

“…That is alright. I’m used to it.”

Yeowun was really used to such things, but Submeng didn’t feel good about the fact that a young boy like Yeowun was used to being attacked.


Submeng then pressed the blood point of the 23rd cadet again and gave Yeowun some advice.

“If you poke it with a year’s worth or less amount of internal energy, it wears off after a few hours. If you want it to be perfect, then you need at least ten years. Got it?”

“Yes, Teacher,” Yeowun answered. With Submeng working on the blood point, there was no need to worry about the 23rd cadet waking up. He couldn’t let anyone know that he was being taught by Right Guardian Submeng.

“Take out the ball and consume it.”

“Do I swallow it?”

“No. You have to chew it before swallowing it so that you can absorb all the energy.”

If Submeng did not give him such advice, Yeowun would have only acquired half of the energy. He was lucky to have Submeng.

As he chewed on the ball, a bitter taste filled his mouth and made him feel disgusted. After barely chewing it down and swallowing it, Yeowun sat down on the floor with his feet crossed.

“If you start using the Breathing of Thousand Martials, I will help you absorb the Black Dragon Ball’s energy better.”

“Understood. Thank you.”

“Now, start.”

Chun Yeowun then began breathing using the skill, and Submeng placed both of his hands on Yeowun’s back to press internal energy into Yeowun. As the ball began spreading itself in Yeowun’s body, Nano’s voice could be heard.

[A substance which aids powerful energy activation has been consumed. It is reproducing by reacting to the energy that flows within the user’s fourteen veins. Will you accept its absorption by quickening the body cycle?]

Yeowun couldn’t understand most of what Nano was saying, but it seemed like it was going to help with absorbing the ball, so Yeowun gave a short answer.



And with that, the Nano Machine inside his body quickly began activating his body functions and cycle to absorb the ball.


Yeowun felt hot energy below his stomach. This was very lucky for Yeowun as Submeng was helping from the outside and the Nano Machine was helping him from the inside. He could probably only absorb maybe 70% of the energy from the ball, but now he was absorbing 100% of it. Yeowun’s body began to sweat.

‘What! Was he born with the body of a war god?’

Submeng was beyond shocked. If this was going well, Yeowun was going to absorb all of the energy. Submeng began to focus so that none of it would go to waste and two hours passed by.

“Ha… ha… it’s done.”

Submeng swept the sweat on his forehead and drank the entire bottle. Unlike his prior concern, Yeowun succeeded in absorbing entire energy from the Black Dragon Ball.

“Good work!”

“It’s all thanks to you, Teacher.”

‘And thanks Nano.’

[I am programmed to aid you in the best way that I can, Master.]

Yeowun now felt heavy energy under his belly, proving that he had successfully absorbed the energy.

“Well, you are a lucky one. You have gotten thirty years worth of internal energy.”

“Huh? Thirty?”

“Yes, that is a rough estimate. The other students will barely be able to acquire maybe half the energy from the ball because they will be absorbing it alone.”

“Oh!! Thank you, Teacher.”

Yeowun bowed once more. Like Submeng said, those who acquired at least twenty years worth of energy were the heirs from the six clans, or a few of the members from the high-ranked clans. Most would barely receive ten years worth of internal energy.

“Oh, look at the time.”

Submeng then saw the sun rising outside the window and got up. As he was walking out, Yeowun called out to him.


What is it?”

“Can you teach me your Blade Skill Formation?”

“Heh, of course. You have little time on your hands, so be ready.”

That’s what Submeng had planned from the beginning, but he was glad to hear it from Yeowun himself. Submeng then walked out and before Baek Jongmeng came, Yeowun woke the 23rd cadet up. He couldn’t say anything to Yeowun out of fear.

Jongmeng saw the bald 23rd cadet and burst out in laughter.



The 23rd cadet had to hold back his anger. He couldn’t dare to act out since Yeowun might not like it.

“Oh, I’m sorry.”

Jongmeng apologized for laughing and covered the bed with a curtain. He figured something might have happened overnight as the cadet couldn’t even say anything when he laughed, but he didn’t mention it. As a doctor in the academy, he couldn’t really ask questions about anything.

“What a great morning!”

At the training ground for morning training, Chun Mukeum stood there brightly with a smile on his face. Thanks to Jahyun’s plans of sending the 23rd cadet to the hospital, it had probably solved his problem. Thanks to that, the cadets of the 8th group were able to enjoy peaceful nights for two days at least.

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