Nano Machine (Retranslated Version)

Chapter 18

Chapter 18: He lied to everyone (3)

Two days passed. At dinner time after the afternoon training, the 23rd cadet that Chun Mukeum had waited so long for finally returned. His head was wrapped with some small cloths. Mukeum’s face crumpled terribly.

‘If he won’t come to us, we’ll send someone to him.’

It was what Jahyun had planned, and therefore the 23rd cadet was sent to the medical room. The 23rd cadet was a member of a weak clan within the Demonic Cult. Mukeum promised to help his family if 23rd cadet succeeded.

“Interesting. Why didn’t you get expelled?”

Mukeum glared coldly at the 23rd cadet.

The 23rd cadet was on his knees as he answered carefully, “I tried to cut his leg muscle, but his internal damage was so bad that the doctor stayed in the medical room to look after him.”

“Huh? Doesn’t he sleep? Don’t tell me you didn’t have any time to do that.”

“I-I tried to wake up at midnight to do it, but the doctor woke up every time I moved.”

The 23rd cadet wasn’t sure if his lies would work, but he had no choice other than using the excuse that Yeowun had told him to use.

“You couldn’t even get past a doctor?!”


Mukeum kicked the 23rd cadet’s stomach, knocking him back.

“Damn idiot! You can’t even do that right?!”

Mukeum kept on kicking him, but the 23rd cadet couldn’t do anything. Jahyun stopped Mukuem.

“Prince, stop.”

“What? What do you want?”

“Do you know the doctor’s name?”

Jahyun asked the 23rd cadet and he answered while panting heavily.

“Ugh… it’s… Baek Jongmeng…”

“Baek Jongmeng… Baek… OH.”

Jahyun had asked for a reason. He had learned and studied many things about the Demonic Cult to better assist Chun Mukeum.

“What? Do you know him?”

“He must be an apprentice of the Demon Doctor Baek Jongwu.”


Mukeum then became surprised and stopped. Baek Jongwu was a member of the Poison Clan who was interested in medical skills and became a doctor to the Lord himself. He was a doctor, but he was also a warrior within the top thirty ranks of the Demonic Cult.

“If he is the apprentice of the Demon Doctor, then he might have learned martial arts.”

This was just a guess, and they didn’t know that vague knowledge was inaccurate sometimes. Baek Jongwu did not teach martial arts to his medical apprentices.

“Dammit. Then there was no point in sending this bastard!”

Mukeum was angry that his plan had failed and Yeowun was still fine. He then started kicking the 23rd cadet again to unleash his anger.


“Bastard! Don’t even think about getting assistance for your clan!”

As Mukeum kept kicking him, the 23rd cadet thought to himself.

‘Yeah, you do that. Let’s see if you can do that when he comes back!’

If Mukeum and Jahyun rewarded him and kept their promises, the 23rd cadet would have spilled everything he found out, but he didn’t want to do that anymore.

‘You will feel just how dangerous that Chun Yeowun can be!’

It was just three days, but the 23rd cadet had witnessed Chun Yeowun’s true nature. He wasn’t just some foolish prince who didn’t know anything.

“Huh? What’s with this rag on top of your head anyway?”

Mukeum asked and the 23rd cadet took off the cloth off his head. It showed his bald head and Mukeum smirked at it.

“Hah, you think I will forgive you if you shave your hair?”

Mukeum then kicked him again, but it now was much weaker. The 23rd cadet screamed to himself on the inside after he revealed his baldness.

‘Mukeum… Yeowun… go to hell, all of you!’

And the 8th group descended into chaos once again. Seven more days passed, and soon it was the day of Chun Yeowun’s return to the group. In the morning, Right Guardian Submeng visited the medical room as usual. The only difference was that his right hand held a sword in a cow leather scabbard.

“You’re here, Teacher.”

Chun Yeowun greeted Submeng.

“I have a lot to teach you, but it’s already the last day.”

Submeng’s expression showed that he really wanted to keep on teaching Yeowun. However, since Yeowun was attending the academy, they needed to follow the rules.

“What is that?”

“Heh heh. This is my present to you.”

This was actually due to Chun Yeowun’s request. Chun Yeowun asked Submeng if he could watch Submeng use his blade skill and Submeng came to do just that.

Submeng pulled out the blade with his right hand. It was not a large blade, but the phrase, Light-Dance had been carved onto the sharp blade.

“Hold it.”

Submeng threw it to Yeowun. It was light.

“Isn’t it light?”

“It’s not as heavy as I thought.”

“Most blades that martial artists use are heavier than that. But the Light-Dance Blade from our family is half the usual weight.”

“Is it because of the blade skill that you use?”

“Yes. You are very smart indeed.”

Submeng’s blade skill, Butterfly Blade Dance, was a quick and swift blade skill that looked like a butterfly flying in from multiple directions which required lightweight blades.

“It doesn’t mean the sword is weak though. Give it back to me.”

“Here you go.”

Yeowun handed over the blade to Submeng who grabbed it and swung the blade at the corner of the bed. It was just a simple movement, but the sharp attack had cut off a wooden piece from the corner. Yeowun then picked the piece up and placed in the corner. He should’ve stopped Submeng from doing this.

‘Oh well.’

Baek Jongmeng liked to keep his room clean, and he probably wouldn’t like to see his bed cut down.

“…It is sharp.”

“Well, that’s why it’s a treasured blade.”

Submeng didn’t go into the details, but his blade was one of the most famous blades within the Demonic Cult.

“Let’s go over what you’ve learned then.”


Yeowun had learned the basic steps and formations. He quickly stepped through and flawlessly performed the movements.

‘He is a genius!’

Submeng was astonished. He only showed Yeowun a few times and fixed his form, but with this rate, it would be no problem for Yeowun to absorb all of it at once.

Yeowun actually had perfectly acquired the forms as Nano scanned and memorized Submeng’s movements.

‘But I can’t be too perfect from the beginning.’

That was why Yeowun was taking it slow.

“Now, onto the formation!”

The Butterfly Blade Dance was comprised of twenty-four forms. There were three minor sub-forms within each form, but Yeowun only learned about the sub-forms until now.

“Ohoh…” Submeng sighed. With such talent, he would’ve taught him the basic forms if he had a month at least. It was a shame that he couldn’t teach him any further than that.

“Good. You have learned well.”

“Thank you, Teacher.”

Submeng complimented Yeowun. He then took out a crumpled piece of paper. The writing was bad, but it was full of basic information about the Butterfly Blade Dance and how to use the internal energy connected to it.

“I want to teach you it thoroughly, but we don’t have time. I’m sure you can handle it on your own. I will check on you when we meet again, so don’t be lazy.”

“…Thank you, Teacher.”

Yeowun was touched by his teacher who looked out for him.

“So, that being said, I’ll show you what you wanted to see. Stand back.”

Yeowun backed away and Submeng readied his blade. He had never let Yeowun watch him move with his sword until now. Submeng became serious as he was about to use the core of his blade skill. Yeowun then spoke within himself.

‘Nano, get ready to scan him.’

[Activating scan of the target specified: Submeng]

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